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  1. Strength

    Make it so that the higher your fortitude stat, the less damage you take from mobs. This would help with grinding high level content where bosses hit for very high amounts of damage.
  2. Strength

    I heard a member of your own Org say that you all tried to do it and got clapped. And even if what you say is true, not everyone is able to gather a team of 5 people, I currently don't know of a single active person in the Mist village that has the bosses unlocked.
  3. After the changes that made the LoI bosses aggro, there is simply no way to finish the questline. The final boss in the tower is in an insanely small room and it melees for 1452 damage at very high speed. That's enough to one shot pretty much everyone and when you die the boss will just proceed to one shot everyone who tries to do anything about it. This questline is an insanely long grind so it is very discouraging that when you come to the end where the bosses are you are simply not able to kill them. This is mostly content for WM since the bosses drop a lot of swords but I don't see how a WM is supposed to try and kill these bosses even if they had a full team. The mobs before these bosses have very small aggro range so they are all doable alone even as a WM which is what I liked about the questline but once you come to the bosses you are helpless to do anything and can't finish the questline. There has been so much talk about WM being a mastery that is supposed to go around and hunt for weapons, but I don't see how you are supposed to hunt for a weapon when the boss that drops it is literally not possible for you to kill as a WM. Even for other masteries these bosses are rediculous to actually try and do even with a team, especially since hardly anyone other than WM has any reason to try and go kill the bosses so the number of people that have those bosses unlocked is very small making it hard to actually find people to do the bosses with you. I understand the fact it's in a small room since that makes it harder to move around and do the actual boss, but the bosses hitting for 929 and 1452 damage is simply rediculous. I hope these bosses will get rebalanced in a way that you can actually go and hunt for the weapons and finish the questline that you had to grind so much for beforehand. Cause right now, doing all the grinding for the questline that takes an insanely long amount of time and commitment only to come inside the boss room and die in one hit feels like a big slap to the face. @Ueda@Erox
  4. Strength

    This is my idea for an improved version of the Village Entrance Guard Duty mission. It would be a high level mission that you get on lvl 50. Just like the previous version of the mission it would require you to guard a certain map, the difference being is that this one would require you to guard a Danger Zone. You'd need to guard it for 30 minutes without fainting just like in the previous version (could make it 45 minutes to make it harder). The maps that you would need to guard are these: Leaf (Water Crossing): Sand (Desert Road): Mist (By The River): The reward for these missions would be 1k ryo and a good amount of experience (100-150k). I think that by giving it a good ryo/exp reward would make people want to do it and it would also be a good way to make people go out in the DZ and stay there.
  5. Strength

    It was already said at a previous point that Blood Katana and Blood Tonfa will get a unique passive. I am just giving my idea what it could be.
  6. Strength

    Since a lot of swords are very similar atm and there is not many variations in passives, I thought of an interesting idea for the Blood Katana. It's description would be: "The sword feasts upon the blood of it's user, getting stronger and heavier the more wounded the user is." Basically the lower your health, the stronger and slower the sword gets. Since the sword also glows red it could be cool that it starts glowing brighter the lower your health is. Something like this could also be done for the Blood Tonfa weapon.
  7. Strength

    I always found it weird that STR WM doesn't have a single instant CC jutsu when other melee masteries have 2 of them and there are even elemental jutsu which are instant cancels. Hybrid WMs get a really good and useful instant cancel which shares a jutsu slot with Blade Piercing, since they are both lvl 20 jutsu. This makes it so that Blade Piercing is a jutsu that is exclusively used by pure WM builds, yet it pales in comparison to how good of a cancel hybrid WMs get on it's INT counterpart Shadow Shuriken. My suggestion for this jutsu is to make it stun the opponent for 0.5 seconds. Since the jutsu stuns the user for 1 second you would still be stunned longer than your opponent, making it so that the jutsu is still risky. It also makes it so that even if this jutsu is changed in such a way it is still primarily only useful for a pure WM, cause hybrid WMs will still use Shadow Shuriken over Blade Piercing due to having better combo potential and no selfstun.
  8. Strength

    Agility was made to reduce weapon attack speed but no follow up changes were made. I think that even without chakra scalpel these weapons are too strong right now. Blood Tonfa is better than most of the WM swords and Demon Claw is a tiny bit slower than a fist melee while having good base damage.
  9. Strength

    Cause you lose out on a lot of damage by doing that and it is not even guaranteed you will knockback thus making it not worth trying, the only time I saw this worth doing was when someone is getting revived. I don't think you read the post. The Hammer is a lot harder to drop than Twin Blades, making it so that unless you put in months of grind there is no viable option for a knockback sword for a pure WM, since playing with Twin Blades is much better as hybrid.
  10. Strength

    I find it weird that both of these weapons have the same base damage when Blood Tonfas have a high knockback chance and also have better attack speed due to agility scaling. Since the upgrade from Tonfas to Blood Tonfas does not increase the speed of Tonfas (1.1 swing for both of them), I think the same thing should happen for Wooden Katana into Blood Katana. Since the attack speed would be much lower than it is now the base damage of Blood Katana could go up slightly and it should get a 50% knockback chance. This way both Blood Tonfa and Blood Katana have the same effects which I think would be fair. There is currently no budget option for a knockback sword on higher STR, the ones that do are insanely hard to get. This is an issue since hybrid WM which plays lower STR swords has Twin Blades which are easy to get and have 50% knockback chance.
  11. Strength

    It has come to my attention that lower REQ swords have better base damage per STR invested than most of the higher STR swords. Lower STR req swords Twin Blades (70 STR) = 0.357 base per STR Religious Katana (70 STR) = 0.371 base per STR Iron Scythe (75 STR) = 0.387 base per STR Muramasa (80 STR) = 0.375 base per STR Shirokata (85 STR) = 0.388 base per STR Higher STR req swords Bandit Blade (100 STR) = 0.35 base per STR Bone Sword (110 STR) = 0.327 base per STR Blood Katana (110 STR) = 0.409 base per STR Kyuketsuki (120 STR) = 0.35 base per STR. Pure WM builds are already a rarity, so it doesn't really help that hybrid sword options are seemingly better than those which you use when you are pure WM. Bone Sword has arguably the worst base damage per STR out of all the swords which the attack speed makes up for, but Religious Katana on 70 str has good base damage per STR while also having attack speed that is not much slower than the Bone Sword. Blood Katana in my opinion is the only higher req sword which is properly balanced in comparison to lower STR swords. There are some swords in the game which have really strong base damage for sure, but they are much harder to drop and have an insanely slow attack speed (and I don't know their stats to be able to compare them to currently known ones). It just feels kinda contradictory that hybrid swords have better base per STR when hybrids will rely more on their combos and use melees as a secondary way of dealing damage whereas when you are playing pure WM your only source of damage is your sword melee. Either the base damage of lower STR swords needs to go down or the base dmg of higher STR swords needs to go up slightly.
  12. Strength

    Since the chakra regeneration of Shirokata got changed I think it would be fair if the health regeneration of swords that have it got the same treatment. +1 stat point in chakra equals the 5 CP which Shirokata regens every 10 seconds, it would be nice if the health regen followed the same logic and healed 10 hp (+1 stat point in fortitude) every 10 seconds.
  13. Strength

    I am looking at the regen cause it is unique to the swords but does not really feel as useful to pure WM as it should be. Healing for 20-30 per 40 seconds is pretty much not noticable as most fights won't last long enough for 2-3 ticks to go off. The thing is 110+ STR swords are not really meant to be used when you are hybrid, the stat split becomes too high. You won't really see many if any hybrids use a Bone Sword or a Blood Katana unless they are some non advanced combo that doesn't have a high stat split like elemental hybrids.
  14. Strength

    Currently the heal which swords give is scaled with your chakra, meaning that the higher your chakra the more the sword will heal per tick. This is very weird since WM as a mastery does not require a lot of chakra making it not beneficial to invest into higher chakra to get a higher heal, since at that point you are better off just keeping your points in Fortitude. For example: Player 1 has 1500 hp and 200 chakra. They heal 27 per tick with their sword. Player 2 has 1300 hp and 300 chakra. They heal 37 per tick with their sword. Since the sword ticks every 40 seconds it would take you 800 seconds to make up for the 200 hp that you gave up in order to have a better heal. That's 12-13 minutes and no fight in this game will ever last that long, not to mention that there is literally no need to go 300 chakra as a Weapon Master, most people play it with around 200 chakra. This makes it so that the passive which is unique to swords is really wonky and does not work good for a pure Weapon Master build that does not need chakra that much. Currently there is no reason to even bother with this passive, you are better off just ignoring the fact that going higher chakra will increase the heal. I think that the HP regeneration should scale with 30% of your Fortitude points, since Fortitude is the most important stat for a WM. So if a person has 1500 hp (145 Fortitude), they would heal for 44 hp per tick this way. This is not a drastic buff from what it heals now but I think that it makes a lot more sense scaling wise.