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  1. Bubbly

    Can't really compare WP to Pipe melee. One is a 9 tile homing, other is a 1 tile range trap. The only thing they got in common is that they snare. Even if you change the damage like I suggested, it still wouldn't do as much damage as INT users.
  2. Bubbly

    It should have 20 CP cost on max. If it was instant it would need to have 1.5 sec selfstun.
  3. Bubbly

    Well I thought the next pipe could be slower but make a 3x3 bubble on the ground. Instead of 2 sec attack speed like current pipes it would have 4 sec attack speed.
  4. Bubbly

    After playing this mastery for a while I've come to a conclusion that it has one big flaw that is setting it back as a mastery. The biggest issue I see with it is that for a mastery that does most of it's damage with melees, it's melee damage is insanely low. After all the changes it got the kit is in a really solid place but it's melee just does too low damage and it's what you use the most in combos and fights. I think that the mastery should get at least one more pipe in the 50+ level range that has better damage and that the lvl 35 Seathorn Pipe needs slight number tweaks. Seathorn Pipe (current stats) - 11 base damage, Poison II (6 dmg for 4 ticks) = 35 damage after DoT ticks The issue I see with this is that the base damage of the pipe has not improved at all from it's lvl 10 pipe. The DoT it has does nice damage but it takes time for DoT to tick so for Bubble which relies on doing combos it doesn't really help much cause the base damage is the same. How it could be improved: 1) 27 base damage, Snake Poison (2 dmg for 4 ticks) = 35 damage after DoT ticks 2) 19 base damage, Poison I (4 dmg for 4 ticks) = 35 damage after DoT ticks Basically the DoT of the pipe should be weaker in damage but the base damage of the pipe should go up. The total damage the pipe does stays the same.
  5. Bubbly

    It already dies instantly tho, it only has 90 hp on max and it's very easy to run diagonally so it misses melee and then kill it.
  6. Bubbly

    I feel like the Bubble Clone is not unique enough and doesn't fit the mastery. It's supposed to be your clone but somehow it does 252 damage with melee when Bubble as a mastery is known for it's low damage. It also has very low hp and disappears on it's own after 20 seconds uptime. I think the biggest issue with the Clone right now is that it dies too easily and with how summons work it's really easy to avoid getting hit by it. It has a long cooldown of 60 seconds so it feels underwhelming when it dies instantly without doing anything. I think there's two ways in which the Clone could get changed: 1. The Clone is immune to damage but it's melee damage is reduced heavily. It would melee around 20-30 damage which kinda fits Bubble mastery damage and the damage the Clone does with jutsu. Since the Clone would do such low damage and it disappears on it's own after 20 seconds the fact that it wouldn't take damage wouldn't be an issue. 2. The Clone is immune to damage but it can't melee anymore. Instead, the 252 damage it does with it's melee is evenly split amongst it's jutsu. This way it would do around 90-100 damage with jutsu and since 2 out of 3 jutsu it has are slow projectiles it wouldn't hit them that often so I don't think the fact it would be immune for the 20 seconds it's up would be an issue.
  7. Bubbly

    It's you who doesn't get what I mean. A lot of the jutsu which are cast time now were instant back then, stuff like Cutter was 1 second cast, cooldowns on jutsu were shorter. All of it got changed for a reason.
  8. Bubbly

    As someone who has played the game for a long time, I have played in time when the game was very fast paced and a single stun that was very easy to land would make you lose a fight. It wasn't really fun to play back then and it barely took much skill to be good. I personally like that the game has since then been balanced to be slower and more tactical since it's much more enjoyable to play when it is like this. When you get hit by something like Lightning Cutter you know it's cause you didn't counter it well, not because it has a fast cast time you can do nothing about. I don't think cooldowns should be shorter since they are already fairly short and now you can even reduce them by overcharging. In large scale fights it would become too chaotic if people could cast things too often.
  9. Bubbly

    As if Adamantine Staff isn't broken and the boss that drops it is easy to kill.
  10. Bubbly

    Compared to other world bosses, the Kuraken is insanely hard to kill. It has more health than Dark Monkey and Dark Weasel combined and it is surrounded by the Kuraken tentacles. So I came up with a mechanic that could make this boss more interesting to kill. Each time a Kuraken tentacle dies, the Kuraken head is dealt a large amount of damage, around 10% of it's current health. This would make the boss more doable and on par with other world bosses, since currently it's infinitely harder to do than the bosses that other villages have.
  11. Bubbly

    It would be nice if Bubble got a stronger pipe since the mastery has an issue of doing very low damage. Every other mastery that scales like it gets better weapons, even Taijutsu. Since there are crystal weapons at Land of Iron it would be cool if there was a Crystal Pipe. - lvl 56 and 120 STR requirement (high STR requirment to prevent hybrids from using it) - 35 base damage - 0.5 sec stun, 1.5 sec snare Since Pipe base damage doesn't affect jutsu damage this would only be a boost to your single target damage, sort of like how it is with Taijutsu. @Uedapls
  12. Bubbly

    Soap Explosion multihit

    When you use the Soap Explosion on a single mob, it will get hit once by the initial cast and once by the chain cast, granted that you are positioned in a way where you will knock them into the other dome. But when you do the same to a player, they do not get hit by the chain cast, only the initial cast will hit them.
  13. Bubbly

    Well it would be something like Water Prison, except that instead of only hitting the target, the Dome casts at the location of the target and traps everyone inside it in a Bubble.
  14. Bubbly

    Currently we only have AoE jutsu which are cast from the user, but it would be cool if we had AoE jutsu which cast at the enemy location. Maybe with the new offset cast thing it's possible to do something like that. This made me have an idea for the lvl 30 Bubble jutsu. Bubble Dome - 3 second run cast homing - casts a Dome at the location of your target that traps everyone it hits in a Bubble (including the target) - no base damage - 7 tile range - 30 second cooldown (ignore the bad editing pls)
  15. Bubbly

    Since we have jutsu like Beheading and Cutter which slow you down while being cast, I thought it would be interesting if we had a jutsu which made you move faster while being cast. Great Bubble Shark has a long cast time of 3 seconds and the projectile itself is very slow which makes this jutsu feel rather underwhelming for a lvl 35 one, there is also nothing really unique about it compared to the Water Shark other than the fact that it can snare enemies that it hits. I think an interesting way to make this jutsu more unique and usable would be to make the user move faster while the jutsu is being casted. The animation of this would be the user riding on top of a shark fin or some sort of a wave. It would open up interesting plays like being able to ride the shark to evade a jutsu or to chase down an opponent with it. How the animation while casting the jutsu could look: