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  1. antar86

    Update changed the drop of Dark Monkey King ->
  2. @Delp @TheWolf @Ueda Great work!!! Some of my friends who were not playing before because nin was not on mac can finally play now! Thanks
  3. antar86

    (Disclaimer: This post is not to point fingers at any village or Kage who take pardon fee when a player become Kage they are free to do anything they want) What is the pardon fee? Many villages like sand and mist have a pardon fee system. which lets you get your missing acc to be that village again if you pay a certain amount. the amount you pay generally depends on how useful you are to the village or depending on your past actions. Is Kage allowed to take a fee from players? Yes, If their shadow council allows it they are free to do anything they want without any restrictions. Benefits of pardon fee to the village Village fund If the pardon fees you pay go to the village and not to make the Kage rich then the pardon fee is a really good way to gather funds to organize events or fund player's expenses such as traps use in raids. More loyal villagers Once you pay the pardon fee you are less likely to betray the village or become missing means the village is filled with loyal players. Why you should not pay the pardon fee? No Guarantee There is no guarantee that after you pay the pardon fee they will pardon you or won't exile you after some time. Changing Kage If you pay a Kage and his time as Kage ends and a new player becomes the next Kage there is no guarantee that you will not be exiled and asked to pay pardon fees again. The Pardon fee is going to Kage and not the village The Pardon fee is a nice way to fund the village and help it grow but if the pardon fee is just used to make the Kage rich I don't think you should pay the pardon fee.
  4. antar86

    Genin exam question and answers if anyone needs it 1st Question 2nd Question 3rd Question 4th Question 5th Question 6th Question 7th Question 8th Question 9th Question 10th Question 11th Question 12th Question 13th Question 14th Question 15th Question 16th Question 17th Question 18th Question 19th Question 20th Question
  5. antar86

    (NOTE: This post is to explain the different short terms most players use for new players. Also, I am thankful for nin wiki which got everything so I didn't need to post all screens shots. It's done @HussMan Dragneel) MASTERY( GF - Gentle Fist(Alternative route of Taijutsu mastery- WM - Weapon Master( MED - Medics( TAI - Taijutsu(Generally referred to as the agility taijutsu path- STATS( AGI - Agility INT - Intelect CHAK - Chakra FORT - Fortitude STR - Strength MISSIONS VMW - Village Most Wanted(Bounty mission at a higher level-'s_Most_Wanted) WW - Waging war(A mission that demands you to kill enemy ninja- SURVEY - Survey Village Entrance(Requires you to spend 2 minutes spying in the enemy village guard duty- SPY - Spy on Hokage/Kazekage/Mizukage Office(Infiltrate the Opposing Village and enter their office, the leader of the Hidden Village, as a threat and return- CBK - Cold Blood Killer(A mission that demands you to kill enemy ninja- DOCS - Retrieve Compromised Documents(Requires you to bring back the documents from Kage building without dying- SPA - Time Off/Guilty Pleasure(Time off is a mission that makes you relax in your spar and guilty pleasure makes you go relax in the enemy village- PUPPETS - Puppet Retirement(Refers to a mission in which you need to kill either old blood puppets or blood puppet- GD - Village Entrance Guard Duty(Requires you to act as a guard on the front of the village for 30 minutes- JUTSU CLAW - Wind Claw(Intelect Wind Jutsu- EP - Earth Prison(Earth Jutsu- SS - Shadow Shuriken(Intelect Weapon Master Jutsu- NADO - Tornado(Str Wind(Fan) Mastery Jutsu- YS - Youthful Spring(Agility Taijutsu Jutsu- WP - Water Prision(Water Jutsu- DRAGON - Fire Dragon(Fire Jutsu- P SCALPEL - Poision Scalpel(Medic Jutsu- P SENBON - Poision Senbon(Medic Jutsu- REGEN - Cell Regen(Medic Jutsu- CS - Cursed Seal(Medic Jutsu- EXP KUNAI - Exploding Kunai(Intelect Weapon Master Jutsu- IMPORTANT PLACES IN EACH VILLAGE GD - Gaurd Duty(Map before entering the village) SPA - Spa(Village Spa- DOCS - Documets room(In kage house- LOI - Land of Iron(lvl 50 arc- (I will add more short terms as time goes on or If I get a suggestion.)
  6. antar86

    Confusion Not everyone is a meta chaser I personally picked earth med when I saw @ExiledKyoho and @Feinz fight at the end of the Kage tournament I was about to go taijutsu/med or water/med before it and didn't know advance even existed. Not a clear list or way of knowing which mastery will get an adv and a lot of misinformation This is what I saw the other day Btw this is not a fault of @Kin it just shows that there is still a lot of misinformation and not a correct way of knowing whether you get adv or not some new player might read this and go this mastery only to realize you get nothing and forced to reset. There is not a clear post or a list regarding which mastery to pick other than some sneaks peaks which don't happen anymore and only old players know about. Also, You are not warned or told from genin exam or another way to not pick non-advanced mastery. Delaying meta chasers? Many of the meta chasers already got a bunch of acc which will have adv or even if they don't they will just level up another acc in 2 months and go pick a meta mastery anyway this is just trying to delay them from getting adv while also hurting players who genuinely didn't know that their mastery won't get an adv. Increase the number of alt and abandoning the main acc No one wants to lose all the progress they made on their main acc or lose the things which are bound to them which they earned(war armor, Anbu gear, military police force gear) In most cases they'll just raise a new acc and the amount of alt will increase while they won't play on there the main acc anymore even the players who strictly like to play on one acc. Solution or alternative to mastery reset? @Ueda mentioned a solution I don't really mind a mastery reset which only let you pick one of the two mastery you have(if you are water med you can pick solo med or solo water ) or let us pick a different second mastery while one of our mastery stays the same.
  7. antar86

    Join this server It's a bot made by @Zabuza Momochi
  8. antar86

    (Disclaimer: Some players have been saying that gold is useless But I think it's really helpful so I thought of making this post, this doesn't mean that everyone who thinks that's it's not worth is wrong.) Increase Upload limit Gold Non-Gold This is one of my favorite feature of gold ninja this allows me to make a lot of guides and forums post without worrying about reaching the upload limit. Special color and rank given Gold ninja gives a different color to your name. Game Forums Discord The different color of your chat make what you say stand out Gold protector This protector is only given to gold ninja(you will not get this when you buy gold) once in a while. Access to Hidden forums Access to the Ninja Hideout forum that has special announcements that are not publicly made available. Profile Backgrounds and Songs You can add custom songs and profile backgrounds if you are a gold ninja this is useful if you want to customize your profile or like making the profile of your character. Extra emotes I like using emotes as it lets me express myself more and gold lets me use more of them. Name change You can change your name once every year if you are a gold ninja. Ability to create your organization You can make your organization which holds 20 players this is useful in places like Takumi where friendly fire is on or if you want to lead a group. Discount on shop items by 10% You get a discount on everything by 10% useful when you buy items for gold shop a lot. Special benefits in official nin discord If you are a gold ninja player in-game you can get the role gold ninja in discord which permits you to restricted content and let you use a command which non-gold ninja can't use. With Gold Without Gold Conclusion Gold does have many benefits and lets you get access to early features such as the latest client and give support to the developers. but it still depends on if you want to buy it or not for me it's a good deal but you can always help the devs by buying some other cash shop item or making art or other media for the game and the community.
  9. There has been a lot of debate about whether we are getting mastery to reset or not for players with non-advanced mastery @Ueda told this in nin discord the other day If you want advance for your character no matter what it might be, pick a mastery that we know will get advance for sure. Ueda said that we will get a solution and also he is not sure about giving mastery reset or not so it's not the time to panic. Mastery with adv(thx @Hageshi Date)
  10. antar86

    Yeah doesn't make sense why would the Kage choose me a low intellect user over a high intellect user who can do this a lot quicker and easier. Not really they can start just with intellect(higher intellect mean more sneaking missions while low intellect means less chance of getting a sneaking mission). After they implement this they can start with maybe putting medic missions that are given to players with high chakra?
  11. antar86

    Added an update to Pros and Cons thx to @Raitou suggestions 16. Since rogue has different players from each village you can spar different mastery and learn their playstyle. Players almost always are sparring and giving advice to other rogues.
  12. antar86

    Thx for the suggestions I will add it
  13. antar86

    Gf and Fan mastery are here in the list bubble mastery combination not.... sad
  14. antar86

    You prob got your answer it doesn't show in notifications for some reason check this link
  15. Most mission in this game is based on sneaking into the enemy village which needs intellect stats so you can cloak and are hard but doable if you have enough int For Example you can do it with ease with a build like this but if you are playing any str char or agility/chakra you are not able to do these sneaky mission you can't do it if you have a build like this I think you should get mission depending on what stats you have rather than just getting them at a random. For example, if you don't have high int you should not get a mission that requires you to sneak in but rather a mission in which you need to fight like waging war.