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  1. antar86

    So basically my suggestion is to remove any text on top of you visually after you cloak because its very annoying when you were just typing something but then cloak but the text remains on your head.(note: in case typing msg after cloak the msg should only be seen in chat not visually until the end of the cloak.) Additionally, I will like to also suggest removing the text like guard duty or relaxing when you doing a mission after you cloak since as it is now cloaking doesn't help since the huge text bar on your head gives your position away.
  2. So basically my theory is that all players will be able to use the advance mastery version of their current two elements The reason why I think this theory is most likely true because when advance mastery is going to release for solo advance like this water advance it doesn't make much sense to stay as one element when for example you can go water/earth and get and adv plus Jutsu like earth prison, mud river and earth pilar in my eyes staying one element doesn't give any benefit rather than in some special case like being a chakra med with 200 chakra so I think they will most likely release advance mastery Jutsu for single element available to all. Further proof I think is that the tier sealable scroll 4 is LVL 40- 49 between why is that if we are only able to get advance which needs two elements. Well even if this theory is not true I will still like to see it implemented in the game
  3. antar86

    Also, there are these three things which are also making leaf suffer Bad passive -> right now passive is a big thing when it comes to which village you will like to choose but leaf passive as it's right now just sucks it's not beneficial as it is now and when compared to the other passive falls short. Bad grinding spots -> leaf and mist got the wrong mobs in the danger zone but leaf suffers more because all people when that want to do waging war goes to leaf.the spots like tigers and bees are just too dangerous for level up as rouges from Tanakzu come and ppl when hunting check it too frequently making ppl reset as they can't even level up. No loyalty whats so ever -> I saw 5 Leaf resetting from leaf to another village while also seen 4 other leaving the village and joining rouges leaf need to make their villagers more loyal or everyone will leave them as they feel more secure in Takumi when compare to leaf as they can at least level up there rather than getting killed all day in leaf. I think what can be done is to make a faction containing people who teach and make the new players more loyal and teach them the basics and tell them to do the same so a domino effect starts similar to how mist got lowbie army which helps lowbie while the other highers up can focus on other important stuff. Also, I love raiding leaf and fighting with them feels good but lately, it felt bullying more than a fight I wish they get better in the future
  4. antar86

    Here are some points I think why sand is very successful nowadays Good and active player base -> Sand is getting lots of new players and people reseting from leaf and receiving old players who recently were rouges becoming sand again adding into the sand overall power which makes it a good village to join too since you can look for teams as a lowbie pretty easily. The best village to do RP missions -> Sand got a lot of chunnin so as soon as you get the first RP mission unlocked it can be done as you don't have to look and wait around for a chunnin to become available. Easy system for getting paradon and getting in peace list -> Getting back into the village after you go rouge is pretty easy actually and if you don't want to become an enemy of sand then getting on peace list is a good option so even if you choose sand you can go rouge pretty easily without the fear of never able to getting back in the village but still leave the village by asking the Kage to exile you as then getting into peace list becomes easier. Good Passive -> Sand got one of the best passive in the game the passive allows you to cloak and nobody can see you so escaping and sneak attacking a person is very easy also it does not have any weakness rather than sensory and is a great passive to get creative with. Great grinding zone -> Sand got one of the best mobs and places to grind in the whole game it got all the good spots and most mobs can be found in a safe zone and most of the mobs are behind the back of the village so when other villages try to raid you can still grind theirs without having to worry too much of dying. The best entrance -> Sand got the best entrance and design which makes it easy to guard it and to protect it from enemies. A good system for fighting back -> Sand nails it when it comes to protecting their lowbies and responding to an attack. they go AFK and fight soon as an enemy's attack their lowbies or try to raid the village(which is a bad thing to do in my eyes you should rest more but who am I to judge) also if they are low numbers they give up and accept that if they going to try it's better to take revenge later.
  5. antar86

    Here are some points I think why mist is very successful nowadays Good and active player base -> Mist used to be one of the isolated village and one which nobody used to join but nowadays its one of the most popular village everyone likes to join it you can see many people online in the village at the same time also the higher-ups are very nice and helpful. PVP based village -> if you want to be known and get in power all you need to do is to become good at PVP if you are good in PVP you can do anything from becoming the next Kage or becoming the part of 7sm or get pardoned the reason why this is a good thing is because your personality and likeability doesn't matter that much when becoming the Kage you can be true to your self and still become Kage even if you join the game now. Good passive -> The passive of mist allows you to walk on water without losing chakra and even allow you to charge chakra on it which makes it good in some certain map and makes you not able to worry about water and let you camp water-based maps like Takumi river with EZ. A good system for fighting back -> Mist got the best system for fighting back alongside sand if you touch mist lowbies you are done for you cannot escape the response is quick and if you are a lowbie you will be avenged even if there are not many people available you will still be avenged as mist never gives up. Alliance with Akatsuki -> mist only has an alliance with Akatsuki so you can kill anyone other than them which makes it a lot easier when hunting as you can kill anyone without giving it thought also Akatsuki helps mist and protect mist. Regular raiding you can do as a lowbie -> In Mist we have something called "Lowbie Army" whose main work is to train lowbies to give them advice and give them experience on how to do raid and PVP so they can do waging war mission on their own. A good atmosphere -> all the villagers are nice and good people they help out lowbies a lot and make you feel like a part of the mist community even invite you in discord even if you are level 5 and makes you attach to mist as leaving the village is easy while rejoining is hard you become attached and loyal to the village and start to enjoy the village and feel like a person who can become something and achieve something here.
  6. random msg appearing of ppl droping stuff while they are not present in the same map
  7. antar86

    In the past couples day, I have seen so many new players resetting from leaf to sand and mist saying it was so bad and stuff, I don't know why is that the case as I never played as a leaf myself but it will be still nice to have the new players choose and make them feel responsible about the village they choose
  8. The one of the biggest reason why leaf has so many ppl is because leaf is set as an default and when new player make an acc they don't really pay attention to the village so i will suggest to remove it from default and make the new player choose from the 3 village present in the game so they can make an choice and the choose the village they like.
  9. antar86

    Reset to mist
  10. antar86

    Damn! You almost wrote everythingh bad about nin in one comment.
  11. antar86

    Either remove the text on my head or make survey simlar to spa.its too hard for Lowbies when sand is camping there gd for hours with chakra meds with sensory
  12. antar86

    Nerf flicker never! But i agree bubble pipe is good it does not need an buff but as an mist ninja i can tell that bubble mastery is not that good and need help the thinghs it do can be done with other mastery way better so thats the reason no one uses it.It definelty need an buff.
  13. antar86

    Yeah i think in future it will be implemented anyway
  14. antar86

    Ye we need more storage for tools but what if an person unequip utiltiy item will the extra one drop? maybe an extra ui(dialog box) for it will be better or maybe it can work like an backpack similar to other games