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  1. Esty

    I agree, the performance of the server before the google logging/old client removal was the peak performance for me by far.
  2. Esty

  3. Esty

    I agree, although I think keeping the stun is fine.
  4. At the time we were not interested on them otherwise we would had push way before, there were like 10 sandies in BB we wanted them to come up.
  5. Esty

    *bi warriors* *others do the same* *proceeds to wah wah bi warrior*
  6. Esty

    Yes, it was my bad I thought he was referring only to b3, when he actually meant many other maps through leaf, sand and mist.
  7. Esty

    Let me know which advantages are you talking about I am all ears, the reason why I only mentioned mist and sand is because leaf village already has a second entrance and a open gate.
  8. Esty

    I usually see the statement of DZ being death by you and many others, but yes sorry if I made it seem like you were stating that right now. What I meant is inactivity in a way like you just said, since people usually tend to exaggerate about this topic. In the other hand the reason why I think we are seeing less activity, there can be multiple reasons. Less interest in the game over all, lack of prominent content, Kage leadership, no more village planned events with gm, internal problems in each community making people quit the game for some time and many other reasons that adds up to what we see today. Your example of the bounty pages seems interesting, but by what I have checked I don't really see much difference or in fact I have the feeling is even less. This is something may interest you, we kages have access to how many people are online in the game at every time, I guarantee you that there has been an activity decline over all not only at DZ. Totally agree with this, is the same problem as bi warrior. However, I would argue that map camp is not viable at all if what you want is win a fight and get kills since people would not push, it mostly works instead as a defensive strategy to set your enemy away. Postscript: You may wanna add for alternative entrance at sand and mist too, would make things even better and add a lot of gameplay value to village raids, even more in sand case which has a 5 wide tiles entrance.
  9. Esty

    Alright for you ainz, you better read what I said before being a toxic waste LOL Here this is what I stated, You can argue that basing my point on Leaf is not objective, but I did that to back up why I do support the idea of getting alternative paths, so idk what you are so mad about.
  10. Esty

    Over all I do agree with making second entrances, I have fought map switch camp in the past and I can tell that leaf gets a lot of problems against it. However I don't think that the present reasons of this post is why the DZ are "inactive". In the past mist, sand and leaf were known to use map switch to points that don't come 1/10 near of what we see today, and the DZs were still very active, not to mention the high number armies. There are other reason from which many think DZ is inactive, although it does have a lot of action from time to time.
  11. Esty

    You gave the example of B3, but that would gave a lot of advantage to mist if this gets a second entrance, as others would not be able to camp mist but mist would be able to camp foxes, port, and slope.
  12. Esty

    All you need is tai and hold Z, I guarantee you that is the formula against him
  13. Esty

  14. Esty

    @Viva This is what he saids So it seems like this nerf is temporal until he is able to lock the weapon from being use with chakra scalpels.