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    Fr give that man a special tittle
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    I already see people going for marriage for the nice exp boost then for rp reason, but over all good idea xD
  3. This villain @Dairuto with his flicker abuse, it seems like I was needed to stop such outrageous evilness
  4. Esty

    what you mean boi suwa clan is extinct, hayashi wins
  5. I don't get then what is your example trying to prove, as I said by this far and this point any village that effectively wants to raid leaf unlocks the second entrance, there are tutorials and easy information to get with, and even so you were trying to make it like it was leaf fault on your previous answer, which proves further your arbitrary stand point against leaf, and I know you well haru, I know you do. Then you talked about how sand got a second entrance, what about that? there is no further access of it unless you go to the sand village itself, to count that as an alternative is just outrageous. Can't really tell much about this, either still very vague, for a fact I know anything a jonin, a house, a person will be in a side, I don't see how you trying to defend or prove that sand somehow got another inexistent disadvantage in their system. Oh yea for a fact I do, is almost a suicide to go in sand with such a narrow entrance is just better to be conformist and stay there and call it a win, when they can easily get inside your village and camp hospital, I still don't get how you would compare in same terms guard duty camp and a hospital camping. You said that there is no need to go further to call a successful raid, but that is open to each one opinions, so far I am using the community reactions as a reference, hospital camping and going inside village is the most appealing things to call a raid fully successful camping guard duty is like getting just a low percentage of it. Just look at any time leaf just kills all the gd sandies and then camp it for a bit, it is not recognized as a defeat by the sands, you just need to see the discord comments. There is a sand jonin at the side of the hospital, I have no idea how such statement you said would be plausible unless someone else is distracting it, so far I am not sure there is proves if the jonins AI and teleport capabilities is the same for every village, but I would said it most likely is. No you did not, you mentioned that there is a jonin on leaf entrance arbitrarily, it is true it could be considered an advantage, but what is the point of mentioning it as a pro if all the other villages got it too, and even in a better way since its even more near for sand or mist. Once more as I already explained, your point of camping the outer part still does not convince me anyone would prefer to get someone to camp outside of the village then getting camped on your village itself. The advantage that you said it brings is not enough, even more when you don't take into consideration the second entrance affair, you once more ignored it conveniently, which is why I stood so many fallacies statements against you because of the notable arbitrariness. I am not saying that the idea itself is a weak argument, but is a weak argument in order to defend that leaf does not have a disadvantage. I am aware that sand guard duty is easy to camp, that is true but is something not as much appealing to do there is no reward or rejoice of it mostly since its not inside the village and is a safe zone place. Meanwhile at leaf enemies could easily get into it and do whatever they want because of it, even though it could be considered as a disadvantage one of them is less substantial as the other, in fact leaf hospital would get camped more times then sand guard duty when in fact sand guard duty is easier to camp. Its not haru, in fact is good to paraphrase your own statements, however you are using the same argument in different ways to point out a greater argument that main source of validation is numerical. I did not deny that there is an existence of pros and cons haru, however in what we don't agree is that leaf got the worst pros in less amount and the most negative cons in greater amount. Just as you used part of your answer to refer to me pointing out your fallacies does not mean your entire discussion was about that. I pointed out the main affair and then proceeded to give a correlation about it within how you argumentized, and no haru saying that your points are not weak, wrong or arbitrary wont make them less arbitrary, weak or wrong, it sadly works like that. The fallacy concept was ideal to brought up to give some self awareness, so that you would know partially where my disagreement comes from, and for you to not do such things in the future.
  6. Haru the fact you have time playing and you are not aware of something bluntly obvious, does not prove anything. With what face you could said such thing is a secret when everyone is free to create a alt in the leaf village, and one spread of info is more then enough to make the whole community aware of it, we even got guides for it, so if you cant access that entrance is because you were not clearly interested, this is honestly ridiculous. You are talking if all entrances where the same? well in fact sand and mist entrance have the same structure.. it is due to the fact that whoever did it changed their style after making leaf, which was probably Rory. Your double edge statement is very weak as well, as I said the advantage of camping outside village entrance is no way near to camping the hospital of the village itself, this is something that is not even done that often since when you raid people want to camp hospital or get dz kills, you get neither of that with camping the guard duty map, is the most anticlimactic thing, calling it an advantage is just outrageous. If you were to be a leader of the village would you prefer to have them at your entrance or them chilling around your village in the most vulnerable part of the territory while all your people is in the hospital. The difference is just insane mostly raids are not called a win if you just stand there camping the entrance of the guar duty. In fact why would you want to camp such zone when they can trap leaf by camping mini and even better getting dz kills. I honestly cant see your pros statement of such situation the fact you denied the second entrance argument in such a way and now making such counter argument that is debunked by itself, What are you trying to do here? you are basically repeating yourself, you wanted to show that there is no more pros then cons by calling out the same argument you got before? you are not helping yourself here neither your argument, the numeration of the advantage you did so far is just one, and the jonin argument being there, are you serious? all villages got a jonin on the entrance, in fact all other villages like sand and mist use it even better since people need time to wait for map load, while getting ganged by the jonin that is really near to the charging place. That is why you cloak out before getting into and the problem is easily solved, just go right or left to the wall hide out and your will be safer then any other enemy village in your life. In fact I don't get your argument of spreading out, its too unclear and vague do you mean that the leaf jonins are strategically good in each position? and that sand jonins are sided near to each other? so far you are making a opinion with no background like a fact for your main argument. So far I have seen so many fallacies, I will gladly point them out, Appeal to Ignorance, you did that by taking to take away the statement of the second entrance with a "I don't know about it and no one is technically not supposed to know", Equivocation fallacy when you decided to make your opinion a fact to make your argument stronger, Bandwagon Fallacy when you are trying with a vague answer to said that it has been discussed so many times by other people so there is no reason to discuss it. I really do get your point haru, the fact that there is pros and cons based on your views which I do agree with some, does not mean that whole system is balanced, as I said there could be less or more pros and cons for each village making out such situation. You ineffectively avoided the second entrance argument and tried to show me the fact that leaf village disadvantage is greater, not in the best way. "You can't prove that wrong" be careful with such statements haru that is another well known outrageous fallacy, I would recommend you to avoid it, you can't really go into a debate and said such things without any context or forced appealing. Even tough I do agree with some of your perspective, it seems like there is certainly arbitrariness within your statements.
  7. you sure? yes we could, but that does not change the fact that is harder to do so, and they can cloak without the risk of getting caught or well going through sewers.
  8. I appreciate some of your approaches haru, but even though there is certain advantages and disadvantages for every system that does not make it right or balanced. This is simply because when you compare the good things with the bad things you will see the difference, camping hospital entrances is something more appealing and rewarding then camping the entrance of a map. The fact you avoided to mention the second entrance makes your point bias as well, and you avoided the wall arguments abuse which is something that is easily abused. Yea, true the jonins were totally useless thanks to the wall and the structure, ghost was standing there the whole time and sand army was aware of it. I totally agree with distracting jonins in the middle of the battle, but this examples takes it way too far. I don't think stop discussing such affair just because of a certain opinion is something plausible to do, I agree with you with each villages having certain cons and pros, however leaf got by far the worst cons and least appealing pros, we really do have two entrances after all, and the wide open gates topic is being discussed but over all the advantage that you said it brings, I don't think its worth it at all, and so many people do as well.
  9. All other villages are able to do this, meanwhile you cant really bug their jonins so easily unless is leaf, by this far the hospital bug thing, no one complains about is most likely something that has been done in purpose to avoid spam killing, but well who knows since takumi hospital is an exception, however it is not a legit village.
  10. Looks like a good idea, we got the roof but that is not technically an exit, the thing is that such situation should not had happened in the first place.
  11. I sort of agree with you jun, but the thing is that without those jonins is very simple to spam hospital entrance of any village, they are there for such reason.
  12. So far a repeated fallacy, we will see it soon ¨you guys got all of that cuz u all got numbers¨
  13. There is some explanation to this, but it does not change the fact that leaf got a notable disadvantages on the way it is designed compared to the other villages. While mist and sand got a two 5-6 tiles entrance easy to spam and camp, we can appreciate how leaf got a 20 tiles wide open area with a second entrance opportunity. Then we got walls that go from right to left, which statically looks good but realistically it is a enemies hide out to exploit and abuse such as this screen shot shows, the problem is that from tag teleporting to now this, it has just went too far. So far this leaves the possibility to other villages/enemies, to exploit this advantages and infinitely camp leaf hospital without any problem, making gameplay experience for some users a mess. Another thing would be worth to point out is the jonins erratic behavior. I don't understand what drive does this jonins need to change the spam place, is it a bug? or something made in purpose? who knows. The fact is that thanks to this there were two on the entrance for some reason making this bug easily more effective. The conclusion of this is that it is by far just the beginning of the iceberg, so far leaf got so many other disadvantages that have been previously pointed out, but the structure case takes it way too far. At the end it ruins people gameplay experience on leaf because of such unbalance problem within the whole game. summary: Ghostdance stood there until the end keeping 2 jonins doing nothing while sand army does whatever they want at hospital entrance, some of us tried to kill him, which we accomplished but it seems whole sand was aware of such bug since they instantly come to help him and make him repeat the same process.
  14. This thing has no words of description by how out of place it is, 300 dmg per basic that snares you with a wave of like 3 tiles that goes as far as more then 10 tiles. It does not make much sense either if u compare it to the anime, it should be a 1 basic attack that snares the enemy, not a ki blast wave.
  15. Zaji that is probably due to ping/fps since you live in venezuela I can tell reasons why this is happening to you, I get a similar problem but not to your level. Sadly there is not much we could do about it, I heard that exitlag partially fix this.