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  1. Esty

    Very creative and interesting, I would change wof for this anytime, but only if we can see behind every trees :eyes: xD
  2. Laws Section Important: These rules are not meant to be absolutely literal for every case scenario, there is no such thing as black and white for a proper and fair system. When a complicated situation arrives, the administration and LMPF are encouraged to discuss alternatives with proper judgement. As long as crimes are defined as “in-game” and do not break the game's terms of services, breaches of these laws will be investigated and enforced through RP with the LMPF. Each of these rules have a range of severity, this may escalate from a simple jail to a whole strike or even an exile. Instant strikes are only issued with the agreement of the administration. Multiple jails may trigger a strike upon LMPF and Council/hokage’s decision. Rule-1: Do not kill or attack Leaf ninja, Peace listed ninjas and pardon trial subjects. This includes manipulating the surroundings like luring a jonin or mobs towards them. This rule won’t apply in agreed spars and it loses a lot of weight in random Free for alls. Rule-2: Aid must be provided when a fellow leaf ninja is in danger even more when you can make a difference. (However, there might be situations where a fight is lost or that you have a mission such as docs/survey, or other exceptions, in such cases report the enemies to the discord, every case will be treated differently through investigation but never leave our comrades to die when you could have saved them.) Rule-3: Is prohibited to help considered enemies to the Leaf village in the following ways: Healing and reviving. Giving them a flicker shortcut on purpose. Tag teleport. Supporting them in battle against Leaf. (This is instant exile.) Rule-4: Respect and follow plausible orders from LMPF, Ranked, Council and Hokage. The hierarchy in this case is Hokage and council>Jounin>Chunin> Special Jounin and LMPF under working conditions. Rule-5: Leaf Ninjas must abide by the conditions set by LMPF or the administration when there is an event or alliance with another faction. Rule-6: Deceiving, manipulating and lying in a LMPF investigation is severely prohibited. Rule-7: Any type of toxicity is prohibited in the Leaf Village and can get you punished, striked or exiled. (Extreme and continuous cases of toxicity should be reported to a GM as well.) Rule-8: You are free to use a mask within the village although is not encouraged, any request from LMPF or Rankeds to remove it should be obeyed. Running away and making them lose their time can trigger or escalate a punishment. Rule-9: Obey ANBU member requests of not following them unless you have the same destination by coincidence. Rule-10: Do not scam or steal any Leaf Ninja, PL or pardon trail subject. This rule includes stealing bosses and mobs.
  3. Leaf Village Policies & Laws Under 10th Hokage and 8th Council. The central basis of this term will be to lay the framework and organize the structure of the Leaf Village through policies. These policies won't be limited by role play as this inhibits the Leaf's ability to effectively respond to the realities of the game. This involves affairs such as balance of powers in the government, the pardon process, and access approval and removal from the Leaf discord. Balance of Powers The Council members are an authoritative position, as important as the Hokage. Neglecting them is not an option, their power can exceed the Hokage’s authority if needed. The council is the voice of the people and represents the interests of the community in the Leaf village. This being the case, certain provisions should be in place to ensure the Council is able to input on important Leaf processes. Council Power (Ex: Legislative Branch) Hokage (Ex: Executive Branch) LMPF (Ex: Judicial Branch) The Council role holds several key responsibilities, if a council is not doing the job properly, it will be the duty of the Hokage and the remaining Council to determine a successor. An inactive council, or a none attentive council creates an imbalance within the government. This can lead to a Hokage taking complete control of all crucial decision making. Therefore, in order to maintain multiple viewpoints from council a baseline for Council activity needs to be met. The Conditions of a proper council member are: As Council, The Leaf Village should always be your priority. Which means not main other accounts, even worse if they are enemies. Any council member found to abruptly fail to accomplish this, shall be instantly replaced. Participate in discussions and decision making frequently with the Leaf government. Conversations should always stay mature, respectful, attentive, impartial and proactive. Take your duty seriously and accomplish your assigned role within the administration. This includes taking part in events, addressing villager concerns, and assisting with Hokage responsibilities. Weekly activity should be constant, within a minimum of 10 hours but more time should be expected in order to satisfy the Council duty with excellency. (There might be exceptions due to real life priorities, which is fine, but if this matters don’t let you accomplish your duties as a Council constantly or for a long period of time, then you should resign instead of waiting to be replaced. If there is a need to take some free time, make sure to discuss it with the rest of the administration.) Replacement of Council Process In the event of a council member becoming inactive the replacement process should be initiated. This decision should never be taken only by the Hokage but also by the remaining council members. The replacement option may be decided with the votes of ranked ninja through the leaf discord or the decision of the remaining government. The unelected Council candidates from the previous term may be reviewed as potential replacements. (From now on, any Hokage trying to remove the balance of power policy, reduce council power, and to abolish the system of replacement, Hokages not willing to keep a replacement system are a threat for the working democracy in our village.) Pardon Process The pardon process will be the primary method for missing ninja to re-enter the Leaf village. Once a missing leaf ninja fills out the required information, the approval of each request will be decided through council vote. Leaf ninja in the trusted section of discord can dispute the Council vote anytime in the opinion section, as well to provide insight and knowledge into the candidates for pardon. For special cases if someone is denied they will go through a pardon process in which they have to prove themselves as a positive asset for the village, by helping and contributing in all possible ways. There will be a flagged period of two weeks in between pardon requests in order to observe the players behavior. Acceptance in the Community Under the New life New Alt rule it will be possible for someone to play in leaf even when they have enemies accounts as long they don’t use their leaf acc in any harmful way against the village, neither use their discord position against the village. Whoever plays in leaf under these conditions can potentially have access to our discord, however it will be always limited as long they play in other factions.
  4. Seems like the imperialists are trying to take revenge slowly but surely, little did they know that we won't let that happen, there is a traitor among them.
  5. For a Greater Future, Long Live to the Revolution Greetings, sovereign people of the Leaf Village, here I inform you what how the future of our nation will be held. After so many years fighting for the freedom of my country, with my good friend @Jiroubou, better known as the leader of the people, and also with my other friend the @Ryutekzu, better known as the hunter of villains. After so many battles with the rebel Z warrior movement, we managed to overthrow the dictator @Atrane supported by the imperialist Takas. There were many sacrifices in this battle but all who fought will be known as martyrs of the future, peace and REVOLUTION. Here some historical pictures of the events: First of all we will start an egalitarian system where there is neither the rich nor the poor, we will all be equal. I will create a system in which all the resources of the people of the village will be stored in the treasure and we will distribute them in equal parts, (absolutely not suitable for me). There will be no more injustices and differences in the quality of life since we are all human and here I will expose the rules that will allow this wonder to take place. We wont be known as the Leaf Village anymore. From now on we are... The Republic of the Leaf This will be our national flag from now on as well. I expect every leafie to salute our symbol of independencee and freedom every morning. Constitution Amendments Amendment 1 Address the Commander: From now on I am not known as the Hokage, I will be known as The Commander in Z Esty. Failure to address me correctly will be severely punished. Amendment 2 Illicit enrichment: If we catch you with more than 10k ryo, we will arrest you and seize your properties for a fraudulent act of enrichment. Amendment 3 Freedom of Speech: Defamation against the egalitarian sovereignty of my mandate is not tolerated, any breach will be sanctioned with jail in the sewers. Amendment 4 Revolutionary Industrialization: Any attempt to create your own business is sanctioned, all industry belongs to the government. Amendment 5 Trust Mandate: Any attempt or sign to betray the REVOLUTION will result in execution, betrayals are not tolerated. Amendment 6 EQUALITY: Human rights will only apply to intrinsic followers of the revolution and peace. Amendment 7 ABSOLUTE ORDER: Obey any command from the Commander in Z or the Generals, failure to do will result in jail in the sewers. May peace order be restored and avoid tyrannies and injustice with our revolutionary insight for a better future. Here are some of the deeds of our hero Ryutekzu the villain slayer fighting one of the Imperialistic villains in Atrane's regime. This battle will be remembered, The downfall of @Dairuto the villainous villain. (Colored, Ryutekzu Guevara defeats the villain of villains to overthrow Atrane's dictatorship)
  6. Esty

    This guys is right, everyone buy the skin changer and go black mode to balance things out, time for a revolution
  7. Esty

    My respects, great leader great person let the secondary characters take some screen time
  8. Esty

    Mostly based in pvp, and well done @Luhan it looks really good!
  9. Esty

    Indeed, but I will clarify that by "easy" I mean the most effective and plausible way, the only way to lower the other village buffs down to 12g level is to get rid of their abilities or just remove all buffs. I would not mind that personally, but that would be very negative for the content in the game. It will be much better if the 3 village have something equivalent in terms of power and balance for large scale fights.
  10. Esty

    I kind of see your logic behind this Lumy, but 7sm and puppet have already work behind them, and the only way to make them equal to 12g is to remove their jutsus and just make them a dull stat boost. The easiest path is to provide some sort of jutsu for 12g to work in large scale fights. So far the only blatant exceptions for any sort of nerf was nuibari, and right now would be the puppet 0 CD and the wave boss dmg that it has.
  11. Esty

    Another fact that makes the puppet so broken is that it essentially has no CD, there have been many instances about putting some CD but still there is anything clear. Is outrageous how they are able to spam it, and wall from it without any consequences. One good nerf from the puppet would be its lack of HP, but since it does not have any CD, then that its basically doing nothing.
  12. Esty

    @Yami I like the idea but if akat needs that, 12g needs it even more. I do agree to making the buff more unique and not entirely based in a dull stat boost like 7sm buffs, however specifically the stronger jutsus that you are mentioning might be too broken.
  13. Esty

    Thanks for making a post about it @Leiting this is indeed something very important, and this time is a change that does not need any hard coding or a lot of work in terms of game development, I would said there is not excuse at all to not give it a try. Villages surely need this, at the end CE is part of the village itself and the funds that it provides should be owned by the village, and put some regulations to avoid abuse should be more then enough. At least to give a percentage of CE funds or Council funds to the treasury would be more then enough.
  14. Esty

    Fr give that man a special tittle
  15. Esty

    I already see people going for marriage for the nice exp boost then for rp reason, but over all good idea xD