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  1. - Suggestion to improve the global commerce of nin online. Well, as we all know, the online Nin trading system only focuses on farming and publishing your items within the game through chat and / or discord to reach a few people from other villages, but how about making it more optimal? as it matches. I propose to create a global trade npc with contact with all the villages that each player has accessibility to and publish their items with the NPC and everyone from different villages can see what you sell by having a complete tab of all the players selling their items to different prices and you have to choose a price to your liking when selling the item the system will charge you a tax after 1k onwards of 2% if you have gold 1% when your item is sold it will charge you the tax but as long as you want to remove the item from the store you will be refunded the money of the tax collected. - What will happen to the item and the money when it is purchased? Answer = The item will be transferred to the player who bought the item and the money has two options which are: 1. The money will be transferred directly to the player and a message will appear in the chat when you log to your account then it will say for example: "Your bonesword has been sold for+300000 ryo" and this ryo you can go to claim it at the merchant npc. 2. The above but instead of going to claim the Ryo with the npc that the Ryo appears directly in your inventory. - How does the tax system work and what would happen to the items when you put them in the npc store? That the NPC charge you a small tax that goes to 2%, for example, you go to the NPC and put your item in the store, the merchant will put a 2% fee, for example, you put your item at 300,000 ryos, they will charge you a 2% tax. Therefore, they will take away 6000 ryos in case the item is sold, which would be if they are 300,000, it would be 294,000 the final money. 1. Advantages if you're gold: The NPC will charge you only 1% tax The items when you deliver them to the NPC this will save it as a kind of bank but it is not a bank because after a certain time if the item is not purchased the merchant will return it to you and it will appear in your inventory again. 2. Advantages. I would encourage rp at the system level as this would help to make trade alliances as if it were a merchants guild that does not support any single village that concentrates on doing its business work for its own enrichment. 3. Eliminate 90% or 95% of the NinGeneral trade channel 4. That people can set the price they want and that others buy it under their own responsibility, thus bringing an economy of supply and demand. - Functional suggestion: To further strengthen the RP in the villages, the kage have the option of removing or not the npc from their village to cut commercial alliances: in the case that the villages do not want businesses in their village, the npc will have its predetermined place '' tanzaku ' 'You can also go to enemy villages that if they have said npc and conduct your business. - Here are some fan art of how the trading system with interface and npc would be implemented in the game. (By : LP20 the sexiest) - NPC in tanzaku (area where the npc will always be) - What the trading system would look like in the game: - A closer look at the trading system: - What would the npc look like in the villages: Leaf Village: Mist Village: Sand Village: Suggestion idea: @Inara Artwork art: @Lp20 Concept ideas: @Donatello Johnson@Kuhou@Kodigo@Butterfly@Krait@Ryutekzu@Prince Cabo (Please support this suggestion.)
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    #JusticeForGojo #Gojo4Mizukage #FreeGojo #Trivagojo
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    I respect your choice Gojo ex-leader of Akatsuki, you will always have the support of latinos
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    It's a good idea, hopefully @Ueda read this