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  1. Arphee

    I notice everyone is comparing pure WM w/ bonesword to elementals.... That isn't what its comparable to, Tai/GF/WM are meant to be played differently. Why has no one mentioned GF / Tai+MED as comparisons? We're talking about the masteries ability to suppress, something that only the melee classes are supposed to have. So elements are a moot point. How does bone sword compare damage output wise to GF w/ tonfa's and tai medic when it comes to damage output and suppression capabilities??
  2. Arphee

    True enough towards having access but not guaranteeing acquisition, hence my suggestion to lengthen the tutorial, and let players know these options exist, while also making them more accessible with my earlier responses to Helms criticism. I do think this would help. The game never points or encourages you to find the weapon/item/scroll shop, nothing that lets you know Fuuma exists, or the lvl 4 quest exists, or indicates when you reach lvl 10 you'll get that free scroll to unlock. These are legitimate problems, which can be very easily addressed to streamline the process and make new players more familiar with their surroundings and options while giving some free exp ryo / items. Towards academy, each village has one, Mist Gets Substitution as starting jutsu, Leaf Body Flicker, and Sand gets Cloak, each village also has a different lvl 4 quest which give different secondary free jutsu ^^ Towards early death- unless some jerk (And dont get me wrong, there are MANY, and i do mean MAAAAAAAAAAANY of them) is greifing you, after the first death or two to larvae you should figure out they hit for 3 damage, how many time they hit you on average before you kill them, and stop attacking them before your HP hits that threshold, though i'd agree the fact the academy yeets you with BI still active is detrimental to this. Towards acessibility to Fuuma and 3rd academy jutsu, yeah, scrolls are hard to come by and the 50/50 flip on them can be absolutely terrible, i once failed 9 rolls for T1 in a row to complete the mission that requires you to get a copy of the jutsu taught at academy- wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, as it stands to unlock all Functional T1 jutsu you need 3 T1 rolls assuming you're able to use LVL 10 mastery, LVL 15 Mastery, Fuuma, and 3'rd academy jutsu. 3->2 wouldn't be much of a difficulty decrease, and it could very easilly fit into the tutorial quests giving you a free T1 around lvl 8- letting you decide to get 3rd acadmy, Fuuma / my proposed equivelent for it, or hold off and use it for your lvl 10+15 jutsu without relying on RNG. Towards weapons, well, numbers going up is a huge thing, means more efficient farming and feeling like youve gotten stronger, and yes, there is big variance in DPS Tai VS Int VS STR builds using Fist vs Kunai vs Wooden sword, with sword being worst and good old fisticuffs being the undisputed early game king- nothing much you can do to gussy up an upgraded basic attack animation, but the increased efficiency shouldn't be overlooked, and IMO is severely welcome if you can get them. (Especially as someone who has 2-damage'd his way to lvl 10 because he was afraid he wouldn't have enough ryo for lvl 10 sword if purchasing the lvl 5 sword e.e) Towards fuma's usefulness- yes its only worth getting if you're int based, but if you are it's quite good, decent damage, very long range, can be off by a square and still hit a target or multi-hit targets, and can be used as a support jutsu if you happen to see fighting on your map since people wont expect it or be paying attention to lowbies if stronger players are engaging them. (You could actually change the course of a fight if you hit one and your villagers get a combo off as a result) Towards second mastery being locked behind 50, i agree its a bit far and counter intuitive since you no longer have challenging mobs to use jutsu on since you only need to hit anything be it laevae or snow wolves to get jutsu exp, at lvl 30 you do unlock the toad questline which is a rapid increase in lvls and acess to a good healing item in the form of toad oil, you also have new jutsu unlocks which are always exciting to unlock (Except WM lvl 30 jutsu, waste of a T3 i swear) Not sure if you're aware- but you do also have acess to 3 new missions at LVL 10 foir seals in both Leaf and Sand villiage, as well as a 3rd quest to grab tools for a man named Benkei from the rogue village of takumi- the takumi mission is only some exp, but the leaf and sand seals missions unlock new areas that have rare drops, which can be more encouragement to farm. If you're WM you also can look forward to different sword upgrades as you progress through levels, which Int/Agi builds dont really have an equivelent for, there are also 2 bosses you can fight that unlock at 20~30 and 30~40 respectively. I agree that the title of MMORPG is a bit misleading since nin lacks a lot of the core features that make things like OSRS, WoW and other similar games actually function, the entire focus and breadth of content is basically reliant on end game PVP as an encouragement loop, and too much RNG progression with the current mission system. i also agree the absolute lack of player protections is an issue, and that as a general rule of thumb the community is rude and ruthless, killing on sight regardless of personal player system (Because the game lacks any kind of formal war systems so people just openly attack X villagers unprovoked everywhere on the map, safe zones be damned) towards limited move sets.....that don't make a difference, most of the time you;re trying to get anything done it will be either multiple people on top of you, or someone with a 5-10 level advantage which is a whole world apart in terms of survivablity or damage depending on their build. Regardless of original intent, Nin is for better or worse in its current state is 70% PVP, 20% PVE, 9% Socializing, and 1% roleplay, with chuunin exams and Rp I-IV being the only real roleplaying you'll get to do, chuunin can also be hard to come by to host missions, and they're sadly non-repeatable discouraging any kind of active roleplay progression (At least for now) i'd like to see that changed- id like to see more refined PVE and encouraged RP through repeatable RP quests. As always, i appreciate the feedback, and hope those an high read these threads for feedback, if you're interested in voicing support for some other suggestions that encourage changing some game systems to add more PVE content and improve accessibility i'd recommend the following: Sustromimgs Crafting suggestion Nefarious Garbage Brigade Zabuzas Boss Level Requirement Replacement Arphee's Mission Rework I'd also recommend posting any ideas you have too, only way things will improve is with feedback and community support.
  3. Arphee

    Interesting, so its slower than fist, but faster than religious? Weird choice. I need to just stop stalling and start the grind to 50, im not gonna be able to run manda on my WM account anyway. Seeing is believing, and the easiest way to test balance is to get hands on w/ stuff. Need to get WM, GF, and TAI+MED to lvl 50. . .
  4. Arphee

    Issue is the core design of nin doesn't allow for the superficial progression gimmicks other games throw at you, with fake progression that overall mean nothing, every unlock in nin (Save for a few absolute trash unlocks STR WM lvl 30 jutsu i am looking at you e.e) Most games wow you with superfluousness addition as awards and skills that you don't use later on and have no actual real world value, or force you to select a starting class that you're locked into at the start of the game. I also note that while you note that there is "a lot of grind" specifically 1-10 (id argue there is MUCH more of an issue between 20 and 30 and between 40 and 50) i'm not seeing any actual suggestions on how to fix or improve the current system without basically rebuilding the entire structure of the game. Formerly you said: 2 Hours gets you from 1-10. At lvl 4 you unlock the village missions to get your second free jutsu (Cloak/Flicker/ Sub) depending on village. During or shortly after that you unlock access to weapons for STR/INT builds at 4/5 which happens within like 20 minutes tops of killing larvae for lvl 4. For int you also unlock your first combat jutsu at 8 via fuuma shuriken, which takes far less time than reaching 10 for the other masteries. and ofc at 10 All playstyles unlock mastery and get a free jutsu scroll. So in two hours or less your toolkit is as follows 1. Free Academy Jutsu (Lvl 1) 2. Acess to ranged consumables (Kunai/Senbon/Shuriken) 3. Free Quest Jutsu (lvl 4) 4. Access to 3'rd Academy tier Jutsu (Technically LVL 1 but no scrolls until you've killed mobs) 5. Weapon Access (Lvl 4) 6. Acess to Fuma Shurken (Lvl 8) 7. Free T1 and Mastery Jutsu (Lvl 10) I'm all for making sure people are more aware of some of these options EG Fuma / Tool items the other Academy jutsu, weapons, ETC to make sure they aren't mindless 2 damaging larvae from 1~10 same for giving them some starting ryo through a longer tutorial or more bound items EG bound kunai / senbon/shuriken. But my question is- How much more "Content" unlocks do you think players should have access to this early on? and if given how do you offset that progression and leveling value for lvl 15 and 20? How quick do you think the progression from Start to 10 should be? if not 2 hours then how short? I have 8 permanent accounts over lvl 10 and one account that i've reset about 10~20 times testing early game progression, so i like to think im fairly experienced with that starting grind. Id like to hear some easy to implement suggestions that don't diminish the existing content, or require massive overhauls to the full game to address issues with "early game progression" even if rory and seth aren't around to to discuss it, or even reading this thread, I personally enjoy game design, balance, and game theory as a whole. (Both the concept, AND the youtube channel.) So lets keep the ball rolling and bounce some ideas around and see what sticks, even if we agree to disagree there's always value in insight into other peoples ideas and opinions.
  5. Arphee

    So it attacks at the same speed as fists? Wish nin showed DPS or at least attack speed on all weapons not just fans.
  6. Arphee

    I don't know the attack speed of the bone sword, but i imagine its only as fast, or slower than Religious Katana, AT 110 str, according to Metanin thats 75 per hit VS 59 at 110 str. Assuming GF can use Tonfa w/ Pressure point that's around 58 per hit, and id assume much faster, Tai Med can hit 66 w/o knuckles / demon claw (Dont even know if they add damage) via YS+ Cha scalp. Cant really comment until i get the item so i can test it myself, ditto for all of my other accounts to a place where they're capped, but assuming its at the same speed as religious, id say its fairly comparable to the denial of Tai + Med w/ scalpel supression, and GF w/ tonfa's if they chose to pressure in a similar manner. Or if GM's can change their GM accounts spec's / stats could get 2 Gm's together to do some field tests, have someone slap on HP items, have another person keep stats at normal and test: Bone sword VS tai med scalpel vs GF w/ Tonfa and see what the actual DPS winds up being, ditto for knuckles / demon claw if available and they do add base damage. No point in speculating or making suggestions without data, that being said i have faith the nin community is resourceful enough to get said data, if its an actual problem lets get those numbers and propose solutions PS; I should note that as a pure STR WM main i have a direct interest in this not being nerfed, especially since i plan to use bone sword once i reach 50, that being said, numbers are numbers if this can be statistically proven to be extremely out of line with other denial options in the game, than it should be lowered to something more reasonable (Albeit still ahead of other options due to the rarity of the item)
  7. Arphee

    I should start by noting it doesn't take "Many Hours" to unlock your first jutsu, i just did a dry run to time myself w/o any missions (Except the mission desk one) on a tai account and got from start to lvl 10 in 1:20, for most folk with less efficiency that will still be under 2 hours, and that's not counting those who can actually use Fuma since they plan to be INT based- as most of that time was lvl 8~10 and fuma unlocks AT 8. Players who cant endure 1-10 "because of the grind" aren't the kind of players that would ever play Nin long term, i'd argue more tutorial-like aspects are probably needed to give people direction so they're aware that Kunai / Wooden sword exist as options, same for learning where everything is at their hub / overviews of what the different masteries are geared towards would be nice- since not everyone is social, or forward-looking enough to look up a guide on the forum. If you want to tackle that issue specifically, id recommend extending the tutorial quest chain that has you check in at the mission counter, have it redirect you to the other vendor areas EG Tools/Weapons/Scroll shop with little bits of information XP and some ryo without forcing newbies to use their first set of daily missions. to hit that 80 ryo for Kunai / Katana. That along side balancing wooden katana to not be worthless, and adding an STR equivalent to Fuma Shuriken (Possibly lowering the level req on fuma as well) Would fix the lack of direction and "feeling" of progression, as well as the disparity between leveling speed prior to mastery unlocking. Towards missions....You're literally preaching to the choir I tried to make a thread with some ideas on it before, and no one even replied to it lol.
  8. Arphee

    I mean, i don't see why clans cant have multiple clothing sets / items so long as the clan themselves are making the sprites / resources for it. Community generated content is usually a good thing.
  9. Arphee

    Love the idea, an in game track player sorta like Eve Online has! Given the UI / Customization menu in place idk if that's something that can be done....but definitely something cool to consider adding if they ever get around to updating the settings menu /ui (Eg things like In game keybind changing / resolution / window mode type updates w/o restart cursor customization, windows size adjustments, UI scaling ETC, ETC, et cetera ) Much easier to just mute the game an open a youtube playist or spotify in the background though...
  10. Arphee

    As a fairly new player (About to finish my second month) I have a lot of insight into the issues with Nin and its player retention and early game experience, especially since the group of players that got me to join have already died off, and several players ive tried to get to pick up the game have also dipped around. I should point out that i also have a long history with similar games, that allegedly are the inspiration for nin (Classic WoW, RS, most importantly FFXI which i put an ungodly amount of time into, and is still my favorite MMO to date) so far I have about 8 different accounts here on nin, and i intend to play every mastery till at least the last jutsu unlocks including village specific masteries. So far i have accounts at lvl 40, 30, 23, 16, 16, 15 and one account that I've reset an ungodly amount of times just testing and playing around with the early grind of 1-10, i should note that I've done all of this despite working 9 hour shifts + an hour of transit daily, so i consider myself to be a semi-casual player. With that out of the way, id like to point out that a lot of issues pointed out in this thread, are actual non issues, for instance BI being a contributing factor- there needs to be some penalty for death and BI is actually an EASY and FORGIVING system, outside of the loss of boosting items (Rings, Swords, ETC) which is more than fair. Starting Issues (1~10) When it comes to the grind 1~10 is piss easy if you're TAI, Still super easy but needs a bit of direction if your Int- damage scaling on Kunai makes things extremely efficient 10 Dmg per tick is exactly what you need for efficient farming of lvl 5~9 mobs. WM/FAN/GF/BUBBLE get absolutely shafted in this stage of the game, fans and pipes dont unlock until 10, GF's Jutsu also doesn't unlock until 10, and the wooden katana is exorbitantly more expensive than kunai, has terrible damage and scaling, wastes money WM/BUBBLE/FAN need for their lvl 10 items, AND require an entire additional level of 2dmg fisting before even unlocking if they shill the cash for the wooden katana not to mention its damage is Bad requiring over 25 STR before it matches the kunai, while also still having slower attack speed than it, and thus less DPS for far less stat investment. I'd really like to see wooden katana and basic katana's base damage increased to from 2->4, level requirement decreased from 5->4 and cost adjusted to be in line with kunai at 125 -> 80 Ryo. Would also be nice to see a weaker STR equivalent to Fuma Shuriken so Fan/GF/Bubble could still be efficient without needing to buy a wooden katana (625, 580, OR EVEN just 500 ryo by 10 is pretty tight) and Fuma helps a lot with efficient farming on INT builds as well Between 10~15 (And actually further too.) With said adjustments no one can really complain from 1->10 from a PVE / gameplay balance perspective unless they're casual to the degree they'd rage quit Hello Kitty Island Adventure, the only real issue at this stage of the game is the open PVP without any restrictions, safe zones were intended to discourage lowbie and new player abuse, but people will walk in and chain kill a level 1~8 that doesn't even have a jutsu to use against them ad nauseum. IMO that /really/shouldn't even be possible. Mot games, even trashy mobile games, have some kind of new player protections in place to prevent this, some minimum level requirement or threshold that needs to be met before being thrown to the wolves, in nin, you can be an academy student and still get clapped. Fixing the toxic community issue is hard to do from a systems perspective....but i have a few ideas to make new players rage less and feel like the game is at least being fair. I recommend globally disabling PVP against players unless they have PVP toggled on that are under lvl 10, Have not ranked to Genin, or have Hermit status to prevent them from being greifed, i would also recommend increasing the wait timer on PVP toggle to be longer than it currently is to prevent abuse under such a system. Early Game Issues (10~20) Where we left off on PVP abuse- thats one of the biggest issues once PVP is enabled (Assuming we ever fix the newb abuse) and more frequently encountered as your mission assignments start taking you far away enough to be in danger zones, or worse yet, in enemy territory, like the samurai energy drink mission, danger dango, package delivery ETC Level 20's cant do a damned thing if they encounter a single lvl 50, let alone a raid party, people rarely hunt alone, so being ganged up on by 3+ other players is the most common scenario this is where the strain of nin REALLY begins and one of the biggest complaints I myself, the group of 3 who invited me to play,and the two that i tried to get to join me have. In those situations you are helpless, with 0 counter play options or recourse, you are destined to die right then and there, why? because EVEN if you git gud at dodging chances are you'll be map locked by a single stray hit before you can zone, or, they will save homings to wait for you to go towards an exit to cock block you're ability to escape. Escape should be a viable alternative, there should be counter play for being out numbered, and that should be to RUN. For the love of god remove the combat lock timer, or at least drastically shorten it to something more reasonable like 10 seconds, alternatively, add a T1 jutsu that is the opposite of sensory that run cast removes you're combat map lock. Its bad game design, and extremely unfair that running into anyone several levels during a mission that requires item transit or return to village without death is completely shut down the second somone gets a single hit, or has sensory. I should note that this will also improve overall game play and player interactions, encouraging people to venture further than the 3-4 zones closest to their village farming incoming people, encouraging the chase will lead to more robust and frequent player interactions, while making delivery / surveillance missions much more fair. Towards PVE and game balance this is where some more potent issues start showing up with the mission system, level ranges need to be severely tweaked between 10~20 and the early 20's as well, certain missions just cant be done in any reasonable amount of time, and the EXP granted varies wildly adding too much RNG, and certain missions values just make no sense, for instance if you look at the Samurai Energy drink mission VS Takumi, one is a further trip that requires you to survive both ways, for 4K exp, the other is a 1-way transit that awards 11k I strongly suggest looking over mission pools and making adjustments to the level ranges for when they start, and stop showing up based on EXP rewards granted, It feels god awful and unfair to get a trash mission at the upper level range when the EXP is nothing compared to your total requirement to next level. This is when cohesion starts breaking down even if you have a group of players since your leveling will now be RNG based, certain people will start getting ahead of falling behind depending on the luck of the draw / ability to complete missions. I should also note that mobbing still feels really viable here, and that mobbing SHOULD be a viable alternative to missions if a player has enough downtime, after 20 things slow considerably as the exponential requirements really sink in and mobbing becomes less and less viable. Mid Game Issues (20~30) After 20 is where people start to quit, or slow down severely, most of your missions suffer from the same issues previously addressed. Either lowball EXP missions that are useless due to exponential increase in EXP requirements, Too difficult to reasonably repeat, or are completely reliant on luck of not encountering others to completed due to map system for stuff like surveillance, this is also when forced PVP enters the mission pool via BK/WW ETC which is exceedingly difficult to do early game unless you're buying kills/bounty. One way to fix this, and could also help the mission pool would be to lock certain missions behind group status, as is, the game KNOWS if your in a party and shares missions, group missions could, nay, SHOULD have a different pool than the general with things like WW, Glacier bear, ETC that are very difficult being assigned only to groups- further encouraging group play. You could even make cross-requirement EG if WW is assigned, the highest available version of mission is assigned to each party member so people are encouraged to group regardless of level EG 2 50's a lvl 30 and a lvl 20 have someone que up a mission, desk assigns the appropriate WW to each player, or even a tier assignment mission for helping the community EG 3 Lowbi's get snake missions, you could have a mentor assignment mission scaled to the appropriate EXP gains for the higher level players brackets for helping the lower tier players. EG Player 1 LVL 40 Kill 50 Snakes and 50 Venomous snakes Player 2 lvl 23 Medicine supply 2 Player 3 lvl 25 kill 50 venemous snakes Player 4 LVL 28 Kill 50 snakes Or something to that effect This is also where mobbing starts becoming much less viable, 8 hours of farming at 28 is slow slog that's hardly worth doing and will barely result in a level even if you're a mastery that excels at it. The entire mob pool from lvl 30+ should have EXP grants re-evaluated, especially Snakes, Bears, Hosts, Wolves, Hawks, and Racoons to encourage more mobbing, by the mid twenties all sane players primary source of exp gains should be daily missions, we should discourage that- we want players online and playing, not doing missions then logging out. Out of a group of 6 people, i am the only person to make it well past 30, (on two accounts no less) granted other people that migrated from the game i was playing (But not those who invited me, or i invited) have had decent success, and have made it past the 30's with one of them being 45 last i checked despite starting the same time as me (In my defense i haven't run missions on my main in a couple weeks, and don't plan to anytime soon due to Manda boss lvl req) but the survivors all have similar complaints. Late game issues LVL (30~40) Lvl 30 is where the game starts to becomes bit more fair, the PVE content for the land of toads is actually enjoyable, it acts as a trade hub and have a viable means of EXP gain til lvl 35 via the quest line. People also kill much less aggressively making it a more viable farming spot than Hosts/Snakes/Bears because less likely to end up in a territory dispute. Everything after 35 is a slog through, same issues with missions and other game aspects as all previous tiers except much more that are insanely hard given your lvl and kit. The only NEW issue at this point of the game is a lack of feeling progress, by the time you hit 40, or at least by the time i hit 40, i already had every single jutsu i have mastery capped from aggressive mobbing and item farming. All of my progress from 40~50 which takes longer than 1~35, will be just EXP... That isn't rewarding, there are no mini-goals to hit, no jutsu to level, because for some odd reason second mastery doesn't unlock until 50....leaving players no reason to actively use those slightly weaker jutsu in mobbing, or encourage them to mob during these levels (When its desperately needed because the gains are absolute trash by this point.) instead people unlock at 50 then just use them on low level mobs while trying to farm scrolls. Id recommend giving 2nd mastery at 40, plenty of room between 40 and 50 for people to grind levels on their jutsu and make mobbing feel more rewarding, lvl 50's reward is being capped out and qualifying for elite orgs like ANBU, realistically those positions are reserved for players that are not only capped, but also are decent at the game- capping and being able to try and secure position with these orgs is reward itself for lvl 50 IMO (Boosts OP AF). Alternatively, if the mastery system could be tweaked to have Mastery and then SUB mastery, id support introducing 2nd mastery at 30 w/ seprate level/stat requirements up to 50 to unlock the rest of the jutsu for more linear progress, this would also change how people play and distribute stats mid to late game, which could improve build diversity, rather than everyone being one trick ponies until they stat reset at 50 I'd also recommend lowering the aggro range and damage of hosts, they aggro from far too far away, spawn too clumped together, and do a ridiculous amounts of damage (More than any jutsu a player can use at 100+ AGI/STR/INT) Non level specific Issues: Cordoning of Boss content It makes 0 sense that Kumorui, Guren, and Manda are level gated, especially as i'm told drop rates on Shirokata for Manda were reduced from the initial 10%, players should be able to group up and run these bosses regardless of level, perhaps with a cool down timer to prevent single groups from hogging the area, or adding the ability for multiple instances of a boss encounter to run, the game lacks content, at end game and otherwise, the boss fights are an interest thing that can be done if you have a group, but finding a group within the level restrictions is a pain. At the very least, so long as 1 player is within the range, the whole party should have the ability to partake, finding out you missed out on a boss and potential drops because you're lvl 21 feels like a kick in the groin, same for when one of your group finally inches to 41 from 40. I'd write more general issues but i just got done work and im not going to sit in the office like a weird lonely dweeb typing to myself, plus a man can only complain so much in one day.
  11. Arphee

    Would be nice if it had some jutsu/attacks that help familiarize people with some combat basics as well. EG something like a projectile (Acid spit or something??) + homing that has an animation tell to train people to look for it and forcing them to hold sub for it. Just a thought