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  1. Map the Bug happened on: Character creation screen Type of Bug: Graphical Description: Clan clothes previews for previously added clans have disappeared from menus after todays patch EG Sakame, Jakusha, ETC. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Attempt to create or reset a character. Detailed System Specs: I9 7700K, GTX 1080TI, 32GB 3600MHZ DDR4, WINDOWS 10
  2. Arphee

    Cant we just pretend it is and blame global warming? The snow makes it so hard to see the target cross hair and wind attacks :/
  3. Arphee

    This really should be fixed ASAP. I'm in Mist and plan on using pand. So this doesn't exactly impact me. But, if i burned the couple hundred scrolls I have so far, and the hundreds more i probably will before I luck out with a scroll, only to have it be bugged and unusable... I'd probably quit. So to anyone still here suffering this bug, my condolences, you're far stronger willed than i'll ever be.
  4. Arphee

    I notice everyone is comparing pure WM w/ bonesword to elementals.... That isn't what its comparable to, Tai/GF/WM are meant to be played differently. Why has no one mentioned GF / Tai+MED as comparisons? We're talking about the masteries ability to suppress, something that only the melee classes are supposed to have. So elements are a moot point. How does bone sword compare damage output wise to GF w/ tonfa's and tai medic when it comes to damage output and suppression capabilities??
  5. Arphee

    I support this, especially since there are people who had accounts prior to the introduction of clans, shouldn't need to reset to gain entry.
  6. Arphee

    Pretty sure I've seen at least one person suggest a system for clan leaders to "adopt" clan-less players into the clan as a one time option. Actually yeah, just checked, can see you're already aware of it as well, but i already started typing so imma post this anyway to spread awareness. Starting to feel like i'm gunning to become the #TopNinOnlinePoliticalLobbyist
  7. Arphee

    Would be a great way to allow clans to have multiple outfits and prioritize the release / introduction of clan jutsu based on actual user activity in the future.
  8. Arphee

    2 hours is a long time to be logged out, if we're able to have some kind of system that clears status effects on an account after X amount of time logged out (Which isnt something i thought the current system supports, but is a good suggestion if can be done), then it should be a short but reasonable amount of time, like a single episode of a TV show, or a quick drive to grab some fast food. Assuming the primary reason for not just having it tick down whilst offline IS alt switching- 30 minutes is more than long enough since most "raids" ive seen dont even last that long and a person would need to have 8+ useable accounts to justify a longer time. Don't tell me there are several players who have that many... Please do the right thing, ban their accounts, get them the professional help they need, gaming addiction is a serious disease that ruins the lives of 1337 gamers every day. Let us rage quit, run for a snack, and log back in with a clean state once we've had our snickers. You're not you when you're hungry.
  9. Arphee

    True enough towards having access but not guaranteeing acquisition, hence my suggestion to lengthen the tutorial, and let players know these options exist, while also making them more accessible with my earlier responses to Helms criticism. I do think this would help. The game never points or encourages you to find the weapon/item/scroll shop, nothing that lets you know Fuuma exists, or the lvl 4 quest exists, or indicates when you reach lvl 10 you'll get that free scroll to unlock. These are legitimate problems, which can be very easily addressed to streamline the process and make new players more familiar with their surroundings and options while giving some free exp ryo / items. Towards academy, each village has one, Mist Gets Substitution as starting jutsu, Leaf Body Flicker, and Sand gets Cloak, each village also has a different lvl 4 quest which give different secondary free jutsu ^^ Towards early death- unless some jerk (And dont get me wrong, there are MANY, and i do mean MAAAAAAAAAAANY of them) is greifing you, after the first death or two to larvae you should figure out they hit for 3 damage, how many time they hit you on average before you kill them, and stop attacking them before your HP hits that threshold, though i'd agree the fact the academy yeets you with BI still active is detrimental to this. Towards acessibility to Fuuma and 3rd academy jutsu, yeah, scrolls are hard to come by and the 50/50 flip on them can be absolutely terrible, i once failed 9 rolls for T1 in a row to complete the mission that requires you to get a copy of the jutsu taught at academy- wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, as it stands to unlock all Functional T1 jutsu you need 3 T1 rolls assuming you're able to use LVL 10 mastery, LVL 15 Mastery, Fuuma, and 3'rd academy jutsu. 3->2 wouldn't be much of a difficulty decrease, and it could very easilly fit into the tutorial quests giving you a free T1 around lvl 8- letting you decide to get 3rd acadmy, Fuuma / my proposed equivelent for it, or hold off and use it for your lvl 10+15 jutsu without relying on RNG. Towards weapons, well, numbers going up is a huge thing, means more efficient farming and feeling like youve gotten stronger, and yes, there is big variance in DPS Tai VS Int VS STR builds using Fist vs Kunai vs Wooden sword, with sword being worst and good old fisticuffs being the undisputed early game king- nothing much you can do to gussy up an upgraded basic attack animation, but the increased efficiency shouldn't be overlooked, and IMO is severely welcome if you can get them. (Especially as someone who has 2-damage'd his way to lvl 10 because he was afraid he wouldn't have enough ryo for lvl 10 sword if purchasing the lvl 5 sword e.e) Towards fuma's usefulness- yes its only worth getting if you're int based, but if you are it's quite good, decent damage, very long range, can be off by a square and still hit a target or multi-hit targets, and can be used as a support jutsu if you happen to see fighting on your map since people wont expect it or be paying attention to lowbies if stronger players are engaging them. (You could actually change the course of a fight if you hit one and your villagers get a combo off as a result) Towards second mastery being locked behind 50, i agree its a bit far and counter intuitive since you no longer have challenging mobs to use jutsu on since you only need to hit anything be it laevae or snow wolves to get jutsu exp, at lvl 30 you do unlock the toad questline which is a rapid increase in lvls and acess to a good healing item in the form of toad oil, you also have new jutsu unlocks which are always exciting to unlock (Except WM lvl 30 jutsu, waste of a T3 i swear) Not sure if you're aware- but you do also have acess to 3 new missions at LVL 10 foir seals in both Leaf and Sand villiage, as well as a 3rd quest to grab tools for a man named Benkei from the rogue village of takumi- the takumi mission is only some exp, but the leaf and sand seals missions unlock new areas that have rare drops, which can be more encouragement to farm. If you're WM you also can look forward to different sword upgrades as you progress through levels, which Int/Agi builds dont really have an equivelent for, there are also 2 bosses you can fight that unlock at 20~30 and 30~40 respectively. I agree that the title of MMORPG is a bit misleading since nin lacks a lot of the core features that make things like OSRS, WoW and other similar games actually function, the entire focus and breadth of content is basically reliant on end game PVP as an encouragement loop, and too much RNG progression with the current mission system. i also agree the absolute lack of player protections is an issue, and that as a general rule of thumb the community is rude and ruthless, killing on sight regardless of personal player system (Because the game lacks any kind of formal war systems so people just openly attack X villagers unprovoked everywhere on the map, safe zones be damned) towards limited move sets.....that don't make a difference, most of the time you;re trying to get anything done it will be either multiple people on top of you, or someone with a 5-10 level advantage which is a whole world apart in terms of survivablity or damage depending on their build. Regardless of original intent, Nin is for better or worse in its current state is 70% PVP, 20% PVE, 9% Socializing, and 1% roleplay, with chuunin exams and Rp I-IV being the only real roleplaying you'll get to do, chuunin can also be hard to come by to host missions, and they're sadly non-repeatable discouraging any kind of active roleplay progression (At least for now) i'd like to see that changed- id like to see more refined PVE and encouraged RP through repeatable RP quests. As always, i appreciate the feedback, and hope those an high read these threads for feedback, if you're interested in voicing support for some other suggestions that encourage changing some game systems to add more PVE content and improve accessibility i'd recommend the following: Sustromimgs Crafting suggestion Nefarious Garbage Brigade Zabuzas Boss Level Requirement Replacement Arphee's Mission Rework I'd also recommend posting any ideas you have too, only way things will improve is with feedback and community support.
  10. Arphee

    Mechanics VS cosmetics are two different things im not saying akat rings, anbu swords, org acess ETC should be usable by non active members. Towards the tools i personally I do think the tools should be either open to everyone, or closed to everyone who isnt Wind/Water specifically, especially since there are rare drop versions. But that's a different topic for another time. Towards the arguments against, the ONLY argument i've seen put forward is it would make them feel "Less special". Hate to break it to you, but you're only as special as every other former member of said org who earned the acquisition of said items, but no longer has permission to use them. Also it's as if you're making the assumption every single person who owns a copy will choose to not sell it to get their ryo back, but instead use it as a cosmetic and risk it dropping it.... Towards the prestige of orgs, every org has tangible other benefits outside of its uniform in the form of mechanics, anbu swords, jail jutsu, rings ETC, there is also more aspects outside of the outfit that make up the benefits of an org , for instance look at the duties handed out to the military police force- that prestige, recognition and privilege has nothing to do with the uniform. Only people who are current members, or ex members would have access to the creation of said items, the use of actual stat boosting items and mechanics, or recognition within the village of their actual position, also use of them without penalty. So these would still be unique, and usage of said items from outside of current members should still be rare so that argument is entirely invalid. Again, make them drop on death when worn, and sellable, you want your akat robe to be super special and unique as a cosmetic,? Hunt down everyone who has an excess pair and decides to run around in it- we call that content. You're ANBU for leaf / mist? Guess what one of your new duties is? Finding and killing "spy's" and recovering them. Your MM/SM/LMPF? Guess who will be jailing players that aren't currently Anbu/Xyz org for wearing said items and get them to turn them over? YOU ARE. The notion that it makes them 'Less unique" when there is a finite number in supply from former players who EARNED AND OWNED THEM, is incredulous, especially when the ability and power to maintain the rarity is directly given to the hands of the players who own said items to maintain that rarity, and recover said items from those the village/org doesn't want to have them. Last last bit just acknowledges that 1 it can and will work in at least some instances, that 2, rather than attack on sight, they may ask you to unmask / confront you with something OTHER than instantly attacking. Even as a rarity, which means not only is it effective in at least some cases, it adds gameplay by forcing people to more actively perform these checks, encouraging existing members to recover misappropriated uniforms, and encouraging org leaders to be more selective of who titles and positions get handed over to. If there is another argument besides the refuted "Feeling Special" one i'd gladly like to hear it. If not- we can agree to disagree as to whether this would detract from the "Uniqueness" of in-game org positions to any meaningful degree while resulting in new content / gameplay loops for players, including those of the very same orgs the outfits belong to. EDIT: There needs to be some way for the items to be recovered when a village doesn't want them in the position of former members. Especially those that are already rogue nin. Plus it creates a gameplay loop- and potential reason to actually be a spy in game so MM/LM/SMPF have one more RP crime to look for and investigate since corrupt org members will likely be a thing, people may even roll new characters and grind out to 50 with new fake discords just to mass acquire said uniforms like an aCtual deep cover agent.
  11. Arphee

    Interesting, so its slower than fist, but faster than religious? Weird choice. I need to just stop stalling and start the grind to 50, im not gonna be able to run manda on my WM account anyway. Seeing is believing, and the easiest way to test balance is to get hands on w/ stuff. Need to get WM, GF, and TAI+MED to lvl 50. . .
  12. Arphee

    This can already be done just by having two computers or multiple clients using a VM/ Desktop split on windows 10. I personally could play on 4 accounts at once across my 2 devices without any performance decreases using 0 effort, so as long as i have enough accounts to survive 5 minutes total i can have 3 accounts off BI every 5 minutes. Could even do more if i wanted to use my old laptops or set up actual virtual machines negating this entire point. Plus i doubt that many people have more than a handful of lvl 50 acts with the same village they can take advantage of in this manner. If someone has 10+ accounts in the same village, know what- let them play defender. As a matter of fact give them a medal for their dedication. Nothing you do will stop them from zerg rushing you- because they've earned it. They've dedicated their life to being a pretend ninja. They've got more accounts to log into anyway and will continue to have more over time because they're an addict and clearly have a problem, and while you're afraid of their 13 accounts now... rest assured they'll have 26 lvl 70's when advanced eventually drops given enough time. P.S: If YOU are THAT GUY. Stop it. Get some help. P.S.S: If YOU are THAT GUY, but aren't "that guy", because you're a woman. I own a home, have gigabit internet, and live on the US east coast juss sayin. P.S.S.S: Obviously the later half of this post is meant as satire, except the desperation, I assure you that is very real. Please someone love me.
  13. Arphee

    Issue is the core design of nin doesn't allow for the superficial progression gimmicks other games throw at you, with fake progression that overall mean nothing, every unlock in nin (Save for a few absolute trash unlocks STR WM lvl 30 jutsu i am looking at you e.e) Most games wow you with superfluousness addition as awards and skills that you don't use later on and have no actual real world value, or force you to select a starting class that you're locked into at the start of the game. I also note that while you note that there is "a lot of grind" specifically 1-10 (id argue there is MUCH more of an issue between 20 and 30 and between 40 and 50) i'm not seeing any actual suggestions on how to fix or improve the current system without basically rebuilding the entire structure of the game. Formerly you said: 2 Hours gets you from 1-10. At lvl 4 you unlock the village missions to get your second free jutsu (Cloak/Flicker/ Sub) depending on village. During or shortly after that you unlock access to weapons for STR/INT builds at 4/5 which happens within like 20 minutes tops of killing larvae for lvl 4. For int you also unlock your first combat jutsu at 8 via fuuma shuriken, which takes far less time than reaching 10 for the other masteries. and ofc at 10 All playstyles unlock mastery and get a free jutsu scroll. So in two hours or less your toolkit is as follows 1. Free Academy Jutsu (Lvl 1) 2. Acess to ranged consumables (Kunai/Senbon/Shuriken) 3. Free Quest Jutsu (lvl 4) 4. Access to 3'rd Academy tier Jutsu (Technically LVL 1 but no scrolls until you've killed mobs) 5. Weapon Access (Lvl 4) 6. Acess to Fuma Shurken (Lvl 8) 7. Free T1 and Mastery Jutsu (Lvl 10) I'm all for making sure people are more aware of some of these options EG Fuma / Tool items the other Academy jutsu, weapons, ETC to make sure they aren't mindless 2 damaging larvae from 1~10 same for giving them some starting ryo through a longer tutorial or more bound items EG bound kunai / senbon/shuriken. But my question is- How much more "Content" unlocks do you think players should have access to this early on? and if given how do you offset that progression and leveling value for lvl 15 and 20? How quick do you think the progression from Start to 10 should be? if not 2 hours then how short? I have 8 permanent accounts over lvl 10 and one account that i've reset about 10~20 times testing early game progression, so i like to think im fairly experienced with that starting grind. Id like to hear some easy to implement suggestions that don't diminish the existing content, or require massive overhauls to the full game to address issues with "early game progression" even if rory and seth aren't around to to discuss it, or even reading this thread, I personally enjoy game design, balance, and game theory as a whole. (Both the concept, AND the youtube channel.) So lets keep the ball rolling and bounce some ideas around and see what sticks, even if we agree to disagree there's always value in insight into other peoples ideas and opinions.
  14. Arphee

    So it attacks at the same speed as fists? Wish nin showed DPS or at least attack speed on all weapons not just fans.
  15. Arphee

    I 100% guarantee to you i would use this to try and avoid combat rather than looking cool, i have purple war armor, red furred armor, ceramic armor, and white hermit capes to look cool and try to flex. I just want to be able to actually sneak around without getting instantly ambushed by by people who see me. Plus, people /won't/ just use it to look cool if you implement my suggestion of making items dropable if you are no longer affiliated with an org when worn... I think everyone should be able to wear items, but only org members should be able to purchase them, i also think they should drop while worn if not in the org as stated above and in prev posts. Towards Akat and Anbu beingspyable, yes, thats the point of haviing a uniform, for instance if you're in akat robes and a mask and walk into mist area's because they're currently allied, the chances of someone attacking you is very low because akat only has 10 members, and excess uniforms should be fairly rare for this kind of spying (Or at least they will be once people start dropping them, Free 10k ryo for finding an imposter and yeeting them? Bruh) The official orgs come with other tangible benefits, for instanc the MP of each village have duties + jail jutsu, Anbu/Hunter nin have swords / whips, PB has puppets, akat has rings, 7 SM have no uniform only swords making them un-infiltrate-able, but it takes away 0 uniqueness, official org members will be the only ones who can create new copies of their uniform, and will have a direct interest in hunting down old copies. I also think Chuunin / Jounin items should be able to be worn from other villages, provided you meet the rank requirement, EG sand chuunin can disguise themselves as a mist chuunin if they have access to a copy of the uniform (From killing leaf missing nin who was using it as a disguise or purchasing it off a corrupt leaf ninja) this would also give the militarty police force of each village more to do trying to hunt down and find people doing these sorts of things, it would also encourage people to ACTUALLY spy with accounts to try and build trust and get seated positions. I haven't seen any valid posts that explain how or why this wouldn't improve the state of play in nin, or would legitimately take away from the existing gameplay.