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  1. RedRum

    The new fans are stronger than the new swords. The main problem with the balancing of these weapons at the moment is that gentle fist users can abuse these swords on top of the already game breaking mastery that they have. The fans in this game have a lower stat requirement to equip and to make things worse they both have a 3 tile RANGED melee which cc's, blood fan stuns which is even more broken.
  2. RedRum

    i wasnt camping any map lmfao. i wiped out 2 waves of leafies just trying to reach dark bridge but yall kept coming. Son, if you want to prove something or if any of your friends want to prove something, you are always welcome to come toad and we can fight without buffs. Also as i said before, the build i was using is so easy to beat, aint my fault you guys struggled, especially as a group lol thats on you.
  3. RedRum

    Bro, as long as you guys stop crying and trying to get me nerfed whenever i do something in this game, i dont care what you do or say about me. Getting a sword which is worth 100 ryo aint as big of an achievement as you guys think it is, especially when both our bounties are still intact. Its whatever helps you guys sleep at night though. Also my build is useless in any map, its literally a farming build and thats what i was trying to tell you guys in my last post,^ im glad you agree with me though.
  4. RedRum

    Sigh... I cant believe people actually lost vs ONLY Z+ 1 sub in a 4vs1 when i had 0 chakra and low hp and call themselves *good players that can 1vs3 when morale is high.* if i were in your shoes, i would've soloed the kiba player without even using a buff let alone lose a 4vs1 smh it aint that hard. Instead of coming onto the forums to complain about losing to a glass cannon farming build, go to village square and practise with each other and maybe youl learn how to beat me but i aint gonna sit here and show you how too, figure that one out yourselves. For the people talking about GF, Gentle Fist is a game breaking mastery that is also allowed to be used in tournaments, whereas i would have to spend 10 dollars on a restat to change to a viable build to just enter a tournament and then spend ANOTHER 10$ to restat back if we are talking about building around our sword buffs. Gentle Fist is easy to learn, easy to combo with and on top of that has very high burst damage without the need to spec alot of points into the strength stat, are you guys actually trying to defend this mastery right now? If you gave me access to a gentle fist account, all hell would break loose but i dont wanna do that to yall yet lol. I would literally smoke a kiba user with the same build as i had if i was a Gentle Fist in a 1vs1 because all i have to do is run away/around the kiba blasts until my instant 300+ damage flicker combo is back up its not like there is no cooldown on the swords melee, the kiba user would be dead in 2 flicker combos if they using the same build i had when i won the 4vs1. Gentle Fists kit also gives it access to stuns which deal strong damage and you can weapon switch to use the strongest swords obtainable in this game while you wait your cooldowns + pair it with weapon master which does not even require a stat split. Completely broken. @Orsus you are showing a 2 second video of standing still eating a free kiba blast, waiting for me to heal up from my medic and chakra regen, instead of dodging or pressing your sub button or even coordinating with your team, what good does that do for your case? Stop the constant complaining on forums every time something happens to you guys in game, looks like you guys are just reaching. Also @Akebono in your post you state that you were hunting with a person that can apparently 1vs3 when hes feeling good (unbuffed) but you come here and complain about me when im better than said person in game in general and on top of that im buffed using a 7sm sword, why is he allowed to 1vs3 without a buff but i get complaints when i do so with a buff that i earned? Also incase you do not know, to equip a 7sm sword you need minimum 80 str and kiba does not even scale off str it scales off int so to do heavy damage with it you need to lose out alot in other areas, i do not recommend this in general as opponents who are good/top tier at the game will take advantage of that. In conclusion, you guys lost that fight because you did not make the right plays together, there was no teamwork and i saw alot of wrong movement and positioning decisions and took advantage of all of that.