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    @Ueda you asked me to ping you when I posted it. I hope this helps.
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    With this weekend marking the first month since we all lost someone close to us. I'd like to offer my recordings of all the speeches given during the memorial service. Melina will be forever loved by those she was close to and all those who knew her. It is my hope with this that, for those who wish to look back on the Memorial or for those who were unable to attend, you will be able to see how much she impacted our community. I do not wish for drama with this post so I hope we can keep comments civil. Melina, we love you, forever and always. Rest in Peace Princess. (If you have any screencaps from the speeches please feel free to reply to this with them so more can see) In Memory of Melina.docx
  3. Melina you were a kind and wonderful sister to me with a wickedly wonderful sense of humour. I will miss you dearly, every passing day I wait to hear a message of your return. I am sorry we will never get to write our story out the way you planned. I am still waiting for you to return from your holiday so we can write it, maybe I'll start without you. Hope you won't be too mad. Love you sis, forever and always.
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    Honestly, this was a lot of fun. I'm not one for always fighting so being able to take part in RP events such as this really make my day/week. @Serias @Camellia thanks for taking part with me... Sorry I had to be such a hard-ass on you both at times. I hope I did an alright job taking on the role of team lead. @Erox Thank you sooo much for setting this up for us, it's a lot of fun RPing with you. [For a little context and background on this RP story. I had been given the Daily mission of "Glacial Bear Hunt". While on the way over from Mist, I bumped into @Erox on the boat and we got to talking. Once at the other side I met up with my team @Serias @Camellia, I asked Erox if he would like to join us on our way and from there our RP mission started.] @Erox did a great job in reacting to events as they unfolded. We even crossed paths with a couple of Ninja from other village so we had to be on our guard! [Although we had my daily done as soon as the Glacial Bear was dealt with, we continued the RP on the way back to the village] It is definitely on the top of my list to do more of these RP missions, so if you see us in game, don't be afraid to come say hi! If you want to offer some adversity for us to overcome, please let us know before you start attacking us (we communicate OC stuff via the use of brackets) . I'd hate for any of you to have to restart one of your dailies because no one let up in the fighting (I hear losing documents is a tough setback so let us know and we can stop before you lose them).