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  1. XD well a rat king boss got added not too long ago based on someones description looking foward to seeing that Onward to the final concept
  2. Well, here we go again, ik none of you were waiting for this but here it is regardless. So, Rat boss? Not a fresh idea at all many ppl suggested this but, here i am with the same topic, not to seek rep no. But to keep the idea and concept that a Boss in the leaf sewers would Obviously be badass. I mean the last time i saw this was when @Westbrook made at topic on it which can be found Here. Thus i decided to make a boss concept called urs... i mean Giant Mutant rat Man, The name could use some work. So again i gave @Fuze some renders to work with and we went in on this This was the aim we intended a Humanoid Rat Boss, well i had the idea for a ratbat or a Giant rat but among the small group of ppl i can call my friends this one was the most appealing. Again i was talking to my buddy @Kyreno probably one of the only leaf ninja i can actually relate to XD, He was pretty hyped for the concept,He was saying we could give him a spinning attack, and maybe some other wm techniques as well. So fuze started the first render for our man eating Rat Creature, i told him to make it look as Blood thirsty as Possible, the hind legs and the tounge sticking from the mouth were also cool as they gave the creature that rodent look. I dunno if fuze was high when he made this or what but it looked fantastic. However this first render was deleted By accident Lmao. React with this emote and he'll attempt a redo. So.... after checking out the anatomy of a rat fuze tried to replicate the God tier resnder that was his firs and we ended up with this: It never looked as beautiful as the first render but we decided to work with it anyways, we began contemplating where to put the swords on the waist or back, we decided to go with the back because the waist positioning never looked that good on a non-human. So this would end up being the final sketch XD, a rat in a torn Jacket brandishing two blades. Backstory Well i for one suck at creating backstories, so a Swordsman registered for a strength enhancement experiment being carried out by the leaf village medical division, The experiment Greatly increased his Strength, and agility but it would rob him of something even Greater his humanity, fearing that intel on their experiment would be leaked to the higher ups the medical division trapped the test subject in the leaf sewers where he remains to this day. Mission - Into the Dark Their have been a number of disappearances linked to the leaf sewers we are tasking you with investigating these mysterious occurrences. Exp: ??? Welp that's all this time around stay tuned for the finale Credits @Fuze for them sketches as always @Kyreno For being kyreno XD
  3. Shake

    Noice! Atta boi
  4. Shake

    XD i'm not the first person to request this many have B4 me but were also subsequently ignored, but you gotta fight for what you want in life, ain't nothing gonna just come like dat.The main issue with the slug is that the frequent heals are supposed to compensate for the low dmg output but they don't at all.I also recommend that it get's the ability to spit acid as the summon which it is based off of "katsuyu" is able to do so, the duplication and network healing abilities are bit of a stretch
  5. Forgot to add a moving photo of it underground Lol, oof my bad but fuze came through again lol, i told him to make it look like a land shark with the back spines sticking out of the sand unlike a normal tunneler,
  6. Shake

    meh eitherway you see my point, this is just how they made cutter the base jutsu and chidori the advanced when cutter (raikiri) is supposed to be the more advanced version of the chidori, not every concept in nin is 100% accurate, i still don't see how light/wind will give you dust when dust is a keke tota.
  7. Shake

    That's gale i beleive, also nin logic is BS!
  8. Shake

    I'll always support you fuze!
  9. Shake

    All of these do seem like nice jutsu, the only one i see an issue with is the med/fire, the reason being it's a keke tota (a combination of 3 different natures) while adv will only consist of keke genkai (a combination of 2 natures) as well as more powerful techniques as far as i'm aware of. For reference Dust release;is also a keke tota it's a combination of earth, wind and fire. Then again who am i to judge?
  10. So um where do i start.... So i was alone ahem... doing God knows what when i got the idea of a boss, i was thinking to myself how the land of wind has no Bosses as opposed to the land of waters Kraken and the numerous bosses located on the outskirts of Konoha. So i thought to myself why not create the concept of a sand boss called the scarab king, sounded like a cool idea then i spoke to a friend and they said why not a sandworm, then i was like ohhhh shi..... So i went to the only artist i knew @Fuze and tasked him with the arduous task of Creating this Sandworm, he told me he only did pixel art of clothing items but he said he'd give a shot at sketching our Sand demon. We used this for the base of our vision of what we wanted him to look like, i wanted him to make seigi members wet themselves . I was surprised at how good fuze's sketches were, the fact that this was the same person who told me he drew clothes i never believed it was him, it was maybe that monster energy he drank B4 starting The first sketch alone impressed me, but we felt it could be more. So fuze added some appendages for melee Capabilities and i told him to add back spikes petruding from the creature like an. exo-skeleton of sorts. After asking a few ppl there opinions we decided to shrink the appendages as they made it look more like an insect. Next i needed an origin story for this Beast. ORIGIN A mist ninja doing the samurai drink mission was Crossing the border between the lands of fire and wind when he was attacked and subsequently killed by a Group of hungry tunnelers, one of the creatures consumed the beverage and as a result had it's offensive and Defensive Capabilities increased 10 fold being augmented he was ostracized (outcast) by the rest of his kind Living deep withing the Big Scarab Cave where he lay Dormant in the moist aquifers waiting for a Strong enough opponent to end his suffering Sound dumb as hell ik XD but it's the best i got. Moveset So i was talking to ma boi @Kyreno about the moveset, So like every Boss mob of course it'll have that lethal flicker lol, we talked about a possible attack where it drills the target from underground this should do high damage imo, we also talked about it causing a Quicksand sort of effect that stuns whatever is in it's radius or maybe causes slow. It could also summon other tunnelers or maybe Big scarabs, that or give it a hella large amount of fort. I was thinking of making it kraken tier like the dumbass i am but we agreed on manda tier. The same requirements for manda and kumorui will apply tho this boss as well. Maybe this could be a mission, sounds fun to gather some friends and vanquish the sand Demon. No drop ideas sorry T^T Then again, this is only a concept so of course i don't expect much from it. Credits: @Fuze For the sketches @Kyreno For the moveset, this man really wants a challenging boss xD @Azhura For the moral support @Tifa For the worm idea Stay tuned for part 2, if it ever happens
  11. Shake

    Maybe it could get a slime attack that causes slow Similar to the toads mud bullet as mugen had suggested earlier, the melee needs to increase either way you put it, the clam does more dmg than the slug, all summons do 68.Also ppl been asking for a slug buff for so long and we get a forum assistant named katsuyu, nice one
  12. Perfect for when the blessing generators (Gm's) are offline and players be either poor or mean. Or when you need that last push to lvl and you turn in without bless then one pops and you feel like a mamadou . If their one thing a med can't heal it's a broken heart. Anyways nice initiative delp i got your back bro
  13. Shake

    Yes, i also agree that chak med lacks in arsenal compared to other masteries and sub masteries, but saying it lacks in raw power would be a blatant lie. I try to make up for the lack of Arsenal with Barrier tags but these are virtually useless as they don't scale with any stat and they only block up to 50 dmg. I do like the concepts, mostly the chakra scalpel needle something like that would make being full chak med exponentially better. But as zimair stated a buff like this will come with a price, still i'm curious about how these will be implemented, so i guess i'll stay tuned and see how far this suggestion goes.
  14. Shake

    Nope. Why you ask? Well first of all for those of you who aren't die hard naruto fans like myself kimimaro was a member of the kaguya clan according to the naruto lure as tekkey stated earlier Second of all the techniques require the kaguya clans kekke genkai which would put it in the same category as the sharingan and byakugan, the sole exception being that the sharingan and byakugan are Dojutsu (ocular jutsu) Well why is gentle fist possible? Gentle fist is not dependent on the usage of the byakugan and is a branch of taijusu along with the strong fist (agi tai) however if the user possesses a byakugan their accuracy and precision are vastly increased and their also able to master techniques they otherwise couldn't. Lastly the Kaguya clan kekke genkai only manifests in a user each generation if i remember correctly not sure about the suwa clan claiming ownership over it. Then again nin is't a game to follow the naruto lure to a perfect T an example of this being chidori is the advanced for the lightning mastery when raikiri (lightning cutter) is an advanced form of chidori yet still ppl call cutter chidori, welp that is an argument for another day. I do like your dedication tho, with someone like you at the helm no wonder the mist village is so strong