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  1. Shake

    Yup, the text is just a deathflag period.
  2. Shake

    The sticky bullet sounds like a nice concept imo
  3. Shake

    Yeah so I got a matter I been wanting to discuss for a while now and I finally deem that it's the right time to do so, so I recently got a sealable summon scroll after my 7th try and I decided to go with the slug summon for various reasons. After 3 days of use I realized some areas that I thought could be improved upon. Improvements So the minor and greater slug heals could use an improvement in my opinion, the minor heals either 8 or 14 health while the Greater heals 8 or 18 also the base damage for summons like ninken, hawk and Ninja ape (monkey) do 68 damage per hit while a bite from the slug does 35 I'm not sure if this is for all summons but I'm saying this from what I've seen so far. Suggestions So according to the naruto lore katsuyu which the slug summon is based off can use the "Tongue tooth sticky acid technique" in which it releases acid paste from it's mouth, it also states that the acids density and concentration is strong enough to melt stone. This is not cannon but it was an idea, the slug could leave a trail of slime and whatever steps in the slime could get the slow debuff (kind of sounds dumb) Tbh I doubt any of this will be implemented but it was worth a shot.
  4. Shake

    Will someone mind explaining how I teamed with a mist ninja, he sent me an invite while I was in the hospital and I accepted, surprisingly the team chat was fully functional.
  5. Shake

    Yeah i remember they did allow you to "take" someones username after the person wasn't active for a specified period of time however they stopped this practice because in the rare case that the user who had their name "stolen" came back they wouldn't be motivated to play anymore. Lol say if you couldn't get on in that time frame would you Just want some random to snag your name?
  6. Shake

    i see so Barrier tag has no issues, maybe it would be better if it scaled with chakra instead of you just needing 50 chakra stat to cast it
  7. Shake

    Since I'm a full chakra med and my arsenal is a Bit smaller than users of the other masteries, so I try to utilize everything i can to make up for that, I've been trying out barrier tags lately and I've realized it last for a much shorter time as opposed to other traps, I also used it thinking it could Block projectile but it didn't, so I'm left to wonder whether this is a bug or not (1).mp4
  8. Shake

    Sigh i never felt to say anything but the word is Gynophobia @Ninkage Uzushimaki lol
  9. Shake

    Hmm seems like an ok idea i guess
  10. You ever wanted to keep all your items in an organized fashion? Are you tired of dragging them in order 1 by one wasting your precious time? Well if your like me and want to support my very irrelevant topic then leave a comment or a like. I for one think it's time we get a button that can organize our inventory on a criteria such as item type or item rarity, well that's all i want really if it's possible that is.
  11. Shake

    meh they could just make a salon separate from the cash shop, if possible that is.
  12. Shake

    Imo the boat ride is alright as it stands, c'mon dude the captain has to make a profit it's his boat after all.
  13. Shake

    Meh, i like it the way it is rouges are criminals and should be treated as such, am i wrong?
  14. Shake

    whenever i check mine i always get a charm for a different stat from the one i'm focusing on . this seems like a nice idea, but can it be done?
  15. You can do it !! Become a better medic than me !!

    1. Shake


      i'll give it a shot *wink*