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  1. Ryutekzu

    We could give it to the Kage and the councils, but we would have to divide it in half because in case it is a success it would be very unfair because the amount of money would be exaggerated we could make it a monthly payment but i prefer that the money be eliminated
  2. Ryutekzu

    @Ueda should implement a key that serves to put 2 weapons in a single slot, it is not a buff or anything like that but it would make the game easier for those who play masteries who have to change weapons
  3. Ryutekzu


    Respect !
  4. Ryutekzu

    Ngl sounds good!!
  5. Please, if you are going to cry, do it in a low voice from Colombia I can see your tears.
  6. Are you crazy fellow Republican @ana primal?, History is already written and our revolution is forever. Viva la republica de la hoja!
  7. Ryutekzu

    New video for entertainment and fun purposes, after so much time. Enjoy it ^^
  8. Ryutekzu

    #JusticeForGojo #Gojo4Mizukage #FreeGojo #Trivagojo
  9. It's a great idea, I imagine that every time they talk about their village and the chunin exams people will be delighted to see their characters adapted to a manga
  10. Ryutekzu

    The spiders are black and the Dark Weasel is blacker than the darkness, what do you want the most?
  11. Ryutekzu

    Hi Thanks.
  12. Ryutekzu

    Respect, i will follow in your footsteps and join taka Gojo is the only and real leader