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  1. Ryutekzu

    Neo Janitor
  2. Ryutekzu

    Oh welcome, when you are online send me a private, I am not the best of all but I can teach you some tricks and some basics about wm/light, meanwhile enjoy the game! @Neixsn
  3. Ryutekzu

    I also have those ideals, I support you bro
  4. Ryutekzu

    HAHAHAHAH Gf fellow wm/light !
  5. Ryutekzu

    Hi everyone Enjoy ^^
  6. Well, I was bored and I came up with the idea to edit a video, it's my first video, I accept all kinds of constructive criticism xD
  7. Ryutekzu

    I'm tired of the suwa clan always winning the wars
  8. Not really, i read it in English it is the google translator that translates it automatically, sometimes I don't realize it and I send it like this LMAO
  9. Doing a healthy comparison, the sand gate is fine, it is a small entrance and the jonin is close, but the town gate is such a large entrance that the jonin needs to be artificially well focused on being there, perhaps. I think they have moved the jonin taijutsu to the entrance taking into account the idea that I just formulated, but I think that when these 2 jonin are together themselves they are wrong, imagine meeting the jonin taijutsu at the entrance and after 5 minutes he ran a marathon towards the 12g entrance or the corner of the entrance in the trees. I do not think a structural change, I think a reform to the system with which these Jonin work, both movement and skills
  10. I also just want to emphasize, the behavior of the jonin in these last 2 months has been very strange since a jonin going up to the base of 12g and another in the corner of the entrance of leaf to the last one by the trees and the worst thing is, sometimes they stay there for days instead of respawning again, there have even been times that instead of chasing the enemy, they chase you who are from the same village, they are supposed to be here to defend the village, but in recent months I have seen them very useless, they should have a reform of place and of movements, this is not because of the attack that happened against the village recently this was something that was going to be reported for a long time since the jonin tai was positioned at the entrance of the leaf.
  11. Ryutekzu


    Exotic, I approve.
  12. They only report an error, they do not inform anyone in particular, and precisely they come to complain about other things in this post lol
  13. Ryutekzu

    I have also been learning Portuguese thanks to the Brazilian brothers and I think it is a good idea that this way we learn and it becomes something fun @Prado @Tsuuyoi @Waltzs Hinode gabigol gol gol
  14. Ryutekzu

    Excellent work (;