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  1. Ryutekzu

    Respect, i will follow in your footsteps and join taka Gojo is the only and real leader
  2. Ryutekzu

    Has some interesting ideas ngl
  3. Ryutekzu

    I agree with this, people want to know their results quickly because I think that if, for example, you take an exam, the first result you want to know is yours, and after that of others
  4. Don't post it here, Send a ticket to rory is more effective
  5. Ryutekzu

    Light, I like how the mastery is right now, but I think there are some small details to improve, I do not want to damage your post but the stun time you put in the jutsus is absurd, in that time you put I could kill you and believe me it does not you could do anything to defend yourself
  6. Ryutekzu

    Your idea is good I like it but I feel that some attack should do some damage that for example I do not know the mastery of genjutsu can scale with Chakra or something like that, of which I am sure is that if they take this mastery, it is impossible that they do not add the substitution of crows xD
  7. Merry Christmas and enjoy ur 10-0 VILLAIN! @Dairutounknown.png

  8. Ryutekzu

    It depends on your style of play
  9. Ryutekzu

    As a 12g leader I can say that the buff is really bad compared to what other organizations do, honestly 12g is way below the standards that other organizations are in, the buff at the moment is like a shield that increases its "sustainability" in defense but actually an buff +10 in stats is not enough, honestly in my opinion it is somewhat irrelevant, as the others say, I think that an increase in statistics of +15 points and add a jutsu like 2-3 seconds of the Immunity for me would be fine, I would try to balance things a bit and 12g would have a more specific role in the raids as the 12 guardians needs stay in the front row of attack, also today I was impressed to see how a puppet deleted a partner It almost kill me too but I reacted on time. tbh only the lowbies who don't know 12g are the ones who want to join but when they enter the organization and see reality they are disappointed in their buff.
  10. Ryutekzu

    Who will it be? I would like to teach him to play
  11. Ryutekzu

    Neo Janitor
  12. Ryutekzu

    Oh welcome, when you are online send me a private, I am not the best of all but I can teach you some tricks and some basics about wm/light, meanwhile enjoy the game! @Neixsn