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  1. Romy

    Slug is the least used summon ? not sure what the statistics are but can you buff that thing a little by giving it a taunt mechanic so it's actually viable since the heal on it doesn't even work correctly? Taunt : put all jutsus on delay for like 1 - 2 seconds.. not even a big buff but then we might actually see people getting slugs
  2. And finish the bandit quest line aswell, please and thank you
  3. Romy

    So are yall doing a competition everytime the game needs art? pretty sure this house updating is for the developers and not leeching free art from players - but thats just me.. if you want art pay for it like everybody else.
  4. Romy

    Share with villagers and upvote, so this gets upvotes and actually gets seen ;p
  5. Romy

    Can you make it so when you are in mass fights/team fights that the target system makes you prioritises enemy ninjas first instead of always targetting your own villagers/org members when you are close too them in group fights.
  6. Romy

    Rory out laughing too the bank
  7. Romy

    Yes antar, support the farmers nation!
  8. Romy

    Good suggestion, don't like the fan bit cause there are people who would possibly do a str fan earth or w/e element combo and already have int wind picked being unable too switch between both. #nerf pipe!
  9. Romy

    Free the guy
  10. Cheers, final warning for lumy
  11. Romy

    Omg, yes pleaseeeeeeeeeee