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    Yup, i had a bubble account in the making and deleted it cause it was super underwhelming... Needs more than just a dmg buff
  2. Shiraga

    Nope not really, people already always play in groups of 30 (just an example) we need more solo gameplay especially pvp wise so ppl start fighting in smaller groups cause its taking a huge part of fun away in the game, same thing with map switching no skill gameplay lol
  3. Shiraga

    Justice for medics!
  4. Shiraga

    Damn feinz looking like an already bigger clown than he was, back to valorant man.... platinum rank is calling for you
  5. Shiraga

    I been saying this but for something like all maps to be connected we need a better client which we are waiting on atm
  6. Shiraga

    False, rory has to link all maps togheter and take out map switching entirely for it too stop lol, but we need new client for that
  7. Shiraga

    Tunnelers dz, coyotes dz, above scorps dz, puppets dz, right from scorps warzone???????
  8. Shiraga

    Oof nice man, would be fun!
  9. Shiraga

    We need more of this lol the game is getting pretty stale farming the same stuff, love this concept and hope it comes with alot more mobs etc... good stuff man
  10. Shiraga

    Damn these taka alts really making a post haha wild
  11. Shiraga

    Can we get an option to right click in trade on certain items like dna and bear paws and what not.. Items that get sold in fairly big amounts to have an option to trade for x5 x10 and x50 because some ppl sell hundreds of this stuff and have to click 800000 times to get the amount they wanna sell... Thank you
  12. Shiraga

    Not to mention all the broken boosted sword mist has but they tend to keep forgetting that
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  14. Shiraga

    @Sukki Rory talked about this briefly in discord and said he has an interest for this and want a similair system like this in nin online, so how would you know this would not get added lol, chill out man
  15. Shiraga

    Yeah rory already said he was interested in this, would be nice too take your mind of endlessly hitting mobs to lvl lol
  16. Shiraga

    You good rumaki? XD
  17. Shiraga

    Rank*:Genin Level:Lvl 37 Masteries:Wind user atm and earth wind when i hit lvl 50 Reason to apply is because i got asked? And I like to roleplay from time to time
  18. Shiraga

    Radio silence? UwU
  19. Shiraga

    If they can't take light criticism for mistakes they made then don't be a GM, he knows what he signed up for
  20. Shiraga

    It doesn't matter what you say it's his event and obviously his forums too since he keeps deleting all the posts related to this event.. I guess some people can't take criticism
  21. Shiraga

    I would love to see how talented you are, go for it
  22. Shiraga

    Imagine saying ha ha you trash after missing flicker scalp 3 times in a row KekW
  23. Shiraga

    To add onto what mav said, in rory's stream a couple days ago he said that masteries with no advanced paths will also have something to keep up with everybody else so that their character won't feel useless
  24. Shiraga

    Remember when naruto and team Kakashi escorted that old geezer to build the bridge? Seems like a good addition to the game... Escort the AI from point A to point B as it mimics your exact movement... (idk how this will work with other Npcs like bears) unless the AI you're can also cloak when you cloak... 1 time per day besides your daily missions, has to been in a team of 2 or more (great for RP and team play) let me know your input on this if you like my idea!