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  1. Deko

    Fair point.
  2. Deko

    Would love to see a solution to BI Warrioring but with all ur solutions u create a different problem. People that die become easy to bully and nin community aint nice. Meaning lets say ur a rogue ninja. With your solutions the person will literally have to spend 8 minutes sittin at hospital waitin it out just to leave hospital and die by other people all over again. Not everyone has that time and it will make alot of people quit the game easily.
  3. Deko

    So , i had some features in mind that could make the nin experience slighty better. 1. - Hair Salons / Cosmetic or Surgeon This idea is simple in each village there will be a Hair Salon and another place for Surgery (sorry my english is bad idk what to call it) these places will serve for the players to see how their current character looks with different Hair Styles / Hair Colour / Skin Colours / Eye Colours / Eye Styles. this will allow people to know how they would look with a certain hairstyle or skin dye before they buy it. 2. - Macros This Feature will allow the character to set a certain macro that will allow his character say something when casting a jutsu. This feature will be in the Settings of the game , you would have to choose which jutsu u want and then type a certain thing that will be triggered when u use the jutsu 3. - Keys Trigger Emotes Instead of typing /emote and typing /! /<3 every time u want a emote u could choose a certain key that will trigger a certain emote for u automatically for example F5 Triggers /<3 Thats all for now please put ur thoughts below at the comments Have a good one.
  4. Deko

    This might be too much to make but how about a stamina bar that is consumed by auto attacks only ? although i assume chakra is also some sort of stamina so idk...
  5. Deko

    Good stuff man , LONG LIVE SUNA