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  1. Takeda Chiyome

    I agree with this, most people aren't use to high risk games like this they are used to ' nothing can go wrong I can walk past all these mobs and people and they cant touch me.' but thats why so many of us love this game its a high risk game. but overall I agree with this topic there are toxic people in this game.
  2. Takeda Chiyome

    Of course I am always grateful for that.
  3. Takeda Chiyome

    Wait good luck with what?
  4. Takeda Chiyome

    Umm target? Why would there be one lol
  5. Takeda Chiyome

    Lmao no I am not going anywhere the first line said it all xD
  6. Takeda Chiyome

    I just want to say I am resetting to mist because ya know it’s better and I am tired of this village! If you read that it was a lie but it did catch your attention I assume. But onto the serious stuff, thank you all for the hospitality that I have been giving here I know a lot of you know me from being in leaf. ( I know the Johnsons must remember me you guys killed me more times then mist has) but truth be told I actually originated from sand. But left because I never saw a soul when I was on here so I left to leaf. Which I do regret dearly because I have gotten a lot further here then I did there I got to join the SMPF which I find awesome and fun. It does annoy me to admit that I should have stuck around with sand because you guys are awesome, though some of you guys can be cut throats but y’all still cool. It does annoy me that we get the short end of the stick but yet we still the best village. Thank you for the hospitality and to the new people of the game welcome and have fun. Takeda Chiyome P.S. guys I’m not going anywhere I just wanted to say thank you for everything
  7. Takeda Chiyome

    Rank: Genin (for now lol) Level: 26 Masteries: Earth thank you for the opportunity to work with you all
  8. Takeda Chiyome

    So let’s take a step back here. “Its not like I am proud of it, but I am stating the fact that I have been really active lately, if something that big, chaotic and problematic issue was around leaf like you are depicting it, I would already know. There is no personal attack here no need to say, but I personally see you are not really active, and others people do as well. I even asked a lot of prominent leafies, active leafies on grinding areas and more, and we have come to the simple conclusion that this is an exaggeration if not a capping.”: I am active I am not in the village as I spend my time on an alt healing the low levels or I am in the land of toads on this character here. So of course you wouldn’t see me, I even spend most of my time farming for scrolls. As far as me making stuff up I wish I could make this up then I could say “oh you caught me”. When in fact I posted this the time of the incident. Not sure if you know but not a lot of problems are brought into the light otherwise yes you would know, of this issue. “Yea, don't worry but I tell you the same, are you really that active to state this? The reason why you see me mostly on square might be because you are mostly at it, and obviously the most probable place to see someone is there.“ as stated I am hardly in village because I don’t spend time there unless I am in the hospital, or getting missions otherwise I am never there, or I am on an alt healing the low levels In the “low area” zones this is where I see this incident going on. “This post seems to be like the news from TV, making problem out of no where or exaggerating something to a ridiculous state, and this is hurting leaf image. There is no need to make drama to look cool and in an advanced moral position, as I said almost all leaf denies these post's statements through their own time online.“ if if this was one of those pointless news from the TV (that I will agree with you on) I wouldn’t waste my time with it. I didn’t just come up and say to myself how can I get some drama started (why would I do something so trivial and pointless) I brought it to light so it is known before it gets out of hand I am not going to sit here and message each and every leader to inform them because that will take up so much time. How can I damage something that is already damaged? Before I settled in leaf I spent time in sand and in mist and you know what they had nothing good to say about us at all. Even now when I am killed I am asked to switch and you know what I get it’s a better community in this village or that village or I should go rouge due to recurring issues (some I am now seeing outside of this). If I was hurting leaf’s image it had been hurt long before I got here because I have seen some of the threads here in the leafs forum and the stuff said and the blood that was spilled has already hurt the village image and many of us know it. As far as me looking “cool” that’s not my style if I see a problem I am the one to speak up about it and make it known so everyone knows about the issue. As far as moral position goes, I am not trying to influence anything in my favor I am just shining light on something that most people are forgetting don’t force your will upon someone else. conclusion: as you said everyone is on at different times so how would everyone know about everything that goes on, I honestly can wish I say yea I’m creating drama but I am not creating drama it is just something I have seen and do not want to see get out of hand. I did not blow this up you did, I expressed my issue (which I guess I thought I could do but if it can’t then please update the rules and say leave all problems alone) and you blew it up into an problem. What is your gain from calling me a liar or I am “cappin” when in fact I am being honest and truthful take a look at some of the post and replies in this forum notice the “fake news” on there and the comments left on this then look at this have I posted multiple times creating drama as some people have. No I posted one time for the everyone to be aware but if this is going to be black lines then I’m ok with it. I’m finished with this discussion and I would appreciate it if you did not respond to this. As this is hurting the amazing image of the leaf.
  9. Takeda Chiyome

    @Esty I believe there was a typo on my behalf about the raiding we don’t get raided by our own clans (because the game will not allow us to attack one another). I meant we are raided by other villages. This issue is something that happens outside of the village as I have stated in another quote. So I must ask you where do you stand in this are you constantly around outside of the walls amongst the low levels or are you in the village square sparring? Because this is something that happens outside of the walls of the village. So of course you don’t see it, I’m not attacking you but I see you in raiding parties in the square more then I have seen you anywhere else. So of course you wouldn’t see this. I know this isn’t appealing quite unethical, and something that is hard to believe but in fact it does happen and I am speaking out on it due to the fact that this isn’t a first time incident. Yes I get that equation “reset to x” but it shouldn’t be an equation forced upon people in a negative way. Since this post I have been asked which clan to join and which is great. Could I have told them muteki and we are great and awesome but I don’t I tell them which ever one fits their liking because I believe that people shouldn’t be harassed and stalked for the sake of clan recruitment. And yes I completely agree with you that one about jero in fact it was well explained even though he is the leader. I didn’t compare the individuals to 5 year olds but the situation they were in to said age. Because when two children fight nothing gets done and they won’t find common ground to stand on. The way they were bickering yes in this case I do say that phrase was accurate.
  10. Takeda Chiyome

    @JeroI have never called you a bad guy in this story in fact there is never a bad guy in certain things such as this where it is two sides that needs middle ground. I will not lie these are actually great, solid and valid points I will say that. You are very well right this is a Rory and yourself matter and something that you both need to keep in constant contact to make changes and get the clan up and running better. But from what I hear about Rory it seems like he is the only one working on the game(?) so that can be something that is taking time. I will I’ll admit that I have seen you in game that I will say. So I have no problem there I have seen you helping out people as much as you can so yes I can agree with you there as far as @Tsumi Ninkagegoes I do not understand why he is specifically targeting your clan but I do agree with you jero upon these facts I believe this is something that he/she can not disagree that as long as your being true and helping do everything you can to help your clan, then there isn’t a problem here just a situation that he did not know or understand. that is the point of this thread to discuss something in a non hostile way.
  11. Takeda Chiyome

    Ah ok I understand you completely, remember the original reason why I posted this trend? It’s to shine light on a growing problem that we have and your clan sounds like it could be a victim of this. I will openly admit that I love my clan though I hardly communicate with members because it’s a fun GAME. I do admit I hate my clan cloths and the guild house could be easier to get to and bigger I would love to see a vendor in it, but I do not bash my clan for this. And neither should you. So it’s a game of choice on what clan a person chooses we cycle through and read the clans description and then go from there! Take pride in being a ukiyo and do EVERYTHING you can to make it great. If you see your fellow clansmen who are low level extend some help to them. Offer them guidance and wisdom make them feel welcome tell them about your discord channel if you have one. There are ways lots of ways to be able to change the flow of your clan if you try. Your leader @Jero should be aware of the growing issues that the clan faces in a RESPECTFUL and polite manner (you go a long way with respect then you do with hostility). I believe that this issue can be resolved without this kind of effect. Though this is not my business but I will be in contact with you both @Jero @Tsumi Ninkage To try and help find a middle ground and see what can be done to restore your heroic clan to a better place
  12. Takeda Chiyome

    @Jero @Tsumi Ninkage Enough from the both of you, if you can not agree on anything at all then do not say another word to each other. Both of you bicker at one another worse then two 5 year olds at recess. Leaf isn't ok we do have internal problems that need to work out, not just for the village but for the game as well. I do not understand why you two won't get out of those tiny little boxes upon which you both dwell in and think about how we can over come this annoying dilemma which is placed in front of us. Are either of you adults or childish kids seeking a fight, better yet why not take that energy you both have and put it towards something better like help keep morale up or train others to enjoy the game more. The both of you do not help this situation at all and getting notifications about your petty squabbling does not help anyone who reads this or even messages back due to the fact that if we can not come together in a time of despair (with the serious virus going on) and make each other laugh, or create a bond (in this depressing time) then I politely ask of the both of you to cease this unnecessary, disruptive and disrespectful nature.
  13. Takeda Chiyome

    Who says this? A lot of us say this and see it. Where are you at then are you in village square with the rest of our so called “elites” or are you out near wolves watching over the new gen of players (like myself) are you healing in spiderlings (like some others I have seen)? The reason why you and so many others say this isn’t true these are just allegations is for the one true fact which is your not there! If your talking about oh we will issue arrests then you know what you need to do?! Be there but wait your probably in the square safe behind the buildings while oh look at that our low levels are dying? Get real clearly I can give you all the evidence in the whole screenshots and all that but what is the likelihood that you will do this? If you ya know did your rounds when you are on then you know what I wouldn’t have to posts this. Instead of trying to dismiss this and say “valid” which this is valid but you wouldn’t know because you don’t get out much, take note and make your rounds and help out! I’m not even in the police force yet I’m squashing spats, solving people’s problems answering questions. Do not try to sit there and tell me your going to issue arrests and investigate if you were like dredge hinode and out there making a change you wouldnt be “trying” to catch me in some fake lie, when In fact you should take note of this and ya know do your job. Unless your title is just for show! Because I can tell you this if this was reverse I wouldn’t try to dismiss this (like most people who refuse to face the fact that their power is being challenged) I would ask for the place of incident and go there!
  14. Takeda Chiyome

    I didn’t see this thread when I posted my stuff, but I 100 percent follow this. If put much thought it out short comings and you hit it right on the head. We can implant new ways of training and I’ve already came up with 3 ways to keep morale up with raiding (shikamaru type) The academy that you have now created is doing well and I am promoting it when I see new people. If we stay true to being in open communication with the people wanting to help we can make our short comings into our best features
  15. Takeda Chiyome

    The sad thing about this is though I respect him I do not agree with this way of life. I’ll be here to fix as much as I can to end this