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  1. Takeda Chiyome

    Boy I know you ain’t talking your village is the worst out of all of three (yes you too mist) y’all have more cowardly tactics then I have ever seen, you have lowbies pay they way into just to do spa, and to buy kaze cola. Y’all can’t do anything by yourselves always having to mob around, cause it’s to hard and y’all have died to many times. Y’all elitist quick to dismiss problems that exsist and call everyone else liars and stuff. That’s why y’all have more rouges we may be uncivilized but at we can fight it out and be cool unlike y’all rouge spanning having selves never opened up bounty before and seen nothing but leaf rouges before. never seen “civilized” person rally their friends for help just to kill one person! Then has the mendacity to call them trash. Cause if y’all civilized for that then I’m proud to be uncivilized because you kill me you bet the will of sand gonna make me come back and wipe him out outta here with your civilized wannabe having more rouges then any other village no loyalty trash talking selves.
  2. Takeda Chiyome

    I agree with you on this pog in fact I agree with all of what yo said here I have been stopped numerous times because they need to “spar” with an alt I have been wanting to post about this but I just give up. I mean @Lumy I follow the rules about no peacelist and yet I get hated on just like pog for upholding the rules. I honestly don’t see how hard it is to read the message of the day I literally read it every time I log in just to make sure I don’t miss anything. There is drama like every time I do see discord and I do speak up on the matter. I honestly start to feel where @ana primal comes from when they snap on people about not defending the village and if this gets me exiled then so be it but I am not going to keep it in anymore. I only protect the lowbies at scorpions I don’t engage in raids because why should I die and help the village if we can’t follow the rules and help me uphold them. I mean we have no PF and if we do where are they at last I saw of them they were wearing the uniform in an event zone. I do see some of the council members helping but it’s not enough. I love the village but I am at that point of just staying to myself because if I am going to be yelled at for stopping an alt or a trade that shouldn’t be in our lands then I’m not dying at all. If a lowbie isn’t being attacked or @ana primal isn’t asking me to come help then it has nothing to do with me. I won’t raid with the village if this keeps on. I won’t spar with anyone, because I can’t trust you guys to have my back when I have yours. all in all @Pog you aren’t alone in feeling like this I feel like at all time.