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  1. Dredge Hinode

    *golf clap*
  2. Dredge Hinode

    Yes please fix water shark...it's so confusing. And please fucking nerf bubble pipe! Increase str requirement and/or make it so that not everyone can use it. Walking into a map and fighting 4v4 on a map and have to dodge 8 bubbles that are spammed. Fuck you
  3. Dredge Hinode

    Cons: The creator will come up with something /Owo
  4. Dredge Hinode

    Make this another full suggestion so I can upvote it
  5. Dredge Hinode

    Or make it easy like it is in takumi
  6. Dredge Hinode

    weapon master

    I like the ideas of making the invisible tags not be seen and also the counter idea to reveal then with sensory.
  7. Dredge Hinode

    Or do what I do and have everything you do in the game be RP
  8. I'm not one of the elite just a man with a job of protecting the village and it's territory. That being said when I'm not helping our low lvl Genin with missions I'm constantly patrolling back and forth and eliminating threats as they arise. As far as the allegations (which I doubt are false) of fellow leaf shinobi telling others to reset clans. I think you should send me those screenshots so i, as co chief of LMPF, can start issuing the jail time. A lot of paperwork but crimes need to be held accountable for and the toxicity needs to stop. It will take awhile to make arrests and jail the offenders because I'm not yet a chuunin but we will handle it here at the LMPF. Thank you for the heads up @Chiyome
  9. I'm nvr above 37 fps on bad days I'll be around 19-22fps
  10. Dredge Hinode

    22 students and 2 instructors with guest speakers so far And one full rp squad Hoping to add more squads and more instructors soon
  11. Dredge Hinode

    On the website you show ninja with an umbrella and another with a bow. Hoping that you meant to add them in I was thinking of this: Bow and arrows for intelligent based longer range than tools Umbrella for chakra based - senbon needles fly out in four directions
  12. Dredge Hinode

    I got wof 7 times last night in total. I definitely have the will of fire!
  13. Dredge Hinode

    The Leaf Academy has been open now for a week with record attendance from all of the village. With different classes being held on different days on a rotation cycle we can accommodate everyone's needs. Ranked ninja will soon be choosing their very own squads from the students that show up. So for consideration in a squad please make sure you are in class. It makes me happy to see us all coming together in the spirit of our village, learning and RP. Thank you all for the support and as long as you still want to come to class I'll continue coming up with fun and creative ideas to teach you.
  14. Dredge Hinode

    Fix the bug that causes ninja to maplock each other from status ailments they get from mobs. Too many times we've been combat locked by this. Recently seen players abusing this by checking where people are grinding and sending a unit to the location. Definitely sure this is not a mechanic meant to be here. Someone @Ueda @Emiya @Erox and anyone on development team. Please and thank you.