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    It took me a while but HERE WE GO. This is my entry for the RP Story Event. It took me quite some time to put together (y'know maybe a whole month but whatever who cares), but here it is. The event itself has inspired me to start putting together a series in this vein, so thank you @Erox, for the inspiration, and thank you literally everyone else who posted here, reminding me that the spirit of roleplaying in this game isn't dead. You guys are great!

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  2. Hey @Erox! I'm really happy this is an event, this sounds awesome! I'm looking forward to it; does it have to be only pictures, or can it be a video too?

    Also, I want to also ask - is stuff like this the norm? Like, do events such as these happen often? I ask because, while the game seems to be founded on the notion of roleplaying, there doesn't seem to be too many incentives to do so, y'know?

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  3. This is exactly what I've been looking for in Nin! This is a beautiful representation of the roleplaying aspects that this game seems to have been founded on. I know I whisper you in-game a whole bunch as it is, but @Erox, thank you for creating such a wonderful time for these people. Stuff like this, I feel, really fits the tagline that the game was based off of, a roleplay-centric game.

    I haven't been here long, so I do want to ask - does this kind of thing happen often? I feel like between the constant raids and people slaying other people, I don't see stuff like this anywhere. I know that this was more of an isolated event, but how often do "events" like this occur, and are they only on this scale?

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