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  1. Seems like food dont pop regen why? i have no idea, few days ago its work fine. FoodBug.mp4
  2. Ridozuku

    the mask after moved from headwear slot to mask slot, lost the "shapes" and colors can we plz get it back to headwear slot instead the mask? i beg that the example on the same hair style Mask slot Headwear slot
  3. Ridozuku

    White Fox Mask

    Can we plz move back white fox max back to headwear slot? Its look so bad in mask slot... ^ Mask slotm its look like painting on face mask is going under the hairs :c ^bad quality but in headwear slot
  4. Ridozuku

    nice! great work
  5. Ridozuku

    Sand Anbu Mask "look bad"

    The Sand Anbu mask after change slot from headwear to mask slot look... ugh rly bad This is how its look in headwear slot And this is how its look in mask slot, its moved little down, the horns are like entering to the player head, the face "horn" are a little smaller, and its look like the mask just "meges" with face :x
  6. Ridozuku

    Transofmation Bug

    There is some bug with transformation, when u enter to fishing rod animation, the transformation just "break" for fishing rood animation, after animation end, transformation back TransformBug.mp4
  7. Ridozuku

    Yes please! :3
  8. Ridozuku

    im in :3
  9. Ridozuku

    Reset to sand then, we have brocoli
  10. Ridozuku

    Mostly new players drop the game after toad - arc30, after that u have sick grind on host/wolfes/bears, or just waiting to do daily, but if u get 3-4times spa at daily... for +-36k exp... next was Arc40 and still after this sick grind or waiting for daily