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  1. Fuzy

    Hey yall its yo boi Fuze posted a new vid hope yall like it
  2. Fuzy

    nah that was just sasukeee doing his thing
  3. Fuzy

    im not quiting the game xd oop forgot to mention that
  4. Fuzy

    Sup everyone its yo boi fuze I am making this post cause i am actually tired of this game at this point, even tho i love the game... Nin can be so much better than what it is right now but what we all have done as a community to it is just ruining my experience and im sure im not the only one... The fact that a raid to a village is just a daily routine lowkey feels wrong... Like i remember when i joined this game i was not scared to go out alone as a lowbie, i wasnt scared to get jumped by a group of 10+ sand,leafs,mists or rogues, what ive realised with my epxerience playing this game is that the whole roleplay side of the game is almost completely gone aswell [except the rp missions that people just do for that extra xp]... Why dont we all start going out with smaller groups to hunt or even solo, going out alone to hunt is lowkey a "dumb" thing to do at this point cause u will most likey die to a huge group of players, i dont know if its just me that sees it this way but i lowkey miss the days where you could go out alone or just with one more friend and actually have fun and not be scared that by anytime you will get jumped by 10 people and then having to see them type: L, trash, reset to sand,mist,leaf etc... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now what if everyone together tried to change this... What if... We, the community as a whole change the ways things are right now, bring rivalries and fun fights back to this game. We, the community as a whole stop carrying about which village is better and start Having fun in a non-toxic way. We, the community as a whole Make Nin Online the great game it can become. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know ill probably not get much done by just this post... But i know atleast some of the people reading this have thaught about this atleast once... Now please take these words in concideration and lets just have fun in a non-toxic way ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another thing i wana point out is the "racism" that has formed in this game, people judging others by just the village they chose to play on... Ive realised as time passes people quit the game and its not cause its bad... its cause the community makes them feel bad or makes them not wana play anymore ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to say sorry about my not so well use of english but i just hope yall got my point -Peace out(btw im not quiting sry eagly xd)
  5. Fuzy

    So hey Guys Im Fuze and probs atleast a small ammount of people here know me for drawing and such i recently worked on a boss concept and rlly like the way it turned out! that made me think about actually making some clothing or even items for the game like weapons! id like to know if i create a whole set of concept art, pixel art and some (not great) animations and attacks for weapons and clothing will my ideas and creations have a chance of getting in the game without me spending money? if thats possible i got a l o t of ideas and plans to work on. id like this post to get the attention of the devs so i can have a legit awnser thanks for ur time :p peace out
  6. a friend of mine has this error trying to download the game sry about the pic he lowkey dumb :p @Ueda
  7. Fuzy

    thx for the tips
  8. Fuzy

    what u doing helps alot since lots of people cant do it alone!
  9. Fuzy

    thanks alot my guy
  10. its yo boi @Fuze I realised that not enough people have gotten their hands to either some handmade art or even some already made but costumizable art that @Adarya introduced us all too. {btw im not dissing her xd} Anyway my point is that over the time that passed and since we are home isolated i managed to improve my art skills and drew lots and lots of pictures for people and me I will show u some examples also if interested you can contact me at anytime in discord Fuze#0458 This is me and @Raikuzu this is @Rumaki this is @Raw this is @Dayum this is @Korra this is @Nitche this is @Atrane this is @Leevi and for last @Light Wish i can get some good and bad feedback in all this art, Thanks alot if u actually got down to here and if its possible i would love to know what everyone thinks drawing is something i wana start doing proffesionaly and ur support in any way or form will help me do that! also an edit i amde from the first pic""
  11. Fuzy

    checks over stripes
  12. Fuzy

    took me about 2 hours or smthng like that
  13. Fuzy

    Hey peeps its yo boy fuze I didnt post any of my art for a while cause i wanted to improve I made this one for me and @Raikuzu Hope people like it! Incase u want some art u can contact me in discord BigLionBeliever#0458