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  1. Regarding this event i made a couple of stuff that i believe are pretty nice and original, i tried not to make stuff everyone would make and here is what i got (keep in mind the quality is a bit lower than normal due to the upscaling of the art} The items consist of: Reanimation decorative jutsu! Bloody village emblems! Pumpkin Lamp! Decorative Neon Icons Naughty Peaking monster! Comically Large Candle! Lil' Bato and his friend Julian! Grave Of The Fallen Ninja!
  2. Fuze

    man i had the same idea with the scrolls.. gotta scrap that XD
  3. Fuze

    i wasnt tryna keep em consistent, just an example of what this new mechanic could be
  4. Fuze

    i rlly like the idea but that would kinda remove the focus on customizability and people would just try getting the strongest weapon over and over and not try to focus on the rare drop like for example dropping a bandit top right now, i do like your idea still!
  5. Fuze

    Hey there! Im Fuze, some people know me from my youtube videos or maybe some of the work ive done for the game! Today i had some free time and tried this little concept out! Item rarities and different types of drops! How will this work? The base idea around this new mechanic would be that as you are grinding for these rare drops there would be a chance for the item to drop a different colored variant, pretty much the way @Antartalked about the shiny drops ! The items will have the same drop chance as the normal item and also no stat changes but as you move up to the prettier ones the drop percentage may decrease! Possible example Player A: (farms the bandit bosses for a while and manages to drop the black and white double arm bandages! Player A then goes on to sell the item for 100.000 ryo! (just an example) Later on Player B also manages to drop a pair of double arm bandages but not one of the rare variants so he goes on to sell it for 20.000 ryo! (just an example) Conclusion and final points of this post Giving the community focused economy a change and providing the players with more customizability! thanks for taking your time to read to my post, hope you like this idea and i am looking forward to seeing such changes ingame!
  6. (sprites for the animations will be placed further below) The Scarab King Fans Uppon defeating the Scarab King, a humongous monster lurking in the deserts you may apear worthy to wield the Scarab King Fans, a weapon only aquired by removing the wings off this monster! Many tried to defeat this creature but failed. Do you have what it takes to wield these powerful weapons? (possible idea for new boss fight?? Pogchamp?} (i got no clue of what the possible req's for the weapon will be, ill let the people decide! hope u like my lil creation)
  7. Melina i hope you rest easy and im glad u dont have to go through all this pain you had to deal with for so long.... Rest in peace kind soul
  8. Fuze

    i hope thats ok to use
  9. Fuze

    i realised... why he did me like that
  10. Fuze

    amazing post, totally agree on this
  11. Fuze

    idk if the mans trollin or not frfr
  12. Red

    your bad

  13. Fuze

    thats light work man.. atleast gimme something nice..