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  1. Toyohisa

    Unfortunately, I have no idea what happened ten years ago, because I have only been active in the game and on the forum for a year, but I suppose that for such a long time everything has changed dramatically and you can see it at first glance. Recent updates have proved that nothing is impossible, but I realize that it is difficult to combine the fun of the game with its balance. Daizo listed some very interesting and significant examples of genjutsu, and I just mentioned the so-called "Release technique" that would area-cancel all genjutsu effects, people with high intelligence stats may be completely immune to it, which will also significantly reduce genjutsu abuse, as not every opportunity will be suitable. Additionally, casting genjutsu may slow the user down temporarily, but this is an issue for debate.
  2. Toyohisa

    Blindness would also be a very good and interesting solution given the previous updates, but perhaps in the future it will also be possible to reverse the axis of motion. Personally, I don't know much about the technical side, so I don't know what needs to be done to make everything work well, but it's probably quite a challenge, and now I'm just sharing my thoughts and hoping that game will only get better.
  3. Toyohisa

    Hi! A certain idea for an interesting diversification of the game was born in my head, which could complement the three fighting styles ninjutsu, taijutsu and at the moment completely omitted genjutsu. My suggestion is that you could introduce one skill to affect your opponent's mind, and it would work in a fairly simple way of reversing his movement keying for a while. A second skill, on the other hand, might be to disperse the genjutsu that teammate could cast on person who was already in a controlled effect to completely cancel. To all this, one could introduce a small effect changing the screen of the person in genjutsu to slightly red or foggy.
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    1. Toyohisa


      It will never happen Ziuczku. Maybe in another life ;3

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