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  1. fox

    @Tekkey Hinode "again in hours, only boo managed to enter due to lock sensory lock" so u can already map block us easily and stop us from going inside lol u have something like sensory 20 tiles range,once again first consider fixing hospital u could go in there ON combat stop complaining if u dunno what u talkin about *wasteman*
  2. fox

    I think u need to check again cuz i am 100% sure u can't run inside the CE arena if u r map tagged @Roei
  3. fox

    Rouges can't run to hosp in combat and it's a village so ya its a bug lol besides u have numbers + 2 orgs anbu and 12g and ofc bi warriors u r one of the best at bi warrioring too no offense but before complaining about something u could easily forbidden me from doing (by simpley map tagging me) try and get the real stuff fixed first ty.
  4. fox

    @Tekkey Hinodeso lemme get this right,its abuse if i run to CE arena even tho u could combat block me and stop me from that,but its ok for u to run in hosp even IN combat? And its not abuse? I like how the hosp bug was a thing for so long and u never tried to report it despite the fact u just said it should be fixed but once u saw me or a few more ppl run to CE u instantly make a post about it Comon homie C:
  5. fox

    its really bad when enemies seeks to CE arena but its ok for leafies to run in hosp even when they in combat? atleast u have to be OFF combat to get in the CE arena @Tekkey Hinodemaybe consider as well getting the leaf hosp bug fixed