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  1. Kvaset

    There is nothing called ''I don't have alt account'' in Nin Online. All of the players have alt, even if they tell you they don't have atleast 1 they are just don't want to publish it but even they have secret alts. My point is Nin Online players always opened to try something new but the new thing can be something already in game (Like different masteries and different villages) so making alt is the way to experience game better but Nin Online leveling is real issue on this way to get bored from game for the some of the new players and old players. New players asking how long i can reach level 50 and geting scared at first because ppl wanting to start a new adventure and action but it's taking almost a month to get in this action so they quiting from the game. Old players (60 level players) maybe having a goal to become chunnin/jonin/kage and they being one but after a while it's getting meaningless and you don't enjoy well cuz nothing changes at firsr sight you keep doing same thing over and over with this circle they know it was pain to reach their goal and they don't wanna feel this pain again eith creating alt and just retiring from the game because of this. Rory once said: ''If we make leveling easier ppl will reach high level and quit fast.'' but no i don't think the same because unlike rory im experiencing game with players as player. People making alts all the time to experience game more or even if they don't it's because of leveling is hard. A system where we can better experience what exists instead of adding something new to the game changes the way the game works better for everyone.
  2. She was always funny cherfull and kind to everyone. We will miss you Melina... Rest in Peace.
  3. Kvaset

    This is good idea actually.
  4. Kvaset

    I think i did everything right this time
  5. Kvaset

    White Breeze of The Mist
  6. Kvaset

    '' Kaneki Ken in Anteiku ''
  7. image.png.81a0ddf25fc0da34bfc76886dae7e929.png rip i need blood katana 

  8. Bu adam çok büyük taşşakları var :D ADOŞWKSDASŞLÖMF

  9. kvaset realy good ninja.