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  1. Kvaset

    The pants are awesome!! I would like to see this in-game
  2. image.png.81a0ddf25fc0da34bfc76886dae7e929.png rip i need blood katana 

  3. Kvaset


    Name: Kvaset Level: 36 Rank: Genin Mastery/Mastery's: Water TimeZone: Turkey/ GMT+3 Why you want to join: I want to join because I love my village and protecting my village is my biggest duty and I would be honored to do it officially as a police officer of my village RP Background: When I was a child, when my father went to work, he would tell my twin and me wonderful stories. We grew up in the yagyu clan with these stories, wanting to be a ninja. When we grew up and we were old enough to be a ninja, there were very few people left in our family and most of them died in big shinobi wars and we grew up with the desire to get stronger under the pressure of this. When I graduated from academy and reached the rank of the genin, my desire to reach power was rested, but every day I watched my brother turn into a monster to get stronger, and I lost my brother on this road to strengthening. I decided to join the Mist Military Police Forces to help maintain peace in the village... Let me tell you before forget i want to show the hidden power of bloody mist to enemies...
  4. Bu adam çok büyük taşşakları var :D ADOŞWKSDASŞLÖMF

  5. kvaset realy good ninja.