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  1. The dream of a viable agility taijutsu strength weapon master hybrid lives on... Now if only we could do something about that pesky weapon swap cooldown. or perhaps a more "lightweight" sword that you can equip while still being able to perform kick jutsus with. Hmmm
  2. Raitou

    Don't forget there's almost always sparring going on for players to improve, ask questions, and gain matchup knowledge. The best place to train for DZ's and tournaments.
  3. Raitou

  4. Raitou

    I don't even have a Tai Int WM
  5. Raitou

  6. Raitou

    An interesting idea for poison medic is a passive for reapplying the same type of poison debuff to "pop" the current poison debuff and deal all of the poison damage that would have been dealt for the remaing 1-4 ticks as instant damage, which would be a max of 32+32+8 extra burst damage added to a max rank jutsu combo of: p senbon > p kunai melee > p cloud > p scalpel > p kunai melee to proc Poison III "burst" twice and Snake Poison "burst" from p kunai once The only reason I feel this is necessary is once you max all the poison medic jutsus the poison debuff is the same across all 3 and just reapplies "Poison III" which if you don't time it right will reset the debuff in between the tick damage and actually lower your damage for landing jutsus in quick succession. It would make the limited damage tools of int medic feel better on their own and give some identity to int medic by itself.
  7. Raitou

    If he spoke french he would be chuunin...
  8. Raitou

    That Khalfani guy sure has a nasty habit of his team members not being promoted huh?
  9. Raitou

    Other than wind shuriken, the only other elemental instant cast 1 tile projectile, every other element else gets 3 tiles, couldn't be me
  10. Raitou

    Stay weak, cast time dogs
  11. Raitou

    Bump for exposure, have separate arena queues for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 special in game title for high rank separate ranked ladder for tai
  12. Raitou

    The weapon of the HIdden Leaf Village is the ability to have a constant stream of new players to naturally grow and replenish their ranks as current villagers leave or reset. Look what happened to mist a few months ago after the vast majority of its players left or went rogue. It was a husk of a village that struggled to gain members for a time.
  13. Raitou

    Bumping for exposure, no one really enjoys playing Battle Injuries Online
  14. Raitou

    Raitou Raitou 2 Raitou 3 Raitou 4
  15. Quick demonstration of the difference real time in a video. You can see that against mobs the claws have their true attack speed, but vs players it is drastically reduced for some reason. I just want to know why they aren't consistent and if the animation is the problem for the hit register.