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  1. Raitou

    Metanin is run by @Deviax and I've been in contact with him to give him up to date jutsu information as I get it for use by the balance team to keep Metanin up to date
  2. Yo, with the exception of the new debuff cleanse, here are some rough jutsu Ideas for the remaining 2 medic jutsu slots to round out the rest of the kit. (Newly Added) Level 25 Cleanse Technique - ( ~5 years!) Status Extraction Technique (2 second cast time should be reduced to become usable, it's extremely niche and should at least be able to cleanse 3 or 4 ticks of Burn III reliable instead of 1 or 2 ticks) Other than that I feel its balanced well and has a very pretty animation (Maybe have this technique also apply a small chakra regen buff to the target, just for a little added utility, nothing crazy, maybe 50-100 chakra restored over 10 seconds) Now for the NEW ultimate chakra medic jutsu, the selfless rescue target player ( or pull enemy player ) jutsu "Chakra Thread Rescue" lv. 35 65 Chakra 100/90/90 chakra cost 50/50/48s cooldown 7/7/8 tile range homing 1500/1500/1000 ms self stun Warp Other Player Selflessly pull a single target to the tile in front of you by extending chakra threads from your fingertips to them ending the duration of any stun or snare they are afflicted with, before being stunned yourself to recover for exhausting so much chakra at once, with training you will be able to more efficiently manage your chakra to feel less exhausted and rescue the target from a greater distance using this technique. And finally, to round out the medic jutsus, the currently missing level 30 int medic jutsu, a cancel in the form of a silence available when keeping a target poisoned. "Neurotoxin Activation" lv. 30 60 Int 45/44/44 chakra cost 36/36/35 cooldown 5/5/6 tile stand cast homing 1s cast time Silence Debuff Activate a strong neurotoxins in an enemy currently afflicted with your poison (requires target to have the Poison I,II,III,IV to take effect) making them unable to cast jutsu by inflicting a Silence debuff for 1000/1000/1500ms
  3. Raitou

    Thanks I hate it
  4. Raitou

    I think you will like what is planned for the self stun that currently interrupts the flow of the fan wind kit the most. The power of the fan weapon and STR Wind's important jutsus should stay with players dedicated to the fan mastery and should not be easily accessible to every wind build.
  5. Raitou

    So essentially just a bigger hitbox binding pillars but instead of stunning its a snare
  6. Raitou

    would be interesting to see the 2 rare swords compared to an equally rare demon claws at 110 agi
  7. Raitou

    Great detailed post. Thank you for taking the time to write it. This gives me a lot of ideas.
  8. Raitou

    Rest in Peace Taijutsu 2013-2021
  9. Howdy Forums, While It's maybe possible that I'm extremely biased towards Taijutsu and exploring its mastery combination for reasons, I'm here to present some reasons and ideas for a Leaf corps to promote Tai and Gentlefist build creativity and game diversity. Unless you're decided on gentle fist, many will give the advice to make a taijutsu account in sand for the leveling experience and access to perfect cloak because Tai users often lack the built-in intellect for cloak of nearly every build but chakra med and pure str wm. The Idea for this org is to give Taijutsu Hybrids an albeit risky stat bump to allow for these masteries to be explored to greater success without losing too many stat points to a weakened agility stat. Leaf Village Corps Idea: Leaf Taijutsu Force or Konoha Taijutsu Dojo Since Leaf boasts the largest assortment of potential taijutsu combinations with taijutsu and its sub mastery gentlefist I thought it fitting there be a corps dedicated to honing the taijutsu mastery such as mists Seven Swordsmen Corps Details 8 Member Cap 1 Corps Slot per Taijutsu Mastery Combination: Pure, Tai Med, Tai WM, Tai Fire, Tai Wind, Tai Light, Tai Earth, Tai Water Taijutsu Mastery Requirement + 1 of every mastery No Art for Org item but if approved I was thinking of commissioning something along the lines of: Enhanced Leg Weights: Orange Leg weights similar to those worn by Rock Lee and Might Guy in Naruto Level 50 Taijutsu Leaf Description: Wearing these extremely heavy weights strain and strengthen your body over time allowing the wearer to hit move faster and attack harder. Use extreme Caution! Getting Knocked out with these weights equipped or in your inventory causes your Battle Injuries timer to double to 16 minutes. (Effect will happen regardless of Will of Fire or Revives when you are next sent to leaf hospital.) +15 Agility (for taijutsu) +15 Strength (for gentle fist) +15 Chakra Critical damage increased to 150% while Equipped (from 125%) Open Weekly challenges and lock outs for members so long as their challenger shares the same mastery combination as the corps member. Thanks for reading and please don't eat me alive in the replies!
  10. Raitou

    I agree my Zadymka friend, so long as the reduced experience would only effect daily missions, and NPC and quest line missions such as Land of Toads, Land of Iron, overworld, and tutorial quests remain unchanged. Perhaps making an extra daily mission available every 10 levels would make people feel like their Ninja is becoming higher rank and give a nice sense of progression. Level 1 cap ~3 dailies Level 10 cap ~4 dailies Level 20 cap ~5 dailies Level 30 cap ~6 dailies Level 40 cap ~7 dailies Level 50 cap ~8 dailies Level 60 cap ~9 dailies This way even if you can only play the game for an extended period of time one or two days a week, you can still feel your game time gives meaningful progress. Not to mention more chances at missions means after waiting the 1 hour abandonment timer you could skip an otherwise arduous mission and get a completable mission for that day.
  11. Raitou

    Flicker, Shadow Shuri, Triple Slashing Tornadoes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fuuma
  12. Raitou

    He doesn't even want a shorter self stun, just let this man live
  13. Raitou

    Obligatory reply on a taijutsu thread
  14. Raitou

    What's wrong with alts...?
  15. Raitou

    This and make twin fangs not sound like opening a minecraft door when you attack with them.