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  1. Mizxry


    I'm really glad I was introduced to nin through @LionGod and @Lone during the pandemic, gave me GREAT memories. Ueda you and your staff made a wonderful game that's helped me through some rough times. I may not have been in the nin club for too long but it's been fun everyday, keep up with the work.<3
  2. Mizxry

    yeah I agree it would mess with current passives, cool to see your take on it.
  3. Sup bois, credit to @Mell for the idea. The ability for non misties to charge on water. As we all know the mist passive allows misties to retain all their chakra on water and charge while on it, but lookin at what this game is inspired by it should make sense for all ninja to charge on water. I still believe that non mist should still lose the 10chk points on water (maybe more if needed?) but the idea in my opinion renders the mist passive either irrelevant/ significantly weaker. So I wanna hear your thoughts and ideas about it in the comments weither you support it or not and if you can give some more ideas/solutions that would be great. Have a good day :).
  4. Mizxry

    Only tai/int wm I know is Ori on Bunny
  5. Mizxry

    Looks like a great hairstyle, If your unable to put it on sprites yourself I'd say contact players who have designed cosmetics and weapons for nin.
  6. Mizxry

    Yeah I agree that CBK needs a rework, bloodkin destroyed the idea that being rogue is a suposed to be a punishment so I wont even touch on it.
  7. Mizxry

    Ah understood, sounds like a nice idea to add to nin
  8. Mizxry

    While I understand your view on it, cant there be a way to allow those under 18 that can play the game have better ability to access the items in the cash shop for purchase?
  9. Mizxry

    I would love to see a feature in place for nin cred trades as there are alot of players in nin below the age of 18. (13-17 I mean) that dont have credit cards or access to one to get nin cred and have to put complete trust in the people selling the cred. It sucks that there is an age wall for some players including myself that doesnt allow us to access the cash shop without having to trust people to not scam us.
  10. Mizxry

    My only question is why would GD1 be aviary? Why not Kage room or spa?
  11. Mizxry

    I'm against us getting 9 dailies in one day. 9 dailies a day will make levelling way to easy. I'm sure that if the xp was to be nerfed overall it would result in the same amount of xp earned for more work. I am completely however with players being able to pick dailies it would make daily mission alot better to handle because the rng can be very tiring at times. lvl49 and getting time off x_x
  12. Was bored made an org tier list, have fun with it. 19 Orgs to rank :). If you make your tier list consider posting it up in the comments and lemme know of any other orgs you want added. The Link: https://tierlists.com/create/nin-online-org-tiers Have a good day.
  13. Mizxry

    I agree, those who want to play as rogues dont have to start of in a village if this is implemented.
  14. Mizxry

    Hello Bois, as we all know there are three ways to leave your village: 1) Have your Kage exile you. 2) Have an MPF (Military Police Force) member jail you and escape from jail. 3) Kill someone from your own village in a DZ three times. My Idea I've always thought that you should have an option to go rogue on your own with out the use/assistance of others. Being able to destroy your headband is a great way to leave on your own and it could bring some fresh scenarios for RP. To avoid "Accidents" To try and prevent anyone from "accidentally" destroying their headband there can be a confirmation choice before destroying it. How pardoning works To return to the village the rogue simply has to get pardoned then either go for another headband and stay without one. People who dont have headbands wont be affected to begin with of course. Additions to the idea I dont think it's needed but a village message can also be added when someone goes rogue by destroying their headband. "Mizxry has foresaken his village" "Mizxry has foresaken his village" "Mizxry has foresaken his village" If anyone has any extra ideas/ criticism for this topic make sure to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
  15. Mizxry

    what's the point of this?