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  1. Mizxry

    Amazing, I'd love to see more of this
  2. Mizxry

    Once Chakra meds aren't nerfed I'm ok with the changes
  3. Mizxry

    I dont support this, Nin Online doesnt need a pay to win feature I get wanting to reward Gold members but I dont think that is a good way to do it.
  4. So I've been thinkin about wind and I can't help but dislike the current standing of it's kit and I think these changes can help. Lemme know what you think in the comments please. I was thinking about this as I feel wind's kit rn seems pretty lack luster and while I hated some of the things about it I dont want it to be nerfed to the ground. Looking at wind's kit Wind shuri, Claw and it's homing are the jutsus people rely the most on, because right now I only think solo wind is better than solo light because of Wind Claw. And yea you can make the arguement that they are just bad if they dont use the others more but honestly scythe, vaccum arent good in 1v1s alot of the time unless your able to cc stun/snare with water/earth/light, So I think these changes would do some good and wont make wind OP again. 1. Wind Scythe, I think this jutsu can be better utilized if the speed of it was slightly increased and it's hitbox was the same size as the jutsu itself (as I believe it isnt right now,correct me if I'm wrong). I feel like while I've seen people hit it, it seems so slow and a bit of a dud when it comes to it's 1v1 usefulness. 2. Vaccuum, hold up dont click off. I know there's been alot of effort to get this nerfed but I think it can use a slight buff for wind's kit to be less reliant on claw and homing. I have two different ideas for a buff. Option A; Vaccuum stuns on all hits but is cast time to allow wind to have a CC jutsu they can combo off of like the other masteries. Option B; Vaccum becomes insta cast again but doesnt stun. I may just be over thinkin but those are my early morning shower thoughts.
  5. Mizxry

    I can't agree with somethings in this post, First off the CD is something I can't agree with at all, a chk med must have the ability to defend themselves adequately as they won't always be with people who can defend them. If a chk med is caught alone with chk scalpels that only lasts for 60secs but has a cooldown of 120secs, they are basically defenceless for another 60secs ontop of which chk scalpels is a jutsu that is quite easy to cancel placing them in a really crappy position. Secondly I understand that chk meds are supposed to be a support class but they still need the ability to defend themselves and put out dmg. I can understand a base dmg nerf but at the end of the day chk scalpels needs to put out dmg to make the enemy reconsider chasing the chk medic to the ends of the earth otherwise that class is a sitting duck in any battle which I find isnt fair to the players. Thirdly the way I see it right now chk meds shouldn't be nerfed but be fixed if people really have an issue with the current way it's played. The class was only given one jutsu as a form of defence already placing it at a massive disadvantage aginst other masteries, so I believe that there needs to be a possible change to the class itself meaning and additional offensive jutsu of some sort before chk scalpel gets nerfed as it would seriously destroy any potential a chk med has to defend/fight for themselves.
  6. Yea no, this is way too OP in game, I died because of that water wave bug twice today, the one I posted was the second time and it's frustration to have to worry about being oneshot in battle.
  7. Mizxry

    The multiple hit on the puppet water wave needs to go
  8. Off Bi I have 700hp, the PB member hit me for 267 dmg with risky+melee+kunai which is fine, but then his puppet proceeds to hit me over four times for 123dmg each time, dishing out 492dmg obliterating my remaining 433hp. It's absurd that this is still in game. When is a fix coming for this?? I had two misties in the same map as me one being over lvl50 meaning if the PB member was alone we could have won said fight but this puppet as the power to knock me back over and over until I'm dead. This needs to be fixed soon, please.
  9. Mizxry

    I dont even get why yall complain about village defence like large raid groups actively and frequently use sewers
  10. Chilling with the Homies Vye Brator, Vye Agra, Dixon Butts and Willie B. Hardigan.

    We boutta turn up

  11. just need to give the dev team some time and they'll fix things
  12. Mizxry

  13. Mizxry

    I'm not seeing the translation :/
  14. Mizxry

    Another great article from Pog and Poggers, Shout out to Erox
  15. Mizxry

    Nah I dont want a 6 sec cast I rather stick to the current chidori