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  1. Snake

    Yes yami, splendid idea my friend... Z NATION PREVAILS!
  2. Snake

    Part of bandit questline
  3. Snake

    Only thing on the new swords is = they knockback and it's overuse of the same mechanic cause twin fangs already also did knockback.. why is there not a sword that can make you stumble after applying 2 or 3 stacks of bleed.. spice it up a little and make you slow like mud river does
  4. Snake

    Only reason he says its boring because he doesn't speak or almost knows barely any english i believe, but yeah this is seigi inner circle at it's finest lmao
  5. Snake

    When is jun getting silver smh
  6. Just saw a leaf account lvl 7 running around called NigLover so.... somebody def having an episode lol
  7. Snake

    ''Heyyy! It's Chuu, alot of people know me as the suspected "DDOS" person but I'd never do such a thing.'' Not the only thing you known for LOL
  8. Snake

    We dont believe in favouritism and then says element med combo increases chances hahahaha ye ye
  9. Snake

    No map switch was something to be considered with the new client, the reason we have map switching is because of how NPCs mechanics work on nin rory said.. That being said i hope the game becomes one big map at some points with multiple ways too enter villages and what not, tired of seeing the same maps for years.
  10. Snake

    Redue spawn time for weasel or add a second one or something, one every 30minutes
  11. Snake

    Sleeping on my boy @Sava smh Shout my german brother @Vipe Oh and nice suggestion
  12. Have you tried running it as admin? try deleting the game and reinstalling aswell