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  1. Ashina

    It could he an item purchasable with ryo, I feel like we lack non exclusive clothing in this game and more could be added.
  2. Looks nice for starters a little more work on it and it'll look even better.
  3. Would be nice if you could try Ban's hairstyle from 7DS.
  4. Ashina

    I mean as in Leaf & Mist since that place is in Sand territory
  5. Ashina

    Has anyone ever done that mission before or even bothered to
  6. Ashina

    I'm sorry but no one can replace Deathmall.
  7. Ashina

    Would be nice to have Heterochromia Eyes to an additon for the Eye Style Changer. There could just be to simple versions of the color for the right eye like Red or Blue and the left eye stays as your orignial color. I thought of this quick idea when noticing the bandit living inside the small hut had Heterochromia having a red and blue eyes. Example:
  8. Ashina

    Would love to see it in-game. :eyes:
  9. This games been through alot and still standing tall to this day. Love the experience so far.
  10. Ashina

    I think the '50 characters long' is short and should be increased to at least 100 or so when announcing things at aivary. @Ueda
  11. Glad you guys are still working hard for this game, thanks for your devotion.
  12. Ashina

    LMPF Patrol.PNG

  13. Ashina

    Tbh I wouldn't mind if you did this Rory, heck I'd even pay for it.
  14. Ashina

    Sounds pretty harsh you've been going through this kind of journey but don't give up just yet. There are many others who desire the rank of Chunin just like you, keep on proving that you deserve it more than them. I can say is that you don't need a rank to prove your comitment towards the village, I'm sure others know how hard you've worked your butt off countless times but keep your head up strive forward.
  15. Ashina

    I 100% approve of this idea.