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    orangeram Thanks for the company and questions . Hope you enjoyed the stream!
  2. Suirad


    Suirad's Development Log #1 New Updater Introduction I am finished streaming for today. Got quite a few fixes and back-end work done and working quite nicely. Getting this bad boy ready for that 1.3.0 release coming soon. Post Stream Logs Part 1 - 4/9/2014 • Added new changelog web-embed area • Figured out issue with flickering & hiding of changelog area when files were being checked and downloaded • Rewrote part of the screen drawing to correct flickering • Attempted to redownload the entire client, with complete failure haha • Found out that the folder the file is going into needs to be created beforehand and corrected it • Try again to finish redownloading the client, fails again... • Tediously figured out that the entire path above the folder needs to be created before a folder can be made • Made a new procedure to recursively make paths for all files before they are downloaded • Successfully restored client using launcher alone! • Pushed out patch to live version of the launcher with the new updates
  3. Happy New Years from someone deployed in the middle east. I'll take a picture of some sand and rocks later, if wanted.
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    I personally think it is a well thought out system. My only gripe with it is the bio requirement. Sure I am completely for rping and the like, but at the end of the day I am trying to play a game. I don't think it should be required to have a short story for something like a chunin exam. Sure make a requirement to get kage or something as that is a rp heavy position. But just to go up in rank it is a bit much. Especially since if someone got chunin they would not need to do anything rp wise again.
  5. Suirad

    I had worked with Seth on a previous project before. He had messaged me to check it out.