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  1. SDZ

    Before I say anything let me just be clear that I definitely believe this should be stronger than blue fan. Agree in general, weapons shouldn't stun but my issue is also that it is 3 tiles wide. Crystal fan and red fan are both 3 tiles wide on auto which I think is the main problem. Auto attacks in general are homing (via target system) and giving an auto attack with a relatively low cooldown and cancel ability on a 3 tile wide marker just makes the game so much easier to play. You dont need to manage cooldowns or save sub for skills like chidori, all you do is walk up and sloppily aim your 3 tile stunning auto now which just leads to easier and less skillful gameplay.
  2. SDZ

    I just think elemental combinations should be less reliant on weapons and more on their jutsu. Any step in making elemental user's builds more focused on jutsu rather than weapon makes for less frustrating gameplay for those who don't have, and fits thematically imo
  3. SDZ

    Absolutely agree with your suggestion and definitely believe that big zergs should have drawbacks. the fact that one of the main tactics of zerg gameplay is "stack earth users and spam EP" already shows you the state of large-scale group fights anyway...
  4. SDZ

    Think of it as using stealth. Which maps can you cloak into and run out of before your timer runs out? I don't think that many so why would a 10s maplock allow abuse?
  5. SDZ

    The reason I suggest 5 seconds is because we already have a small invulnerability frame upon map switch. The problem is it is just not long enough so that has to be tweaked to find the sweet spot.
  6. SDZ

    Completely agree that this is a huge problem that if solved would drastically improve gameplay. Whilst many have suggested more maps, let’s be realistic here because I’m sure Rory already has his hands full with other updates and real life - there is a ton of work required to implement even just one map and you guys are asking for many. I believe a more feasible short term bandaid fix just to get rid of this gameplay would be something along the lines of what @Dona suggested; more invuln but lock on map. My suggestion would be: - 5-7 seconds of invulnerability on map swap - 10-15 seconds of map lock once you enter a map (automatic, regardless of combat) This may have some consequences on small groups but I do believe this would be a good temporary fix to prevent the gameplay we see in that video.
  7. SDZ

    SDZ (Akatsuki) 60 Wind / Lightning
  8. SDZ

    y'all better put some respecc on the name: Mamadou bah.
  9. SDZ

    You guys are all deviating from the original topic. Its not regarding PING or MASTERY BALANCE but simply equalising the playing field where we can and I don't see why a simple introduction of an FPS cap (again, determinable, not necessarily 60fps) is not a reasonable thing to ask to implement. PLEASE refrain from discussing other subjects as this thread isn't about that
  10. SDZ

    Fair suggestion, but you have revealed your bias! Whilst I do think you make a very valid point (capping run speed which would solve part of the issue), you yourself admit that the game is not stable at 60fps. Don't you think introducing some sort of a cap would therefore even the playing field? and I don't mean a 60fps cap, it could be a compromise or even polled(?) As for ping, that is a separate issue however I see your point. I can't really comment as I would have to think more on that, but I'm just a fan of levelling the playing field as much as possible to make skill the determining factor in fights rather than specs/ping. I don't think the game looks any visually different on 60fps, the only thing that changes is the combos you can execute which just brings us back to the original point.
  11. SDZ

    Thanks! I think everytime you remove something from a game people who have lost things will complain due to loss aversion. However I don't think balance should be dictated by player qq but rather what balances the game I agree ping is huge, but like I said, that is very much harder to control whereas a FPS cap fix doesn't seem like a difficult thing to implement.
  12. SDZ

    I appreciate the provacative title. I'm a new player to nin and so far am completely in love with the game, and despite what people may say, I think it is wonderfully balanced (relatively), the staff team so far have been completely amazing and the game looks beautiful. However that being said, one thing that I think really would level the playing field would be the issue of FPS; As with PC games, specs greatly vary from player to player. The problem arises in nin is where increased FPS and better refresh rate screens (I'm looking at you 144hz gang) result in players being able to execute combos that normally wouldn't be possible for others with lower FPS. This also includes actually running faster in maps, especially ones such as big desert etc, which imo is a huge tactical edge. Whilst we cannot control things like ping, I believe introducing a mandatory FPS cap for all players (could be 60hz, perhaps 120hz?) would really level the playing field a bit. From what I've read I also believe this would be in line with the vision the staff team has for the game. Let me know what you guys think!