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  1. Hanoka

    Still that one, fail >->
  2. Hanoka

    And I'll say it again I think Gajeel was the best one cheers
  3. Hanoka

    Yo everyone, Cancelling event until new order..gotta finds solutions for things
  4. Hanoka

    I hope around 18:00-19:00... which would be around 12 or 1 est pm
  5. Hanoka

    30-31 if Erox is all right
  6. Hi everyone, Hope you all liked this 3 vs 3! This time I am preparing this forum a week in advance so you all have time to prepare your teams! Rules will be the same than last week : - No Pills -No summons -No Org Buff - IMPORTANT ONE: NOT USING ME AS JUTSU WALL WHEN I GO DOWN FOR THE SCREENSHARING!!! - RIP VIPE - Charms are Authorized. Prices for this tournament: First place - 4 Nin creds/member Second place - 2 Nin creds/member Third place - 1 Nin creds/member 28 Nin creds. Thank you DeathMall for donating them so this tournament can happen If you get a team, please write your team here. This event should happen next week-end.
  7. Hanoka

    Hello, Normally event should happen at 18:00 UTC+1 so please if you guys can confirm me if teams are still same I will be happy
  8. Hanoka

    That would be too much work for erox
  9. Hanoka

    Sure let's do that next time
  10. Hanoka

    Hello everyone! I will make a new tournament soon, this time a 3 Vs 3. I still do not have a date coz gotta talk with Erox...would make it player made event but we all know what would happen :). This time I say it in advance so everyone has time to be prepared... The rules will be easy: 1. NO Pills or oils. 2. No summons. 3. No org buffs. Charms are accepted. The prices will be the next Ones: First place : 6 Nin creds.(per player) Second place : 4 Nin creds.(per player) Third place: 1 Nin cred (modified to 2 coz I just found out I still have more Nin creds saved) DO not ask me for tickets because I am not the one giving or deciding...last time people were asking me to tell Erox to warp them back in or to pay them their ticket...maybe tell him directly next time? ^^" HAVE FUN, I'll make everyone know the date soon...