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    Some times, a user will randomly join my team without either one of us inviting to team. Happened just now with Black Rain and I. I asked him howd this happened and we both dont know.
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    These are awesome! i love the special skills: dying lol can i get one by chance?
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    Name: Sakame Kasuti Level: 26 Rank: genin Mastery/Mastery's: lightning TimeZone: est usa Why you want to join: I would like to uphold the safety of the village and to be seen as a figure of potential and of promise. RP Background: Kasuti was born to Naika his father, and Satsu his mother. Satsu died when Kas was only five years of age. The police ninja surmised it was murder based on the scene of her death. The only known suspect was Naika... Kasuti was unfortunately, the one to come across his mother. She was laying face down in her own blood, just outside his childhood home. Kas broke down and almost gave up himself... That is until he found out that his father was a suspect. Kasuti dedicated his life to finding and killing his father....