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  1. SetsunaRaijin

    bruh im laughing rn
  2. SetsunaRaijin

    XD come on he just wanna farm some too
  3. SetsunaRaijin

    i dont want lightning to depend solely on chidori, no other mastery is like that. if chidori gets buff instead of feast that just mean light is nothing without cutter
  4. SetsunaRaijin

    All lightning needs is feast to be running cast so we light users can be happy
  5. SetsunaRaijin

    rogues are the most advantageous because of easy access to pretty much every map, especially bandits. having the weasel close in sand is also good for rp, it was meant to be a sand mob/boss
  6. SetsunaRaijin

    The weasel is at the right place imo
  7. SetsunaRaijin

    If feast was running cast I think solo light would be good. Lightning combos are good if you can land chidori
  8. SetsunaRaijin

    I understand chidori being lvl 23 but spear lvl 16 is kinda odd and pillars lvl 40 like why
  9. SetsunaRaijin

    Light getting some love, I see
  10. SetsunaRaijin

    cutter is so easy interrupted
  11. SetsunaRaijin

    Light is a combo mastery, it shouldnt be hard to combo if you can land chidori ez
  12. SetsunaRaijin

    wow so many instant cast and damages
  13. SetsunaRaijin