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  1. Raia

    I, too, play with 200+ ping and I'm doing alright with weapon mastery. I would suggest trying earth/lightning as it is good for 1v1s and teamfights. I would recommend to get earth first for a much easier grinding than going lightning as the first mastery.
  2. Raia

    I am a new player and what you consider as a "lowbie", and I must say that really love rp because it gives that unique flavor to this game and seems to bring you back to your childhood when we used to play pretend as characters we watched in tv shows when we were kids. Hopefully we all come to a resolve and decide to resort to rping more, a little dialogue may do it before, during and after battles. Maybe someday we can add character biographies so that we can write down the events our characters had gone through and write stories how they developed themselves through these certain events, it might make rping more enjoyable for everybody.