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  1. Benjani

    pretty sure most of you guys can agree that the damage on lightning is underwhelming. these are a few suggestions to buff the dmg Lightning senbon does 26 base damage at max lvl, it should be changed to 29. its a skillshot and its 1 tile. Lightning spear does the same damage as light senbons when maxed, i think it should changed to 32 base dmg Lightning cutter is fine Feast of Lightning does 30 base dmg when maxed, it should be changed to 37 base dmg, its a stand still homing Lightning current does 6 base dmg when maxed, it should get changed to 12 base dmg. Pillars is fine Feel free to give feedbacks and your thoughts on this guys
  2. Benjani

    1v1 skills is everything in this game. you can be good in teams but if you not that good in 1v1 then you not good.
  3. i wanna talk about advanced masteries and ideas for new jutsus cause its fun and i wanna see what you guys think about them. since this is a large topic i will only be covering a few advanced. Fire/Wind - Scorch Wind/Earth - Sand Water/Light - Storm Fire/Earth - Lava Earth/Light - Explosion Water/Wind - Ice Light/Wind - Dust? thought this was earth/wind/fire but guess not i will posted the links of the jutsus here and post the requirements below the link Fire/Wind - top tier for pvp 1- instant, lots of damage, burns, fast 2 - 1 sec run cast, projectile, burns and bleed, very fast Wind/Earth - top tier for pvp 1- 1 sec run cast, projectile, bleed 2 - basically a "sub" 3 - a 1sec stand still homing, immobilize the target, bleed, lots of damage Water/Light - still good 1- 1 sec run stand still with a long and large range, that stuns the target, with lots of damage 2 - instant, fast, stuns and pierces multiple targets with good damage 3 - 1 sec run cast, stuns the target, cannot be subbed for obvious reasons Fire/Earth - very good in 1v1, broken 1- 1sec run cast, projectile, good range, and good damage 2- 1 sec run cast, lots of dmg, burns, requires good aiming and a bit of skills to land easily 3- instant, immobilize the target, not a lot of dmg 4- instant, projectile, burns, LOTS of dmg Earth/Light - very good in both close combat and team fights 1- instant, very short range, burns, good damage 2 - instant, short range, burns, lots of damage 3 - basically a "sub" 4- a jutsu that kills the user but at the same time, will deals Great dmg to the opponents, this jutsu is good in team fight where the user can make sure his team have great chance at winning by sacrificing himself, a 1sec stand still cast, that deals lots of dmg and burns, cannot be subbed, very large range, last for 4 secs. Water/Wind - very good in pvp 1 - a 1sec run cast homing, that immobilize the target for 2 secs, not a lot of damage, very short cd. 2 - a wall, basically like earth wall but larger and more durable 3 - a 1sec stand still, protects the user and maybe his/her teammates if they're in range. 4 - a 1sec stand still homing with high dmg and bleed. Wind/Light - good for pvp, crazy in dmg 1 - instant, a very fast projectile, with a good range, immobilize target as well as lots of dmg + bleed, very short cd. Till next, stay tuned.
  4. Benjani

    All lightning jutsus are hard to land compare to other masteries and you call that balanced. Easily punishable, 1st one being chidori, 2nd one being feast where you have to stand still, 2 jutsus that are 1 tiles good luck landing them.
  5. Benjani

    Lightning is not balanced compared to the other masteries, it is seemingly weak especially as a solo mastery.
  6. Benjani

    Ok, light is not the best mastery nor a comfortable one to use, but hear me out on this, this is not a troll post and i will not try to troll. First jutsu, lightning senbon, one of the best light jutsu, nothing too much to change to be honest, i just think that it should stun for .5 sec, also a bit more dmg second jutsu, spear, not the best light jutsu, this jutsu needs more dmg in my opinion third jutsu, lightning cutter, probably the best lightning jutsu, but i think adding more stun to it maybe .2 sec more fourth jutsu, feast of lightning, it should be a running cast homing that stuns for .5 sec fifth jutsu, current, remove the self-stun, make it instant and add more dmg, im talking good damage like 20 base dmg at least Pillars is fine as it is
  7. all the things that imma say are my opinions so dont harass me plz. every mastery should always be enjoyable to every player with that said lets start lets start with earth, the best mastery for team fight its a good mastery and all but: Mud River should be instant cast add bleed to spikes and more dmg on earth pillar also making earth split 12 range. next we have fire, a good mastery for PvE but could be better at pvp ok so, remove selfstun of big flame bullet, making firewall instant, making vortex instant and add 10 more base damage. Next we have wind, there isnt much to say here just make every wind jutsu instant Now lightning, the stun mastery, lets start by making cutter a 1sec-run cast it turns to a sub if interrupted, remove selfstun to current and pillar, 5 more base damage on all lightning jutsus Now time for water, replace water slash with water dragon with 34 base damage, make wp 12 tiles, fix water shark hitbox and add 10 more dmg to it, make water sub cd the same as regular sub Next is Str Wind, fan users get excited for this, 35 base damage on tornado, 1sec run cast on task of the dragon with 30 base damage, 1 sec run cast on slicing wind with 40 base damage, making wind mask instant, lower the chakra cost on wind barrage to 30, make wind cyclone 1 sec run cast with 50 base damage Now its Str Wm, making shockwave slash instant with a range of 12 tiles and add more dmg, more base damage on risky as well as lowering the chakra cost, more base dmg on blade piercing as well as lowering the cooldown, more damage on wild slashes and making it instant. crescent moon beheading i have no words, i am speechless, ive barely seen anyone used it, i'd say make it like dance of the crescent. lower cd and chakra on crescent int wm 25 base dmg on every jutsu. Bubble mastery, a mastery that i dont even know how to balance it to the other masteries, but ill try. first make every jutsu instant and all 30 more damage on all jutsu Now Taijutsu, 25 base damage on seismic dash, lower the cooldown on breaking kick to 2 sec when maxed, lower the cooldown on speed mirage to 25 sec, making morning peacock instant with 50 base damage and 50 damage on whirlwind kick. Now Gentle Fist, i think this mastery just need more damage, 30 base dmg on all Gentle Fist jutsus Now Int Medic, poison senbon should not require a senbon with that a 30 base damage. making poison cloud instant with 35 base damage, making cursed mark instant, 35 base damage on scalpel next is chakra medic, nothing much to add except lowering the chakra cost and cooldown of chakra scalpel, making mystical palm 5 sec cast time. The End