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  1. Black Rain

    Neo-Akatsuki recruitment is open. We're prioritising XXX/Medic and XXXX/Earth builds at the moment however you may still be considered without these. Requirements to apply- Any Village- Level 55+- Must be able to talk in VC
  2. this is the greatest post i've ever seen on this forum
  3. Black Rain

    Rework gentle fist and stop giving any weapons 100% CC imo.
  4. Black Rain

    Based on all things: Groupfighting, small skirmish, 1v1s, events, activity, etc [Udated as of 29/03/2021]
  5. Black Rain

    Depends what village you are from, my advice would be to reset to sand village. I'll explain why: Leaf village You will be suspected as an alt: there are multiple freaks who are paranoid in leaf and will just not let you enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed (trust me, I started in leaf and had this treatment). It will ruin your gameplay Everyone hates leaf: your missions will be 10x harder alone, because every village will kill any leafie on sight, even on BI Mist village Village is not as active as it needs to be to enjoy the game as a lowbie The grinding spots are absolutely terrible; not only are they extremely far from the village, they are also in DZ in which players will hunt you The boat is just insane, you spend x2 the amount of time another village would for a mission Why you should go sand village Grinding spots are by far the best in the game inside sand village Village is very safe (you have to pass through the village gate to get to the lowbie spots) and most of them are safezone
  6. Black Rain

    Can a feature be added so you must accept a friend request before you appear on someone's friend list. This is pretty much the only game i've ever seen where the friendlist is used for every purpose EXCEPT being friends with someone. Being able to scout when someone logs in just ruins the game and leads to more camping.
  7. Black Rain

    Recruitment is now closed
  8. Black Rain

    The military force has their own hospital, by this logic, that hospital should not be used by the military (leaf village) Can you stop using RP to justify why leaf should get access to this hospital when it serves them no purpose
  9. Black Rain

    This has it's own forum post, you can talk about it there By who? This has never been a thing just simply stated by leaf, if it was actually a part of leaf it wouldn't be a SPAWN POINT for rogues. Tanz has no affiliation and is it's own village.
  10. Tanzaku hospital serves no purpose for leaf players to enter, it just allows them to scout for free and setup a camp on valley, tigers and Larva 2 Tanzaku village is not owned by leaf, and players from other villages can't enter hospitals from other villages, I don't see why this is the exception
  11. Black Rain

    bump, please implement this
  12. Black Rain

    Wow, honestly what an entertaining thread to read Anyway, I hope the bug gets fixed but you all should consider that until Rory gives a final say on this matter, nothing will change, and witch hunting people for punishment will only encourage them to be more hostile towards you. Hopefully rory sees this thread
  13. Black Rain

    Neo-Akatsuki recruitment is open. We're prioritising XXX/Medic and StrFan/XXXX builds at the moment however you may still be considered without these.