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  1. Black Rain

    IMO there are pros and cons to changing this move, specifically increasing the cooldown. I will go onto them but the main frustration from this move is the undodgeable on diags version. Increasing the cooldown If you breakdown the average medic fight (1v1), scalpel is used mainly with flicker. Outside of this, it's used very situationally. For the majority of the population, the low cd is not utilised. Only the players who have taken real time to get good at using the move is the low CD utilised, which is what gives the move it's skillcap. It's great to see players who can really utilise this move from pure skill. tl;dr don't nerf the CD, nerf other parts, e.g. it's scaling, base damage, chakra cost, or risk making it more braindead of a move than it already is by removing the skillcap.
  2. Black Rain

    I think having a separate "Anything allowed" tournament would be really fun to watch! And by "anything allowed" it really would be anything allowed. Including org buffs, summons, pills, oils, etc
  3. Black Rain

    "There were 10 sandies in BB and we wanted them to push our group of 20...."
  4. Black Rain

  5. Black Rain

    You are making a hilarious mistake thinking that the toxicity stops when you choose. If you have tainted someone's opinion of you, are you really naïve enough to believe they will consider you a whole new person once you stop being toxic? No. You have to work on fixing your image with them.
  6. This is a horrible idea because it removes the exclusivity of each village. Leaf players could all re-roll sand, be added to the peace list org and you would have a leaf zerg that does not have the characteristics of a leaf zerg (i.e. pipes, tornados, sand exclusive summons, etc)
  7. Personally, (controversial opinion incoming) I think the teleportation for players through houses is a good thing. It allows for flanking opportunities to break stalemates when groups are camping mapswaps on corridors in the DZ
  8. Black Rain

    I think the cap on jutsu slots right now gives us some theory crafting opportunities, so people cannot just take every jutsu available to them. It would be a shame (and rather brute force way) imo to just have every jutsu available be learned.
  9. Black Rain

    And tai beats everything
  10. Black Rain

    @Ueda Great !! Personally, I'd like my own org "Team Aggression" which has 19 active members, of which 13 play daily, and the rest are online at least 2 times a week. Otherwise Otogakure, Sound 4 or Kara (not sure how closely using official naruto orgs is allowed) but otherwise I'll let the other rogues who play in big friend groups / guilds to decide on this thread
  11. Black Rain

    Thanks for the fast reply @Ueda I have some temporary fixes, I do not know how difficult each is to implement, so I'll take your word for each suggestion: 1. Increase rogue team limit from 4 to 10 2. Create 2-3 "official" takumi corps that offer no buffs or clothing, simply made for rogues to avoid friendly fire (there are orgs in takumi that have been left 'homeless' after orgs have been removed) 3. Remove friendly fire from rogues entirely inside safezone (this will at least let us defend or raid inside safezones outside of small hunts) Hope you can consider these, thanks !
  12. Black Rain

    @Ichika made a great and very detailed post about this very topic which I personally believe didn't get enough attention. I'll send it here
  13. Black Rain

    for int: Level 50: Level 60: for str wm/med: Depends completely on playstyle, but the most generic build: If you plan on using a fan or pipe for the Int path, take out 15 points from int and put them into strength to hit the 20 requirement.
  14. Black Rain

    Diagonal scalpel can be landed on two scenarios: 1. The target turns as you flicker scalpel 2. The full-screen bug (on full screen with variable ping the flicker scalpel combo becomes undodgeable) Otherwise, running in a straight diagonal is enough to dodge most players flicker scalpel combos