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  1. Black Rain

    Bumping this topic for the quality of life change that would really make our events better
  2. Black Rain

    Summed it up perfectly. The fact that mirror matchups (Elemental vs Same Elemental with pipe/fan) has such a big difference with the hidden weapon alone is just crazy, especially considering stuff like pipe snare being so long. I agree with this post and think they need some kind of nerf, happy with all 3 points lumy suggested (although with points 1 and 3 more than 2 since a lot of players use it in their gameplay)
  3. Black Rain

    We've done some test fights with the crystal and blood iron fan in spars These included 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 From this, the fan basically fights like the Nuibari 7sm sword (which is an org exclusive item that's very strong) but way better, since it's a stun and the damage is higher. The projectiles also travel fast as hell but instead of cancelling with a snare, it's a whole stun. This is too strong of a weapon that comes with very little drawback to use.
  4. Black Rain

    Disclaimer: This is my opinion which is biased towards rogues (and I'm not a big fan of how the system is implemented in takumi) I actually like current time. I think it could go a bit higher, but anything higher than 1.5 hours is not good in my opinion. Two reasons for this: If you increase the timer, it would encourage players who also want to farm to raid. I like the idea of smaller groups going out with constant pressure rather than one absolutely huge group raiding all points and getting it over and done with (which would basically just be gameplay between leaf and sand). Small fights that happen more frequently are better than large fights that happen once Villagers who's population logs on at later times would be at a disadvantage for 3 hours rather than 1
  5. Black Rain

    100% agree. Stun is one of the strongest mechanics in the game as there is no way at all to break out of it (unlike snare which can be flickered or subbed). Giving stun to an AUTO attack with no chakra cost, on a 3 tile projectile is just...... way too overtuned
  6. Black Rain

    Neo-Akatsuki recruitment is open. We're prioritising XXX/Earth and XXX/Medic builds at the moment however you may still be considered without these.
  7. Black Rain

    This is meant to show the community what it's like to be part of the akatsuki. And we are chill and cool guys outside of the roleplay. Rest assured, dark edgy roleplay akatsuki videos will also be out soon !
  8. Black Rain

    The new term begins ! I really wanted this generation of Akatsuki to feel special, and with the release of a ton of new content as well as a new client, I wanted to release a new video themed as an anime opening. Enjoy !
  9. Black Rain

    this is amazing !!
  10. Black Rain

    I think chokes would be fine if there were maps to get around it and flank, but we've talked about that in the mapswap mechanic topic IMO the problem here is not the choke, it's the fact that it's literally the only way into mini
  11. Black Rain

    which maps are you referring to? no map in the game currently takes less than 5 seconds to traverse (except buildings)
  12. Black Rain

    The full suggestion is to add more immunity on mapswap AND add a timer before you can swap maps again
  13. Black Rain

    I LOVE THIS IDEA Maybe a scheduled 1 hour of the day where all DZ's become WZ. This would even encourage smaller groups or more advanced teamplay
  14. Black Rain

    I think this is more reasonable than my 5 seconds suggestion, people with low end PC's would suffer, but as mentioned before it would be a band-aid fix until more maps are introduced. It should also include a timer where you cannot leave the same map though, otherwise mapswap can be abused
  15. Black Rain

    I really REALLY like this idea !!