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  1. Burnfinix

    ? Yami himself said tht increase chidori stun to 2.5 sec if not decreasing pillars by 0.2 secs.
  2. Burnfinix

    Like I said ichika tried it with lemon tensei, but I will try it again. Also chidori is way hard to hit in 1v1 so making pillars 100% shouldn't be a problem, and in teamfight, ur teammates can still cancel the pillars, so it doesn't make OP I believe.
  3. Burnfinix

    It was made to land after chidori, which is already hard to land. Also there is no other way to land it.
  4. Burnfinix

    Ichika experimented with low ping users (10-30 ping) and he wasn't able to flicker out after chidori before getting hit by pillars, also chidori is already very hard to land. And even the 150 ping players are unable to land pillars. Light needed a buff anyway, so I think this is worth it. Thx for your opinion though.
  5. Burnfinix

    I don't see it affecting the low ping users since they already got 100% hitrate ( the 10 to 30 ping users). So it just makes more fair tbh.
  6. Burnfinix

    Nah 1 second would make it OP since people can hit it without chidori as well then. And as far as I have noticed, its just a matter of few Milli seconds due to which pillar misses
  7. As we all know, nin is a game which relies heavily on ping and many of us have ping more than 120, as a result, we are unable to land pillars on Canadians or other low ping users after we hit chidori, making the jutsu almost useless. I would suggest that we decrease the cast by 0.2 seconds of pillars so it's a guarantee hit after chidori. Some of you may argue that it makes pillars too OP since u wont be able to flicker to dodge it but hey, u can not flicker pillars of 10-30 ping players as well. I believe this would make the game a bit more fair as everyone will be able to hit pillars. And I personally don't see any drawbacks about this idea. Feel free to share your thoughts though.
  8. Burnfinix

    Demn nice suggestion.