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    +1. It's all groups and armies anyway, what's the use of maplocking except screwing anyone who mapswitches first.
  2. Imhotep

    Agreed on the wind Scythe change. For spheres, just move the stun to the first bullet. It will let the other bullets hit and you can use it as a cancel. Still hard to land without set-up but now actually usable. The idea is to make the jutsus usable. Nerf the base damage if you have to so people don't besty, but Wind is legit the only 2 button element in the game.
  3. Imhotep

    We agree. The TL;DR is: Buff HP, make the different jutsu more viable (apart from water wave) and put the puppet on CD when killed. Plus a couple of behavior changes for the puppet. Hopefully Ueda gets the time to rework puppets soon, it seems like he's taken notice and made a few puppet changes. We all know he's a busy man though, so we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Imhotep

    Actually a good suggestion. I'll advocate a Torando nerf if this is accepted. Implement this and give Nados a minor run-cast or something. Spamming flicker combos will be all but removed from the game.
  5. Imhotep

    It's good to know that the issues are being uncovered and worked on. Whether it's lag or other forms of delay caused by server processes, the result is pretty much the same player-side. Pre-smooth projectiles I was in awe of how much smoother the game had become. Whatever coding magic you guys did, it finally felt like the ping disadvantage was bearable (with Exitlag of course, because local ISPs are garbage). Just hoping we can get back to that performance soon.
  6. Imhotep

    This is something Nin definitely lacks, and I'll support it any time someone brings it up. It's by far the simplest way to pump content into the game without the struggles of making 'actual', full-fledged maps, abilities, mobs etc. Plus it's meaningful because the rewards are limited by the time investment, which brings exclusivity. It'll also create more attachment to people's mains beyond being whichever account you're best at PvP on. Alongside new jutsus (clan, masteries, etc.), I think this is the change that'll increase player interaction with the game the most post-50. The developer to-do list is long enough as it is, but I'm hoping this is up there for the next 'major gameplay' updates.
  7. Imhotep

    It's "okay" as it is, it just needs more than 2 buttons. Watch most people play wind and it's 90% playing around claw and homing. It used to be that landing drilling consistently would separate the strong from the weak but that isn't the case anymore. A simple change like increasing the projectile speed on wind scythe by 20-30% would make it usable and be enough of a buff to wind, I think. It already has good base and a bleeding effect, it just isn't viable to use because it moves so slow.
  8. Imhotep

    Come toads. I'll bring a puppet you bring any summon, snake/bear/weasel whatever. Let's see how many times I have to re-summon the puppet before it kills a regular summon. I promise you it's at least 4. We can even run some spars, 10x. Let's see how often you get hit by a single water wave tick, let alone 3. IF you do, it'll be because I re-summoned it right on top of you. A mechanic that shouldn't work the way it does, and that we're trying to get fixed. Snakes do 99 on an auto-attack and apply poison. If I stun a target I can guarantee you the snake out-performs the Puppet, every time. The only thing keeping the Puppet relevant is a respawn bug, but you can't look beyond a 2% probability scenario.
  9. Imhotep

    The Puppet Brigade arguably has the most wacky/inconsistent org buff in Nin. There's a whole list of frustrations that players have regarding the Grand Puppets so I'll break them down into two categories: playing with the puppets, and playing against them. After which, I'll be giving suggestions driven by consensus of the current Puppet Brigade roster. Firstly, Playing with the Puppets: Pros: Spammable meat shields to block projectiles/cover revs or retreats Infinite spam can be used to break traps Can be used somewhat reliably to cancel Revs (mostly because medics get scared and run, thinking the puppet is stronger than it is) Hail Mary, completely RNG and unpredictable Water Wave casts Cons: Completely RNG based jutsus: Water wave - which was the only objectively strong jutsu - was recently nerfed (more on this later) Lightning current which would be alright if it wasn't inconsistent (read below) Fire dragon which is a completely and utterly useless, slow moving projectile that does an incredible 46 damage Finally, a Lightning Senbon attack. Does anyone know what the lightning senbon does or looks like? No? Exactly. Nearly immobile, barring a flicker which occurs rarely. Running away from a Puppet after flicker will remove it entirely from the fight due to its movement speed and long CD on flicker. It has next to no chasing ability, making it a defensive tool first and foremost. A defensive tool with zero ranged capability, as of right now. Unusable Fortitude buff on the Puppet. In order to re-summon the Puppet, the user needs to re-equip the Puppet, which removes the buff and leaves you needing to be healed to full. Considering the puppet has very little HP, it will need to be re-summoned constantly. The stat buff may as well not exist. To summarise the experience of using the puppet, it boils down to clicking on a target in the distance in the hopes the puppet will flicker there and cause havoc. We have no more control beyond this, besides returning the Puppet to us the same way anyone can with their summons. We cannot control what jutsus are used, we cannot guarantee when, if ever, the puppet will move to its target. There is very little room for skillful use, unlike the 7sm blades which are infinitely stronger when used by strong players, or even adjusted/buffed builds like the 12g and Akat. The Puppet behaves the same as any regular summon, with less health and less reliability (compare what I'm about to show you below to a Bear or Clam stun). The strength of the Puppet relies almost entirely on abusing what is certainly a bug to infinitely respawn the puppet. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and even a mediocre summon will put in work if you respawn it 20 times a fight. Jutsu Discussion: At present, only two of the four jutsu are even worth addressing. Lightning Current: Its low base damage of 6 is acceptable due to having a stun, although again it is completely random and as such cannot be utilized reliably and skillfully like the Clam, for example. Note that not only is it not an AOE, which would actually make it strong, but it hits whoever it feels like. The targeted player was not hit in the image above, instead the medic was stunned. We assume this is a bug, which extends even further as the stun can sometimes hit a target 20+ tiles away from the puppet. Let alone being useless, it can actually hurt the Puppet user who thinks a stun just went off. Water Wave: For a very long time, this has been the only saving grace of the Grand Puppet, besides being an Earth Wall. Prior to the knockback changes, water wave was a long range piercing ability that multi-hit if the player ran with the wave. Situationally devastating, particularly in team-fights, but manageable if you had the presence of mind to run through it rather than with it. The recent knockback changes made all piercing knockbacks drag players along, leading to instant death if you were touched by a water wave. As a result, the wave distance was nerfed to what you see below. The Knockback still exists, meaning you can get up to a triple hit if you catch a player with the water wave while directly on top of them: I can personally attest that this can still be strong; catching two people in a full water wave is 738 combined damage. I cannot reasonably ask for more. However, it remains the only somewhat viable Grand Puppet jutsu, and it is no longer as ubiquitous as it once was. The water wave typically fires at a 4-5 tile distance, at which point you'll only take 1 tick of damage. It is no longer capable of impacting team fights like it used to. Its maximum potentially has been locked significantly lower than it's pre-knockback bug state. Additionally, it now relies on a rare flicker that can't be controlled on top of a random roll among the 4 jutsus. This was a net nerf to one of only 2 pillars keeping the puppet afloat. Water wave can no longer carry the Puppet. Playing against the Puppets: Killing the Puppets is a meaningless exercise, they will instantly respawn Particularly painful to trappers who have their preparations undone, for no gain Getting hit by a water wave full to zero completely at random feels like shit (less of an issue now) There is no sense of being outplayed by the PB member - if the puppet gets you, the user had nothing to do with it The two major complaints come down to infinite puppets and water wave, as they feel like BS mechanics to fight against. We can agree that these are broken mechanics (in the literal sense, not the OP sense), but they are the only things keeping the buff from being worthless. We can also agree that there is little room for skillful use, as outlined above. We will try to address these in the suggestions. Suggestions: The Puppet needs to be more aggressive and flicker about twice as much to targets. This will allow us to better influence the position of the puppet e.g. flicker to an enemy aggressively to throw out damage and pull it back to keep it alive/shield the front lines. Dragon needs +50-60 damage and needs to act like an actual dragon. Ie. It needs the dragon fire combo's second hit and AOE damage. The stun damage needs to increase by about 44 points and needs to effect the selected target, not at random. +600 HP but 30s cooldown rather than infinite spam. The lightning senbon it does needs +40-50 damage. Equipping Puppet grants Summoning Jutsu, similar to Jailing jutsu in that it uses Locked slots. Or any similar mechanic that is workable, that doesn't force us to re-equip the puppet and lose the buff constantly. Bonus: Improving the jutsu selection logic to favor senbon and dragon at range, water wave and current close up. At present, the puppet has no idea what to do when it's further than 6-9 tiles from the target except wait for another flicker. I can understand if there are limitations or this is overly hard to code, which is why it's a bonus. The specific numbers are up for debate of course, but the intent is 3-fold: make the org stat buff usable, give increased control over the puppet and reward good positioning with jutsus that are not useless, and finally add consequence to misuse of the puppets by putting them on CD when killed.
  10. Imhotep

    They are already getting beat by 1v1 masteries. I invite you to look at any of the recent 1v1 events. The top WMs (and Tais if they bothered to participate) wipe the floor with any elements. Pipe, Fan or otherwise. It extends to 2v2s, 3v3s and so on. By the time you get to the point where elements are objectively better, we're talking about larger group/team fights. Then we wonder why no one leaves the SZ without a group. All things being equal, WM/Tai should come out ahead of the others. But just because a class has the edge in 1v1s doesn't mean it should be nearly impossible to beat. To add to that, the gap is only widening with every new super-charged weapon that drops. It's not like elements are simultaneously getting better at team fights either; one playstyle is surging ahead of the others. I agree instant cast CC has an excessive impact on the PvP meta, but you're looking at this in a vacuum. One change can't come before the other without making existing imbalances even worse. We can't even argue that Advanced will roll up to save the day anymore so if and until WM/Tai/Med get a rework, elementals don't need to have even fewer options. Better to give Leaf something of their own.
  11. Imhotep

    Suggestion 3 and 4, as well as Slifer's suggestion for targeting but no name/health bar are all really cool and should be considered, imo.
  12. Imhotep

    Give Leaf a CC tool so they can compete, but the other villages don't need their element users nerfed even further. And yes it is an element nerf you're suggesting, because only elementals use the base tools. Rework WM and Poison scalpel, then we can talk about removing instant-cc (which by itself is not a bad idea). Man's just suggesting nerfs left and right without considering where it leaves the meta.
  13. It's a cool idea, and if it were up to me all warping abilities would be replaced with dashes (except for sub). However, WM is dominant enough as it is even with an entire jutsu that no one uses. If and until it get's a rework, I'm hesitant to support anything that comes close to a WM buff. Good to keep in mind though, if the mastery is ever rebalanced.
  14. Imhotep

    Good suggestion. Give us change no. 1 please, Ueda. Also, piercing wind shuriken evolution. Please and thank you.
  15. Nin is a 3 faction game, with Rogue as the wildcard. The whole purpose behind factions is having separate identities to allow players to build communities and to identify with certain groups (their faction) over others. If there is nothing unique about the village except the people you play with, why bother having villages at all? Delete the villages and increase org sizes to 300 and everyone just play what you like. That's where this leads if you follow this logic of "benefitting everyone" down to its conclusion.