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  1. Imhotep

    Agreed. There isn't enough content that low level players can realistically engage in. Once you're 35+ at least you can start to PvP in groups. Before that you're just grinding to Toads. Nin has a lot of meaningful challenge as is, I don't think it needs the mega grind too. As a suggestion: Either more content is added at these early levels e.g. story arcs, professions, mentorship systems. Or, mobs have their exp increased and teaming penalty is less severe but the range of mobs you can get exp from is decreased from 10 to 7 levels. Which will force them to move to tougher mobs sooner. The grind doesn't stop vets from making alts. If we can just get newbies to 40, a lot more would stay.
  2. I don't think the Social Logins are working on the new client yet. Register with your email like usual and try again.
  3. Imhotep

    Med + Pipe
  4. Imhotep

    This is the kind of quality harass that makes Nin worth playing. Good luck, Champ
  5. Imhotep

    WM doesn't need to get any stronger mostly because people pair WM with other top-tier masteries. Med/GF/Fan in particular. All 3 of these have the same thing in common, instant flicker combo set-ups. WM has a lot of pressure with homings that are only consistently countered by flicker-cc. It's not as oppressive as the other 3, but when paired together it's excessive. Unless and until there's combat/balance changes that move us away from flicker-combos and instant-cc then any WM buffs are just going to make the meta builds even harder to deal with. And if flicker-combos are nerfed/removed then WM is going straight to S-tier, no buffs required.
  6. Imhotep

    Sounds like a WoF nerf. Implement ASAP please. Kek
  7. Imhotep

    Nevermind. It was literally just patched lmao. Run the game again, patcher should automatically update and you're good.
  8. Imhotep

    I think it's a fairly common bug on the new client. The long way around would be to download the old client, make your characters with all the info there then uninstall it and play on the new client. Also, welcome to the game. You and your friends should roll Sand. #SunaSupremacy
  9. Since you asked for ideas: What Nin lacks, that most MMOs have, is large-scale group based objectives. Villages/Orgs can set times to go raid or hunt but it has very little in-game support. This has got a lot better with Raid Points and WZ bosses, giving players a reason to log on (Good job on these btw). Tailed Beasts are a good opportunity to introduce more flash points for player interaction. A weekly war event, winning village gets to put together a raiding force and tackle a dungeon. Nin is PvX after all. Akat do not participate, their role comes later. Various mobs as usual, with a Tailed Beast as the final boss. If you beat the boss, every player present with the 'Sealing Jutsu' has a 10% chance to seal it (in themselves). I actually think Sealing Jutsu should be low stat but high Lvl. Req (scaled up to whatever max is at the time). Otherwise you're just gonna get Jinchuriki/Med alts that no one plays on but are used to fish for a Biju every week. No one really 'dies' in this game so a Jinchuriki suffers 2x BI Timer (also, for the love of god, make BI stack) but doesn't lose access to their Biju jutsu/form/buff, unless it's extracted by Akat. Akat gain increasing buffs, making them harder and harder to stop. It may even require inter-village co-ordination, which is exactly what happened in the Anime. This is the Akat win condition. Villages that constantly seal new Biju also become Akat's biggest target. Jinchurikis reset every 6 months, and the cycle restarts or we'll get inactive Jinchurikis and ruin the whole flow. The rest of the Rogues are gonna feel left out but they need their own Arc and systems honestly. Takumi doesn't fit the village v akat mould.
  10. Imhotep

    Only OP on Bubble/Fan/GF + WM. These will be balanced against Advanced so we'll have to wait and see. In the mean time the drops are rare, so unless they drop ~10 of them before Advanced it shouldn't really swing the balance of the game. This game isn't just about 1v1's. Snake gives a really cool suggestion. Almost everyone agrees instant disable on Autos from tools/weapons is too strong, more so when the stat investment is small. Having a Stack system for applying Status Effects from tools/swords will reward consistency and good gameplay. Instead of a Fan knocking back on hit, each hit applies a stack, 3 stacks applies a knockback. Stronger fans/pipes might have a 25% chance of applying their effect instantly. Obviously it's easier to apply stacks with a triple-hit fan, but a good fan user can't cancel every single cast-time jutsu like they can now. This way the Claymore can have a strong effect and damage but a slow attack speed, making it harder to build stacks. Meanwhile Twin Fangs has a weaker effect and lower damage, but faster attack speed to apply the effect. Claymore is still stronger, but not in such a bland/vertical way.
  11. Imhotep

    Having a list to choose from would be ideal but I have a feeling that getting stuck with what you get is part of the intended game design. Otherwise, I would have suggested the same. With re-rolls the game can keep the RNG Rory loves so much. And RP wise we can already 'Abandon' missions. I'm pretty sure accepting a mission then ditching it immediately is worse than asking for a different mission, in terms of RP.
  12. Imhotep

    3 dailies, 2 re-rolls. Or better yet: 5 dailies, 3 re-rolls. Expand the list of missions and/or reduce/remove the chance for the low EXP missions after level 50+ There's plenty of incentive to get to 50 so players will grind through the BS daily grind, but as much as I want to get to 60, who the hell wants to be 50+ sneaking into other villages for 75k? It's no longer thrilling, nor is it particularly rewarding. In the long term, Seifer's suggestions sound good
  13. It's pretty clear that the masteries are meant to serve specific roles. The fact that certain masteries lose 1v1's is by design; they make up for it in other ways. Looking at the game's design philosophy, the purpose is to re-enforce the idea that choice matters. So when we talk about balance in Nin, as much as we want to talk about 1v1's, we really have to ask whether there was a meaningful choice to be made. Anything that's blatantly better across the board is not a choice as far as players are concerned. I agree that access to instant CC is one of those things. Tai users arguably sacrifice most of their team-fight usefulness to dominate 1v1's with instant CC and interrupts. The same is not true for 20 Str Fan or Pipe users, nor the new triple-stun Fans. It's also not true for Medics, which combo well with any mastery with little-to-no investment purely because of P Scalpel. The answer isn't to remove all instant CC, or homogenize the Masteries by giving it to everyone. Instead we should be more cautious about doling out access to the mechanic. Interrupts are part of what helps to set the hectic pace of combat in Nin. Without it, especially in this Tank Meta, it would slow down to a crawl of exchanging 1-2 cast-times. Interrupts serve a purpose without being overpowering by setting up unavoidable combos. Silences and soft CC are the way forward. 20 Str Fans should interrupt, but not knock-back, higher Str fans can do a more powerful knock-back instead of stun. 20 Str Pipes should slow instead of snare, higher strength pipes can do what they do now. P Scalpel can silence and poison, which together is more than enough utility. The specifics are less relevant, but the point is no one should have access to such strong mechanics with no real trade-off.
  14. Imhotep

    Nerfing Wind Claw would've killed Wind, nerfing Vacuum Spheres balanced it. I don't think there was a better solution without hard-locking Fans and Pipes, which is not going to happen. The problem is now Vacuum Spheres is out of place among the Wind jutsus, and you have to shoe-horn it in to any rotation. In any situation where you have time to cast Vacuum Spheres, i.e. Off a 2-sec stun like Cutter, you'd much rather just line up triple-bullets for more damage and no self stun. You end up only using it when everything else is on CD in a team-fight and someone just got EP'd, or similar. But like I said, there was no better solution. Spheres are just going to have to join the list of jutsus that are waiting to be re-worked to fit the current state of the Mastery, alongside Vortex, Feast and the unholy abomination that is Antibodies. In the mean time, Wind is still strong. So I'm sure its at the bottom of the balance changes, that are at the bottom of all the other planned updates.