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    Shirokata need 80 str and velocity religius and recupérate 3 chakra
  2. Inara

    Who are you going to play with when the game can't find a way to retain old and new players? Are you going to play just for these stupid things you say?
  3. Inara

    not much. it would give a lot to do and keep people active instead of just asking for buffs xd
  4. Well hello everyone, as many of us know very well, there is not much to do in the danger zone other than completing the cbk / bounty / missions among others, but how about you give them the reason why you need to be more active 1- Cultivate / collect resources from each village in the game, that is, each village has its default resource which is: - (The Leaf Village has tree resources that help build certain things for future house improvements and other crafting content.) - (The Mist Village. Places to fish and help more in the manufacture or consumption of objects for the sale of pills or supplies to heal or recover chakra or another type of buff in the future or improvements or drugs) - (The village of sand for the extraction of mines that help to improve or build small improvements to weapons and / or complete for the construction of objects for houses, house organizations etc.) (Note important):various resources also trees of various types such as minerals of different types and also fish of different types :the scarce ryo market. it would help a lot and keep them stable 2- From the first idea, a market would be created in each village where each resource in each village has a higher value in other villages, that is, in the village of the leaf, the wood is worth more in mist in sand, minerals are worth more on the sheet, this would help promote the journey of the ninjas from the other villages secretly to sell their resources in an enemy village 3- the creation of a new slot for the tools and I have an exhibitor in the back or some other part but that is visible that is to say to equip fishing rod / picks / axes that only have the use of collection 4-Create craftable backpacks so that summons can carry the weight of resources that rake level 1/2/3/4 backpacks for summoning that can carry more weight but require considerable resources to craft. important note: this will incite great wars to have control of the resources of the enemy village I hope you really like my ideas and have been able to understand me, sorry for my bad English