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  1. Leafies calling new players alts is almost a village tradition at this point, although there are some people who don't really condone this kind of behaviour and I'll explain why in a second. The whole "alt" thing just shows how distrustful Leaf villagers have become towards new accounts because one is either a sand / mist spy or Raitou's 999th character (no offense, Raitou). And while some players (including me) generally look back upon their time as lowbies and getting called an "x alt" as something we had to put up with as Leaf lowbies and hitting Lv. 50 would rid us of the stigma, truth is that hitting a specific milestone doesn't instantly make you "trusted" in the community. In order to gain the village's trust one must partake in their daily activities such as sparring in the square, some small talk here and there and of course raids and hunts. Having said that, it also comes as no surprise that this attitude towards new players may make some of them feel as outcasts right off the bat, which is something that has heavily contributed to people leaving the village, be it for good or for a "training arc". Due to the lack of trust, one can easily feel like their village has failed them as they don't get enough support from advanced genin, chunin or jonin with their missions, are accused of spying for mist / sand or even Takumi and are told to leave a raid because they are low lvl and are most likely giving away intel to enemy units or are just shy and therefore generally miss out on the fun. And while I do understand the village's point regarding new accounts since many people DO create them with the sole purpose of spying on the village, I would definitely ease up on lvl. 30+ genin who are on the grind all day working for the good of the village. My advice to you would be to ignore people calling you an alt as they will eventually get bored of it and stop, stay focused on your goal, maybe even find a group of people you can hang out with who are not biased towards new players and who you share the same interest with. I guarantee, you'll have the time of your life in Leaf if you don't let the occasional toxicity get to you. Regarding the discord issue, I hope it gets resolved soon and you can enjoy the game fully once again.
  2. Nagao Hideki

    Thanks a lot @Vix, nice to know I'm not alone with this problem. @Ueda is this a known bug, or are we onto something here?
  3. Nagao Hideki

    Yeah, that would be the gist of it. Thanks for the idea regarding the U.I., I'll definitely check out if there's a possibility to do that. It would definitely help when filming outside of secluded maps like clan houses.
  4. Nagao Hideki

    Been working on this fun little pilot today, so I thought I'd share it with you all. Hope you enjoy!
  5. Nagao Hideki

    I agree with Drusilla on the initial idea of dailies having to be reworked in order to make the game more enjoyable. However letting the player reroll their dailies is something which heavily collides with the RP, since it's usually the Kage who assigns missions to ninjas or teams through the Mission desk. It would make little to no sense for someone to reject a mission, take for example how Shikamaru always complains about the tasks assigned to him being a drag, or Naruto fuming about them not being challenging enough but they do them anyway because: 1. They were issued by the Hokage and as a subordinate one doesn't have much choice and 2. missions are a part of "shinobi life" and have to be completed no matter what. This being said, what I suggest is: In order to keep the RP alive and cater to the needs of the community players should be given a set of 3 missions each time they want to do a daily, which of course would all be suited to the respective lvl. of the player in question. Ninja would get to choose one of these missions depending on what suits them best at that moment (e.g. this would provide 2 more options next to sand docs in case the village GD is packed with people) in order to minimalize abandoning and loss of xp.
  6. Nagao Hideki

    While I do agree with the fact that new clans could add a lot to the RP aspect of the game, the idea of creating new clan houses/outfits let alone whole areas in-game would just be too much work for the devs. Speaking from personal experience, the best things in Nin regarding RP have been created by players themselves (e.g. the Leaf Academy, various orgs, hell even clans used to be player made before they became ‘canon’). And while it would certainly be cool to have a clan house and all that jazz, let’s not forget the fact that one would always be able to start a new clan if they wanted to. Good examples of player made clans are Hinode or even Hideki which, although not ’official’, have loyal members and host clan meetings/events etc. just like other clans. If you’re thinking about founding your own clan just use the resources the game provides you with: - Create your clan as a branch family of an official clan (this way you can have access to the Clan House and create bonds between your clan and the main family leading to interesting RP situations or even a joint RP event) or pick one of the village’s buildings as clan HQ if your clan consists of clanless ninja. - Compile your clan’s clothes from clothes found in in-game shops. You can even add an RP element to the clothes here (e.g. reward new clan members with clan clothes for lvl-ing / completing a specific task or hide a piece of clan clothing somewhere and make them find it as a rite of passage with different trials along the way) - Create your own clan logo from symbols found on in-game clothes (like the Kuraen clan did) or just come up with something unique of your own. - Create clan lore where you establish the history of your clan, let others know what you stand for, what your values are and what makes you stand out from other clans. - Create a clan discord and use it as a platform to bond, help each other in missions and hunts or discuss future content for your RP events. Bottom line is, I’d encourage everyone who’s been thinking of founding their own clan to do so even if there are only a handful of people around them who want in on the action since it is fun and adds additional value to the game in terms of RP (whether it be teaching the new generation of shinobi of your clan as it grows or holding joint events with other clans). In order to find a middle ground of sorts between people who want change in the clan system and devs, @Ueda could add a “Clans“ topic to the forums where people could upload information regarding their own clans so people would know who to contact if they wanted to join or maybe organise a joint event.
  7. Nagao Hideki

    I’m not sure I follow. So let’s say the whole village goes on a never ending grind for a rare drop which can only be used by one person at a time, do they: A) Pass around the staff between villagers based on a schedule or B) Grind staffs until every lvl. 10+ Leaf villager has one of their own. I think it’s rather clear how both of these options make little to no sense compared to the fact that Mist and Sand shinobi can buy a pipe / fan for a reasonable price and use them with minimal stat requirements. The fact that we have a boss outside of our village which has a rare drop with unknown features does not contribute to evening the field between Leaf and other ninja when it comes to PvP.
  8. Nagao Hideki

  9. Nagao Hideki

    Never tried myself at pixel art, but I hope these might give you a rough idea about some of the concepts in the original post. Gamabunta's happi vest: Gamabunta's kiseru pipe: Gamabunta's katana (instead of dosu blade): Gamabunta's set (without the dosu blade): Gamabunta's full set (with dosu blade): Gamahiro's sash: Gamahiro's set (katanas + sash): Gamakichi's / Gamatatsu's vest: Gerotora's obi:
  10. Nagao Hideki

  11. Nagao Hideki

    Hideki Clan: The Hideki Clan (秀樹一族, Hideki Ichizoku) is one of the many clans of Konohagakure and a branch family of the Sasayaki Clan. The clan's name translates to "Timber Trees" from japanese which symbolises their philosophy on broadening their knowledge, much like how trees grow with time and is also mirrored by their clan words: "Better to light a fire than curse the darkness". They are known for their lexical knowledge of the shinobi world and their stealth tactics, which heavily rely on the Cloak of Invisibility Technique. The clan's first and current head is its founder Nagao Hideki. Overview: The clan is renowned for its archive which is said to hold an in-depth knowledge of the shinobi world. Members of the clan, who are known to seek knowledge in remote places of the ninja world, are trained to gather intelligence from an early age utilizing the Cloak of Invisibiltiy Technique developed by their ancestors. The knowledge stored in the clan's archives is a result of documented missions combined with expeditions into the Land of Fire and beyond. Members' ability to use stealth is often relied on at times of war to gather intelligence on the positions and movements of enemy units which are then relayed to the higher-ups in order to aid them in composing battle plans. Hideki kinsmen are also known to heavily rely on one another since young shinobi are put in teams from an early age in order to master the basics of teamwork. Each team is assigned a team leader who helps them develop their skills and provides assistance during difficult missions when necessary. Experiences gained by young shinobi while working in teams are later relied upon in battles and hunts while they also serve to strenghten bonds between team members and the clan. The Hideki Clan has also kept records of various medicine preparations and effects utilized by its Medical Corps, members of which are known to be skilled in the area of medicine and healing arts. Hideki are also known for their close connection to nature itself as they tend to the trees of the Sasayaki Clan Forest which is symbolized by the clan's insignia. Due to this deep connection with nature most of the clan's members also tend to sign a summoning contract with an animal of their choice at some point in their life. The clan shares their ancestral home with the Sasayaki, thus they reside in the Sasayaki Clan House found in the north-eastern part of the village. Young shinobi attend classes in the clan's classroom where they are taught the basics of life as shinobi and are also encouraged to broaden their knowledge by browsing the archives. Matters of utmost importance are discussed in the clan's secret hideout which houses a council room for times of peace and a war room for times of war. Kinsmen are also able to enjoy sounds of nature and converse freely in the clan's zen garden. Rites of Passage: One of the earliest rites of passage for young Hideki is a game of hide and seek starting from the Konoha playground. Young clan members are tasked with finding three elders who used the transformation jutsu to pose as Kimi, Miki and Oku in various places across the village relying on their surveying abilities. Upon completing the task, they are provided with a scroll containing the Cloak of Invisibility Manual and are officially recognized as Genin by their fellow clan members. Clan members enter adulthood once they obtain their first face mask and successfully complete the trial of the mask. During the trial candidates are expected to obtain three pieces of ryo from three separate checkpoints in the village guarded by Hideki clansmen and return them to the Sasayaki Clan House without fainting. Those who succeed are recognised as adults by their kin during a ceremony and are officially allowed to wear a mask on missions and hunts. Traditional Garments: Members of the clan dress casually whenever they are spending their time-off in the village or are out on missions (in order not to draw too much attention to themselves). On official occasions (e.g. clan meetings) Hideki kinsmen wear their clan's traditional garments which feature the Sasayaki Clan's Cloak in order to symbolise their affiliation with the Sasayaki as a branch family of the main clan. For Male Hideki: - Black Shoes - White Baggy Pants - Black Turtle Neck Shirt - Sasayaki Cloak For Female Hideki: - Black Shoes - Blue Short Pants - Black Turtle Neck Shirt - Sasayaki Cloak Clan members also seem to favour wearing their hair in ponytails. Leaders: Nagao Hideki: Founder and First Head Current Members: (from left to right) Shinmon Hideki, Kiyumi Hideki, Nagao Hideki, Pot Hideki Thank you for making it this far. We are a heavily RP oriented clan whose members will always have the Leaf's best interest at heart. As our clan is among those recently formed in Konoha we are looking for young shinobi who value RP, knowledge and teamwork. In return we will provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere which will help them grow into splendid shinobi who will help raise our next generation. If you wish to join us send me a pm on forums or find me in-game and we will talk things over in the clan house. We also have our own discord server featuring our classroom, hideout, archives, zen garden and a market. Requirements for joining are being: - A Sasayaki clan member - Commited to RP - Able to help recently graduated genin, or academy students - Active As there is always room to grow and improve we are thankful for any feedback or ideas you might have on our clan. Any contributions / feedback are more than welcome. We are looking forward to new members and meeting people who we share a common goal with.
  12. Nagao Hideki

    Hi All! As I finally managed to grow my toad summon to full size, it occured to me that compared to other summons (Monkey, Weasel, Ninken,...) Toads do look a bit basic in terms of appearance. So I've been thinking: Lore-wise we've got all these different Toads (Hoshitomo, Momotomo, Satomo, Yoshitomo, Taitomo, you name it...) at Toad Mountain, right? In the anime there's also an abundance of toads coming in all shapes and sizes who excel at different things (e.g. Gamabunta - Toad Oil Flame Bullet; Gamaken - Weapons; Gamariki - Genjutsu, Gama - Taijutsu etc) and have signature clothing / armour or colour. I think that one type of special attack is more than enough for summons in terms of game-balance, so there's no need to add genjutsu or other special attacks to toad summons in general. What I do suggest however, is adding some sort of clothing to the summon to make it look well... less like just a giant toad. We've been brainstorming with players in-game and came up with the following ideas to improve the looks of toad summons: For War toads: - Gamabunta's happi vest (with the kanji "ebi" on the back) - Gamabunta's kiseru pipe - Gamabunta's dosu blade - Gamahiro's katanas - Gamahiro's sash - Gama's bead necklace (with the kanji chū) - Gama's samurai armour - Gamakichi's cigarette - Gamakichi's tanto For Toads: - Gamakichi's vest - Gamatatsu's vest - Gerotora's obi For Tadpoles: There's not really much to add here as tadpoles are as small as they come. (People's reactions to my tadpole mostly varied between "sweet" and "disgusting" but I was mostly proud of that little speck) Some people have also suggested that there could be a total of 3 different toads wearing the respective armours of Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamahiro. When the player utilizes the summoning jutsu they would randomly summon one of the aforementioned three or one could decide which toad to sign the contract with (as sort of a personal summon) upon acquiring a summoning scroll. A whole new idea on the latter would be the creation of a "toad customization" menu where one woud be able to customize their summon in terms of colour, armour and clothing. Of course these are just suggestions which, in my opinion, could benefit the overall atmosphere of the game so please don't take them as me making demands or anything. I (like most of us) feel strongly about my summon and would like to see more of- and improve this specific game feature. Thank you for making it this far, feel free to react / comment as I'm curious about your thoughts on the matter. See you in-game!
  13. Nagao Hideki

    Hi All! With the recent influx of new players to the game I thought it would be a good idea to establish an organisation within Leaf dedicated to teaching newcomers. The basic idea behind the academy staff is to provide new players with information on the more important aspects of the game (masteries, levelling, pvp, missions, etc), introduce them to RP (doing Hide and Seek mission or Leaf Tags as an introductory RP event) and immerse them into the shinobi word in general. This organisation would be heavily RP based so bare with me here. The ranking system would be similar to the LMPF (appears under player name): Headmaster Oversees the Academy, conducts Entrance and Graduation ceremonies, etc. Instructors (Jonin rank teachers) Teach 3rd grade students (Advanced PvP, Masteries, Tactics, Recon missions to Mist or Sand) Tutors (Chunin rank teachers) Teach 2nd grade students (Basic PvP, Team-work, Excursions to the outskirts of the Land of Fire e.g. Takumi or Tanzaku villages) Assistants (Genin rank teachers) Teach 1st grade students (Basic stats, explain masteries, Hide and Seek, Leaf Tags missions) Teacher Trainees (in case someone wants to join the staff) Help out higher ranking shinobi during lessons (e.g. PvP demonstrations) Students would be organised into Classes (grades) according to levels: Grade 1 (lvl 1 - 10) Grade 2 (lvl 10 - 20) Grade 3 (lvl 20 - 30) Classes could be announced through leaf aviary and conducted in either the auditorium or the smaller classroom. The idea is still a bit rough around the edges but it’s a work in progress and I think it would make the game’s RP aspect much more interesting. Lessons could be intertwined with RP I-IV with some special events here and there. This would benefit Leaf as it would create a much more vibrant atmosphere and keep new players in the loop in the early-game. As this is a highly player based idea I’m curious about your thoughts on the matter. Thanks for reading, all contributions are more than welcome.
  14. Nagao Hideki

    Hi All! I was wondering whether this could be a bug or not: After accepting the D-rank mission "Yozo the Bozo" in Tanzaku I grinded about 3 hours in the Casino but cold not hit one jackpot. Every time the last slot turned to 7 it immediately switched to leaf, so even when I had 77 on the first two I failed to make bank. Initially I thought of it as a game mechanic but it became frustrating after a while, especially since I was the only player experiencing the issue. I have tried everything: relogging, restarting the game,... but to no avail. Bottom line: Is this a game mechanic I am not aware of or is it a bug which is specific only to me? I do not want to come off as salty or anything, I am just being curious if I'm the only one with this issue. Any help is appreciated.