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  1. Made a whole thread about this issue about a year ago with someone even providing video evidence on several different accounts, but it got deleted for some reason after I tagged Ueda. Thing is, while some accounts get the 7 on the final slot without any problems at all and are able to complete the mission in no-time, others are bound to live with the 7 immediately switching to a leaf whenever it hits the last slot. The latter are thus unable to complete the mission no matter how much time they spend at the gambling den in Tanzaku and are not eligible for further gambling missions due to this specific bug. I guess it's just something we have to put up with until the devs decide to do something about the issue, and hope that it gets resolved in due-time.
  2. Nagao Hideki

    Cut the guy some slack. He clearly put in work and tried to make it look interesting for people to read. He may not have a perfect command of English, but let’s not demoralise people who want to contribute to the community and start a discussion, even if they share info that can be found on the wiki. Older players may consider this common knowledge but it might still be useful for new players to find all drops / bosses listed in one thread. Good job @Firefly, keep up the good work!
  3. Nagao Hideki

    Great work! Really hope this gets added as it would make the late-game (60+) experience more varied and create an additional pastime to hunts / spars.
  4. Nagao Hideki

    It’s kind of disappointing to see that some people still live in this twisted reality where Leaf is packed to the brim with people and the village leaders can whip out 15+ shinobi any time of the day to raid, counter-raid or hunt. It’s a ridiculous straw-man argument used whenever Leaf wants to have something done about either their passive, a new weapon or a bug that provides enemy nin an unfair advantage over the villagers. Truth is that, like @LionGod said, Leaf does not have that many players who are over 50 and are active on the daily, and our main numbers usually consist of new players who either: a) get bored of the game not meeting their expectations and leave b) go rogue c) reach lvl. 30 to finish the Land of Toads arc, then get bored of the dailies and the grind and quit Despite our best efforts to keep new players in the loop, only a minuscule amount of these people make it to lvl. 50 and join the raids/ counter-raids, yet people see 5 lowbies grinding wolves and 3 lvl 50+ afking in square as “numbers”. Believe it or not there are times when Leaf is a dead village too, and players have things to do irl, which shows whenever there’s like 3-4 active people on bi fighting a small group of pipe or fan users in the village for hours on end, because the others just can’t log despite seeing the ping due to either work, school or other irl obligations. Yet some people think of Leaf as this ever-so-powerful, dominating village which can conjure people out of thin air because all the other villages say so apparently and that somehow makes it true. In all honesty if we would want to ride the ‘...but Leaf has numbers’ wave, then we wouldn’t be asking for a new weapon, but rather petitioning staff to fix and re-add the Shadow clone jutsu (it is a Leaf Hidden Technique after all RP-wise) as a Leaf exclusive just so that we could in-fact conjure up people from thin air as many other villages seem to claim. This being said, while we could pay more attention to our lowbies, I think that ‘Leaf having numbers’ has become a pretty irrelevant argument by now and people who use it to be counter-productive in discussions would be better off not saying anything at all. But since I’m in no position to tell anyone here what to do, I’ll just say that these arguments don’t hold much substance and are only proof of your ignorance and bias.
  5. Nagao Hideki

    Sure, Fan and Pipe are essential when it comes to Hidden Masteries but I think many are missing the point when there's talk of a Leaf exclusive weapon. The issue doesn't lie in Leaf being in need of a village-only weapon (although it would be nice to have Chakra Blades, and I believe @Spooks already made a post regarding this topic with some Leaf villagers doing pixel art for the Blades), but rather that Fan and Pipe are available to all in their respective villages and the very fact that they can be used by everyone does not only break RP (e.g. how can ninja who didn't master Wind / Water release wield a fan or use a pipe?) but also puts Leaf shinobi at a disadvantage when fighting Sand or Mist (e.g. cancel ability of Fans / Mist elementals relying on bubble-snare combos) which makes fighting these villages frustrating to say the least due to the abundance of Fan / Pipe users. If one were to even the field, they'd have to (and this has been stated and ignored countless times before) lock Fan and Pipe to their Hidden Masteries. This would not only balance PvP but also restore RP as it would decrease the number of people using hidden weapons without the proper chakra nature and prevent the abuse of Fan / Pipe perks in combat. Regarding the Specialty Weapons: Adding these weapons into the game wouldn't really solve anything as long as Pipe and Fan are not locked to their respective masteries, since it would not change the status-quo at all. Sand would now have Fans and the Gourd, Mist would still abuse the Pipe and get a Kusarigama to boot and Leaf would get the long-awaited Chakra blades only to realize that nothing changed and the disadvantage in PvP remains the same. Bottom line is: If Chakra Blades were to be added without locking Pipe / Fan to their masteries it would only be fair that Leaf receives them without Sand and Mist getting upgrades due to the aforementioned reasons.
  6. Never forgotten Conversations in Leaf Square Emptiness remains Rest in Peace, Melina!
  7. Nagao Hideki


    We really need this in Nin! Truth be told, I have to agree with Rumaki on this one. Monthly missions and clan missions would really help keeping older players in the loop, since there isn't much to do for us who hit max lvl until the cap increases, except mindlessly grinding to sell stuff and get ryo, or sparring in square, hunting and the occasional raid. Land of Iron was a really good addition to the game and it kept most players who hit 60 before the new content came out busy BUT only until they finished all missions and then things returned to how they were before. I think monthly / clan missions would not only give old players purpose thus keeping them active, but also generate greater activity inside of clans, since it would give the game a competitive edge on a community level. I fully support Kankuro's idea and really hope it'll get implemented as time goes by.
  8. Leafies calling new players alts is almost a village tradition at this point, although there are some people who don't really condone this kind of behaviour and I'll explain why in a second. The whole "alt" thing just shows how distrustful Leaf villagers have become towards new accounts because one is either a sand / mist spy or Raitou's 999th character (no offense, Raitou). And while some players (including me) generally look back upon their time as lowbies and getting called an "x alt" as something we had to put up with as Leaf lowbies and hitting Lv. 50 would rid us of the stigma, truth is that hitting a specific milestone doesn't instantly make you "trusted" in the community. In order to gain the village's trust one must partake in their daily activities such as sparring in the square, some small talk here and there and of course raids and hunts. Having said that, it also comes as no surprise that this attitude towards new players may make some of them feel as outcasts right off the bat, which is something that has heavily contributed to people leaving the village, be it for good or for a "training arc". Due to the lack of trust, one can easily feel like their village has failed them as they don't get enough support from advanced genin, chunin or jonin with their missions, are accused of spying for mist / sand or even Takumi and are told to leave a raid because they are low lvl and are most likely giving away intel to enemy units or are just shy and therefore generally miss out on the fun. And while I do understand the village's point regarding new accounts since many people DO create them with the sole purpose of spying on the village, I would definitely ease up on lvl. 30+ genin who are on the grind all day working for the good of the village. My advice to you would be to ignore people calling you an alt as they will eventually get bored of it and stop, stay focused on your goal, maybe even find a group of people you can hang out with who are not biased towards new players and who you share the same interest with. I guarantee, you'll have the time of your life in Leaf if you don't let the occasional toxicity get to you. Regarding the discord issue, I hope it gets resolved soon and you can enjoy the game fully once again.
  9. Nagao Hideki

    Yeah, that would be the gist of it. Thanks for the idea regarding the U.I., I'll definitely check out if there's a possibility to do that. It would definitely help when filming outside of secluded maps like clan houses.
  10. Nagao Hideki

    Been working on this fun little pilot today, so I thought I'd share it with you all. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Nagao Hideki

    I agree with Drusilla on the initial idea of dailies having to be reworked in order to make the game more enjoyable. However letting the player reroll their dailies is something which heavily collides with the RP, since it's usually the Kage who assigns missions to ninjas or teams through the Mission desk. It would make little to no sense for someone to reject a mission, take for example how Shikamaru always complains about the tasks assigned to him being a drag, or Naruto fuming about them not being challenging enough but they do them anyway because: 1. They were issued by the Hokage and as a subordinate one doesn't have much choice and 2. missions are a part of "shinobi life" and have to be completed no matter what. This being said, what I suggest is: In order to keep the RP alive and cater to the needs of the community players should be given a set of 3 missions each time they want to do a daily, which of course would all be suited to the respective lvl. of the player in question. Ninja would get to choose one of these missions depending on what suits them best at that moment (e.g. this would provide 2 more options next to sand docs in case the village GD is packed with people) in order to minimalize abandoning and loss of xp.
  12. Nagao Hideki

    While I do agree with the fact that new clans could add a lot to the RP aspect of the game, the idea of creating new clan houses/outfits let alone whole areas in-game would just be too much work for the devs. Speaking from personal experience, the best things in Nin regarding RP have been created by players themselves (e.g. the Leaf Academy, various orgs, hell even clans used to be player made before they became ‘canon’). And while it would certainly be cool to have a clan house and all that jazz, let’s not forget the fact that one would always be able to start a new clan if they wanted to. Good examples of player made clans are Hinode or even Hideki which, although not ’official’, have loyal members and host clan meetings/events etc. just like other clans. If you’re thinking about founding your own clan just use the resources the game provides you with: - Create your clan as a branch family of an official clan (this way you can have access to the Clan House and create bonds between your clan and the main family leading to interesting RP situations or even a joint RP event) or pick one of the village’s buildings as clan HQ if your clan consists of clanless ninja. - Compile your clan’s clothes from clothes found in in-game shops. You can even add an RP element to the clothes here (e.g. reward new clan members with clan clothes for lvl-ing / completing a specific task or hide a piece of clan clothing somewhere and make them find it as a rite of passage with different trials along the way) - Create your own clan logo from symbols found on in-game clothes (like the Kuraen clan did) or just come up with something unique of your own. - Create clan lore where you establish the history of your clan, let others know what you stand for, what your values are and what makes you stand out from other clans. - Create a clan discord and use it as a platform to bond, help each other in missions and hunts or discuss future content for your RP events. Bottom line is, I’d encourage everyone who’s been thinking of founding their own clan to do so even if there are only a handful of people around them who want in on the action since it is fun and adds additional value to the game in terms of RP (whether it be teaching the new generation of shinobi of your clan as it grows or holding joint events with other clans). In order to find a middle ground of sorts between people who want change in the clan system and devs, @Ueda could add a “Clans“ topic to the forums where people could upload information regarding their own clans so people would know who to contact if they wanted to join or maybe organise a joint event.
  13. Nagao Hideki

    I’m not sure I follow. So let’s say the whole village goes on a never ending grind for a rare drop which can only be used by one person at a time, do they: A) Pass around the staff between villagers based on a schedule or B) Grind staffs until every lvl. 10+ Leaf villager has one of their own. I think it’s rather clear how both of these options make little to no sense compared to the fact that Mist and Sand shinobi can buy a pipe / fan for a reasonable price and use them with minimal stat requirements. The fact that we have a boss outside of our village which has a rare drop with unknown features does not contribute to evening the field between Leaf and other ninja when it comes to PvP.
  14. Nagao Hideki

    Never tried myself at pixel art, but I hope these might give you a rough idea about some of the concepts in the original post. Gamabunta's happi vest: Gamabunta's kiseru pipe: Gamabunta's katana (instead of dosu blade): Gamabunta's set (without the dosu blade): Gamabunta's full set (with dosu blade): Gamahiro's sash: Gamahiro's set (katanas + sash): Gamakichi's / Gamatatsu's vest: Gerotora's obi:
  15. Nagao Hideki