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Nagao Hideki

Nagao Hideki (秀樹長尾, Hideki Nagao) is a Jonin of Konohagakure, and head of the village's Hideki Clan.


Nagao was born in The Village Hidden in the Leaves during the 9th Hokage's term as a member of the Sasayaki Clan.
His childhood mainly revolved around playing Shogi with his fellow clansmen and hide and seek with his friends Kimi, Miki and Oku at the Leaf Village playground. Despite his poor grades and being considered lazy by his teachers at the Academy, he managed to pass the Genin exam and was handed his graduation papers by head instructor Yori at the age of twelve. 
Having graduated from the Academy, Nagao was assigned several D rank missions which ranged anywhere from helping fellow villagers find their missing pets to picking up trash from the streets of Konoha. During these times he especially liked to tend to the memorial grounds as he developed great respect for those fallen in the ninja wars.
As time passed, he gradually moved to C and B rank missions during which he helped the Leaf Medical Corps develop various medicines for fellow Leaf shinobi and worked as a spy gathering intelligence on the movements of Sand and Mist village forces. He also developed an interest in the history and inner workings of the shinobi world, so he started to document his findings during missions in various journals, which later became the foundation of the Hideki Clan's archive.
Due to the stress which came with covert missions, Nagao developed the habit of smoking as a way to calm his nerves and soon became known as a ninja who has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth at any given time of the day.
During his years of adolescence he embarked on a journey to the Land of Toads as a representative of the Leaf village to aid the Great Toad Sage in resolving an argument between his rebellious son Kiritomo and the toads of Mount Myoboku. In order to defeat Kiritomo, Nagao had to get into the good graces of the villagers first and as he resolved arguments between Satomo and Yoshitomo, ran errands for Hoshitomo and defeated natural enemies of the toads on the behest of Momotomo, he developed a special bond with a toad by the name of Gamakero who was tasked with guiding him around the Land of Toads by Toad Sage Hitsutomo. As they grew closer, Gamakero offered Nagao a summoning contract and decided to sign it in orded to become his personal summon. Before he would face off the Great Toad Sage's rebel son, Nagao was trained in the art of Frog Kata at the Toad Dojo by Taitomo, who later taught him Senjutsu as well. Having completed his training, he took on Kiritomo in the well of Toad Village and emerged victorious. After the fight he was summoned before the Great Toad Sage again who, as a sign of respect, granted him the title: "Hero of the Toads". 
As he entered adulthood, Nagao founded the Hideki Clan as a branch family of the Sasayaki Clan to which he recruited a younger generation of Sasayaki and took in two orphans who resettled to Konoha from Sunagakure.
Having returned from a mission in the Village Hidden in the Mist, Nagao had been approached by Seifer, a shinobi who offered him a position in Zaidan, an organization known to some only as 'the Foundation'. During his time in Zaidan he realized the importance of team-work and became protective of his comrades, especially after a mission where his team had been tasked with defeating the Kuraken, a giant squid which has been wreaking havoc upon the sailors of the Land of Water. It was also during this time that he learned to control his secondary chakra nature next to fire - earth.
During his time-off, Nagao liked to spend time at the Academy where he frequently looked after Academy students by helping them pass their Genin exam. This has caught the eye of the Leaf Academy's head instructor, who offered him a position as an assisstant, which he gladly accepted. 
In the early days of the 10th Hokage’s term Nagao decided to take his first chunin exam, during which his team made it into the Forest of Death stage but got eliminated due to him making the wrong call as team leader. The events of the chunin exam and the fact that his carelessness endangered the lives of his teammates made Nagao swear to never make a wrong call again.
Having learned from his mistakes as a leader, Nagao kept training with his fellow villagers while working as an assistant teacher at the Konoha Academy and going on a few last covert missions with The Foundation, which disbanded not long after. 
He was eventually approached by an envoy of the Land of Fire's Daimyo and joined the 12 Guardian Ninja for a few years before returning to Konoha to take up active duty as an officer of the Leaf's Military Police Force. He has kept the cloth, with the kanji "Hi" for "Fire he wore during his times as a Guardian, as a memento but does not like to wear it in public.
During the times of the 11th and 12th Hokage, Nagao was serving as an active member of the LMPF, eventually reaching the rank of SiC under Chief Hari Nogin. Having served in the LMPF for a few years, Nagao decided to retire from the Police Force and settle into a small home in Konoha's Housing Disctrict with the Hideki Clan. 
Nagao's team (Team 7), consisting of Kiroku Hinode and Daftzy, entered the Chunin Exams once again during the 13th Hokage's term, where they have successfully completed the theoretical part and found themselves in the Forest of Death once again. This time however things would be different as with the aid of another team they would successfully acquire an Earth Scroll to their Heaven Scroll. On their way to the tower in the middle of the forest Team 7 have encountered members of the Akatsuki who have infiltrated the Chunin Exams to look for the two Jinchuriki who resided in the Hidden Leaf. The team took the high ground and leaped over the Akatsuki, making their way to the tower, thus completing the mission. Nagao's team watched the other teams fight for a chance to make it into the Tournament from the railings of the Arena where the Preliminaries were held. 
During the finals his team went up against much stronger opponents and Nagao got caught in a genjutsu by the time the fight started. He eventually released the genjutsu and resumed the fight but it was too late, as his teammates have already made their last stand against the enemy, which had them cornered. Nagao did the most sensible thing in order to save the lives of his comrades and surrendered to the opposing team to prevent any further injuries. Although defeated, Team 7 were proud to have made it this far in the Exam and congratulated the winning team before they went to see the Medics dispatched to patch up their wounds. Nagao and his team watched the rest of the Exam from the stands of the Arena. 
A few weeks later Nagao received a message from the 13th Hokage, who has summoned him and a few others who attended the Chunin Exams to his office. On that day he was promoted to Chunin alongside 4 other Leaf Ninja due to him choosing defeat rather than risking the lives of his fellow shinobi during the finals. Nagao felt like he had finally redeemed his old self who let down his comrades in the Forest of Death so long ago and was eager to start his new job at the Academy as a full-fledged Instructor.

During the 14th Hokage's term Nagao has been assigned a team of his own consisting of 3 Genin ranked ninja. Team Hideki has been on several D and C-rank missions before being deemed ready to take the Chunin exams, during which Nagao proctored the theoretical part. Team Nagao successfully made it past the Forest of Death stage but were eliminated during the Preliminaries. Despite not having made it into the finals, one member of Team Nagao has been promoted to the rank of Chunin, while Nagao has been granted the rank of Jonin for his work at the Leaf Village Academy and successfully leading a team of Genin into the Chunin Exams. 


Although he tries to do as little work as possible and is therefore considered lazy and unattentive by some, Nagao often goes to great lenghts when it comes to things he is personally invested in. Even though he often describes himself as "the number one coward" he is a highly optimistic shinobi with a strong resolve who always tries to maintain great determination and understanding even during the most depressing and dangerous situations. During his time off, he likes to watch the village from the Temple, play shogi with his fellow clansmen and relax at the Leaf Village Hotsprings, which is one of the many ways he lets off steam built up during missions, apart from tending to the trees in the Sasayaki Clan Forest or having a few drinks with his comrades in the village inn. Although having matured throughout the years, Nagao still tends to cling to his lazy origins and though he can't spend his entire day being idle, he at least tries to avoid any long-term goals and tries not to find too much pleasure in the duties assigned to him.


Nagao's most noticable feature is a permanent scar on his right eye, a result of an accident dating back to his Academy days, where a fellow student's shuriken slipped mid-throw and got lodged into Nagao's right eye just as he removed his own projectiles from the training log. The fact that he survived the accident was considered a miracle even by the doctors and nurses of the Leaf Medical Corps, who patched him up and kept him under intensive care for a month. It was during this time, that he understood the importance of medical staff and found great respect for the people that saved his life. 
Like many of his fellow clansmen he wears his dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail and is usually dressed in Chunin attire:
A Leaf flak jacket over a black turtle neck shirt with black baggy pants and black shoes. He is more often than not seen smoking on a cigarette and wearing a light-brown waist utility pouch. At home he usually wears a netted shirt and black baggy pants.


Nagao's nature transformations include Fire and Earth Release, which allows him to switch between agressive and defensive fighting styles during battle. He is also proficient in utilizing the Cloak of Invisibility Technique and the Summoning Jutsu.