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    Leafies calling new players alts is almost a village tradition at this point, although there are some people who don't really condone this kind of behaviour and I'll explain why in a second. The whole "alt" thing just shows how distrustful Leaf villagers have become towards new accounts because one is either a sand / mist spy or Raitou's 999th character (no offense, Raitou). And while some players (including me) generally look back upon their time as lowbies and getting called an "x alt" as something we had to put up with as Leaf lowbies and hitting Lv. 50 would rid us of the stigma, truth is that hitting a specific milestone doesn't instantly make you "trusted" in the community. In order to gain the village's trust one must partake in their daily activities such as sparring in the square, some small talk here and there and of course raids and hunts. Having said that, it also comes as no surprise that this attitude towards new players may make some of them feel as outcasts right off the bat, which is something that has heavily contributed to people leaving the village, be it for good or for a "training arc". Due to the lack of trust, one can easily feel like their village has failed them as they don't get enough support from advanced genin, chunin or jonin with their missions, are accused of spying for mist / sand or even Takumi and are told to leave a raid because they are low lvl and are most likely giving away intel to enemy units or are just shy and therefore generally miss out on the fun. And while I do understand the village's point regarding new accounts since many people DO create them with the sole purpose of spying on the village, I would definitely ease up on lvl. 30+ genin who are on the grind all day working for the good of the village. My advice to you would be to ignore people calling you an alt as they will eventually get bored of it and stop, stay focused on your goal, maybe even find a group of people you can hang out with who are not biased towards new players and who you share the same interest with. I guarantee, you'll have the time of your life in Leaf if you don't let the occasional toxicity get to you. Regarding the discord issue, I hope it gets resolved soon and you can enjoy the game fully once again.