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  1. Rikuo Uchiha

    Alright ive been thinking about sc alot ever since transform was added and i think my idea would be pretty fun Tier 1 Shadow Clone basically acts like a summon takes about 2 seconds to cast and u have to stay still while casting however this clone is a 1 hit kill like in the anime Tier 2 Shadow Clone Now this is the fun one and will be useful in hunts/raids once u summon this clone it creates a duplicate version of yourself that you can control and move around with just like your regular player however while your controlling your clone your real body is completely still so u wont know if someones attacking u so becareful in this clone state once u get hit u go back to your real body. In the clone state you have all ur regular chakra and 1hp ofc u cannot mapswitch with this because that would be annoying as hell like imagine you think you caught drusilla lacking at BH and it turns out to be a clone id be pissed off and the cooldown should be really mad because some people will just hide somewhere and use this and just troll.
  2. Rikuo Uchiha

    so you guys know how if u do /t while ur in a team you can speak directly to your team or if you do /v while your in village aivery u can speak to your entire village? i was wondering it would be nice if you could do /o to speak to ur org this would make hunting better for rogue orgs especially since we can only get like 4 people on squad this way u could speak to everyone in your org thats online
  3. Rikuo Uchiha

  4. Rikuo Uchiha

    Ninken- Change fur color Snake-Change scale colors and eyes Toad-change Color pattern Monkey- Change fur color aswell as staff color Weasel- change fur color and scythe color Panda- Change White color black remains Hawk- Change feather color Clam- change color Slug- Change color