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  1. Kawhi

    safe zones and jonin bots are protecting lvl 50s more than lowbies.
  2. Kawhi

    cbk I - 4 kills cbk II should be 5 kills cbk III should be 6 kills cbk IV should be 7 kills cbk V should be 8 kills cbk VI should be 9 kills
  3. Kawhi

    why are people acting like water is op? when things like claw tornadoes earth pillar exists
  4. just like jin tensei i got bored i choose to do a balance post on water. solo water can be pretty hard without a weapon :P. now why does water slash have a selfstun ? why? it does not need a selfstun lol. water wave, who gets hit by water wave in a 1v1 even group fight its hard to get hit by that thing, i suggest making it wider and have a bigger range. water sub and wp are fine. water shark should be instant . MakeWaterGreatAgain
  5. Kawhi

    Free Gojo!