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  1. TetsuHawk

    Always cool to see the talented do their creative work. Thumbs up!
  2. Interesting, I might participate. Sounds like an interesting change of pace
  3. The joke of the meme article pic was lost on you. If you actually read it... Also There IS no "power" Thats the part you are missing. Learn to see things in proper perspective and that becomes clear.
  4. TetsuHawk

    Sashiba clan(Sa-Shiba) A group of Nomadic Shinobi tribes who have made the Sand village their home after Tragic events of the past. 3 Tribes have become one to set a Shining example of what is possible in the harshest Desert Climates. Being on top of the Food chain, many Birds of Prey find it advantageous to hunt in groups. In the Sashiba clan our Shinobi know that our survival is based on our ability to maintain the hunt. Another reason Birds of Prey stay together is to maintain our family unit. The nomadic Tribes of the Sashiba clan are eager not to puff their chests in battle, but to move with Purpose and only with purpose. In the past many of the Sashiba clan were nomads of the desert, Some Settled in the Village hidden in the Sand. Those who have over time called the Sand village their home have brought their culture and traditions there. Many of the trinkets, customs and even foods have become part of Sand Village life over time. When the Clans Founder TetsuHawk first settled in the Sand village, he never realized just how many of his own long lost relatives he would meet in the village. Communal hunting is not the only thing Sashiba are known for however...at the peril of those doubters, who all have fallen, many have been layed to waste as Carrion for Scavangers. So what role will YOU play Young Ninja of the Sand village? Join a clan of ninja fiercely Dedicated to the prosperity of the Sand village!
  5. TetsuHawk


    Village choice is a no brainer in a Naruto game. After watching Shippuden (or reading the manga)from start to finish if your average Naruto fan saw a game based on Naruto one thing people would want is to have the Jutsus the other is to have the villages and Akatsuki. Not to mention having more villages justify having missing ninja since if you had many villages you would have more types of missing ninja from those villages varying up the world and the game itself.
  6. Exitlag doesnt work at all it crashes my game. Pingzapper doesnt work for me Noping...nothing..... The other 2 I havent tried
  7. I think the better question is can Nins servers handle the lag involved in this event without crashing?
  8. No its a thing we are still discussing this to solidify the amount, after all this is participation based right? So Participants have to agree to be part of this. 25 is kind of a high number but I think 10 is more reasonable. Getting the participants hasnt happened yet but I dont see there being an issue though.
  9. Heres my 2 cents on traps. The game sort of lacks in the department of diverse combat choices. I mean think about this....In Naruto When you have 20-30 people wanting to rush in and attack a village or enemy ninja all at once what would stop them? Usually the Ninja being Ninja used the tools available to them to fight. Why is that idea being flung aside and punished in this game? Resource, tatics,etc are all part of being a ninja. I say to this if you want to say traps are bad in a ninja game then make traps have actual designed function and counterfunction in the game. Simple. Give players who want to be stealthy that option and give opponents the ability to disarm said traps with a reasonable counter option. I mean the gameplay function is whats at question and not the players using them....I dunno thats just my opinion.
  10. TetsuHawk


    ^This....Sounds like something that can be abusable(hate to sound negative...but its the truth.But on the ground as a player Ive seen a great number of things. I can imagine many ways this can be abused to destroy peoples characters). Maybe dont make the process permanent. How about a day or two?
  11. TetsuHawk

    I love the idea of hiding names. Ive been wondering why this hasnt been a feature this entire time. It does promote stealth and ninja theme. The clothing idea to me is a mixed bag. I think the idea would work ideally. But Id say be careful about it. You dont want to create a situation where people become even more target-able by people passively recognizing a costume(Because this is exactly what will happen. You want people to put thought into who theyre attacking and not just randomly attack like they currently do). It would be nice if there were certain styles unique to villages but clothes are clothes. What is it about a particular set of clothing that would make it equipable by Leaf only or Sand only or missing only? I would leave the choice aspect alone.