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TetsuHawks story is one of many facets. TetsuHawk is a ninja who was born into a group of Nomadic travlers. When his family settled in the Sand village, Tetsu began looking up to and admiring the shinobi elders around him. A retired Shinobi named Liam saw the potential in the young ninja and decided to train him. When the training began Liam instantly noticed something strange about the boy his eyes changed. His pupils shined an emerald color and his irises showed a fern color.  When in this state it seemed as if darkness or smoke couldnt obscure the boys vision."Torigan" was the name given to this state by Liam because of its similarity to the traveling migratory birds.  It was due to a migratory Hawk that Tetsu saw as a sign of Freedom and strength at that point he called himself TetsuHawk. One day Liam and TetsuHawk were walking and 2 Rouge Ninja appeared. One brandishing a Katana the other  a Kunai. One of the ninja managed to badly injure Liam in the insuing fight. Liam urged TetsuHawk to flee.  Liam held off the Ninja from pursuing the boy but was soon overwhelmed and struck down. The last thing Tetsu saw was Liam being ran through with a katana then hit multiple times with kunai.

After TetsuHawk escaped he vowed he would one day find those ninja that killed his Sensei. Over time the pain diminished and Tetsu made friends with his now long time allies Pervy Sage and Sand Lee. At this point their exploits in the Sand Village began to become a the beginning of what would likely become legend.