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  1. Elevenswords


    i mean even tho not every weapon needs to be meta what the point of even having the weapon in the game if its just used for looks and its not even usable in any real way when you compare it to all the "meta" swords. I would say its actually a useless item thats only used as a meme. Its literally powercreeped to infinity
  2. Elevenswords


    Great post. Buffing the chakra regen is for sure the way to go but i dont think the buff you suggest is enough. chakra isnt even an issue on wms so i think the weapon actually needs either dmg buff or an atk speed buff along with the chakra regen. +1 great post
  3. Elevenswords

    Great suggestion. hope it gets implemented +1
  4. Elevenswords

    yeah this is a major issue also. alot orf people who steal accs just reset the acc to harm the original owner. theres 0 ways to revert a reset rn. So why not 2FA in the game too.
  5. Elevenswords

  6. Elevenswords

    something like a code generator would be ideal since it makes randoms codes every min or every 30 seconds.
  7. Elevenswords

    it could be a system like steam guard which generates a random code in your mobile device every 30 seconds or something like that
  8. Elevenswords

    Giving a run cast to breaking kick makes it an impossible jutsu to use. I do kinda agree removing the knockback on seismic might be a good idea
  9. Elevenswords

    this is exactly what i feel like nin needs. a simple code input after trying to log in would fix these issues.
  10. Elevenswords

    The best part about this is that it shouldnt be that hard to implement and its also very crucial to avoid these kind of situations.
  11. Elevenswords

    It has come to my attention this game has no form of two step autenthication in order to log in. This , if it existed, would prevent any attempt of hacking into accs or protect accs from data base leaks. An example of this is a player name issa who 1 day ago before this post is being made got all of his 3 accs stolen with emails changed and passwords changed aswell (note they all had different passwords) and the person who stole reset all of his accs so it would be impossible to get any progress ,the orginal owners made , on those said accs back Another player named @oreo got his acc stolen and name changed for some odd reason. All of these players claim they got hacked and they never shared accs. I simply suggest 2 step autenthication should be added into the game to prevent such cases to even exist because an acc with 2 step authentication can never be stolen because the user who tried to hack the acc would also need the original owners phone number to get access.
  12. Elevenswords


    Dont worry suggestions like this are always welcomed hope you enjoy the game!
  13. Elevenswords


    nah im talking about ingame contribtuion points. When you accept a village mission you will see it gives some type of point like economic points for example and those are listed in the village post thats usually close to the village gates.
  14. Elevenswords


    we already have a type of mission achievement tracking in the form of contribution points.
  15. Elevenswords


    the problem with this is not many people even care about rp and making a ranked match system doesnt really fit with the game concept to be completly frank.