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    Hello! I am writing this cause I personally find a huge lack of content in Nin that keeps the game from growing. This is a To Do list for the developers, so one day we will have a real & complete MMO. These are just my ideas, I am waiting for feedback on any of them. I am not here to criticize the developers, I know it's a hard job and they're working really hard. This topic is just must do stuff that we should get in order to keep the game alive and grow it further. I am open to discussion and I'd like seeing your ideas, let's help the devs as a community. 1. Main Storyline and Side Quests The game needs to focus on new players as they are the potential new source of revenue. When you start the academy the tutorial teaches you the basics of the game, but that's not enough. Right now, you can only get Daily Quests, which is fun and all, but it's not enough for a MMO. MMOs should be all about players, teaching them how to play and giving them stuff to do so they don't get bored is the key to retain players and get new ones, that's why almost all big MMOs have a story and quests related to that story. Big Problem: There's no way to learn how to properly farm high level mobs or PVP in game. The only way you can learn PVP and how to farm efficiently is by a lot of trial and error (which means a lot of BI, and let's be honest, it's boring), or by asking the community and finding people to literally stay and teach you, which is horrible for new players. Nin should have a main story with main quests which will take you from level 0 to level 60, forcing you to learn how to farm and how to PVP, there should be tips spread along missions which will take players from 0 knowledge to getting a good grasp on how efficient farming and basics of PVP works. Also, side quests should be spread around the main line story for the players that like playing a lot and want stuff other than PVP or farming. There is nothing to do from low levels up to level 40, or 50+ other than mindlessly farming or dailies, that's a huge problem, players will come, get the dailies done and log out, this becomes boring quickly, as it's so repetitive. Main and Side quests should get harder and harder as you level up, exponentially. There's so many examples of MMOs that do this extremely well, almost every big MMO will have Main/Side quests, so you'll always have stuff to do. 2. Marketplace All MMOs have marketplaces. By marketplace I mean an in-game way to list items and either instantly buy or sell them (look at other MMOs). Why is this a must? For new players and old players, there should be another way to sell items or buy them other than going on discord and trying to find buyers and sellers by DMing lots and lots of people until you get an agreement on price, that's boring and will get people tired pretty quickly. A marketplace where people sell/buy items for ryo would make wonders for the economy and would make everyone lives a lot easier. Also, am I the only one that, as a new player on a MMO, would look at the best most expensive items on the marketplace just to get a grasp on what I should strive for and how great the end game content is? Marketplace is a must, almost all MMOs have one, and because there's a economy in Nin where people sell and buy items for ryo, there should be a in game marketplace. 3. Better PVE content At the moment, the PVE in the game is there, but it lacks a lot. Most mobs drop their specific drop, blanks, and maybe some special item that's worth farming for. New players will get bored of just going near mobs, and pressing z, then doing it all again, and again, for hours. I will just say that low level content regarding PVE is so low and not well made at all, PVE gets better as you level up, most high level mobs forcing you to actually know how to stun them and kite their attacks, but the transition from dumb low level mobs to flickering and stunning hostile mobs is not well made at all. The mobs AI should actually force the new players to use jutsus and use flickers and subs to kite their attacks, this way people will actually play and have fun while farming, and they will teach themselves on using jutsus, which will later help them in PVP and high level PVE. Also, most bosses have an insanely low chance of dropping something good, which brings in the need to do the exact same thing for weeks until you get something good, which is horrible for mentaining players entertained, how can you have fun when you're doing the same thing again and again for literal weeks or months? How bad it is when you go farming for 2 daily hours and you get literally nothing for weeks. In summary, in my opinion, to get a better PVE experience, this game needs: more low level mobs (this means a bigger map, more variety for quests), better low level mobs AI (so new players will actually learn the game while leveling up), more variety in drops (so people don't strive for that 0.1% drop for weeks until they get bored) more bosses that are hard to beat and use flashy jutsus that affect the whole party that's attacking 4. Better PVP content I like the PVP content right now, it's clear that the game is focusing on it a lot. The PVP in nin is incredibly good, but there's content that needs to be refined. In my opinion, orgs make their own content, which is a big big problem. The game should provide content for orgs, other than cosmetics, there should be: in game made (not player organized) tournaments for orgs, common missions for orgs (missions that each member will contribute to, which will benefit the org, members getting rewards for how much they contributed to the mission) More org related content, regarding PVP and PVE Org wars (I can reference to some games that do this well), All of this needs to be in game, not organized by people on discord. I'd like seeing more infiltration, maybe kidnapping missions, there's so much you can do. Nin PVP is so versatile and great and it's really what keeps people playing, that's why it's important to take care of it and develop it further. 5. More content... I know I repeated my self with content, but damn this game really lacks it. I will just make a list of what I think there should be in the future. (once again, that's not to hate on devs or something, it's just constructive criticism on the current state of the game) A functional map (that's so needed for new players, it took me so much time and my friends hated when I used to ask 3 times where some place is, it's a must for the future) More weapons and tools. There's a lack of items in the game, elementals need more variety in the toolset they could use, also, more weapons and tools mean more drops for mobs, which brings me to: More mobs. There are really, in every village, larvas, then a little higher level mob like scorpions, then the little bit higher level like coyotes, then straight up hostile mobs which are hard to beat, the transition to them being hard for new players. There should be more leveling options, that's where main and side quests + dailies would be really useful, adding mobs will allow the addition of more and more quests and more and more ways to get drops (which new players could sell on the marketplace maybe ) More jutsus. I won't even get into it, devs know and the whole community knows. Org jutsus, kage jutsus, chuunin jounin advanced jutsus, all of this would be great. Maybe dungeons? It would be incredible teaming up with your org and go attempt a dungeon, look at the game that do dungeons the best, you know how nice it feels when you finally finish up a dungeon. Maybe a party finder for them. (that's just an idea for the far future content) More bosses with more flashy jutsus and combat, and more drops ofc, for all levels. To wrap it up This topic was all about my opinions and all I'd like to see in the future. I hope I'll at least open up the discussion for some of there features. I think everyone cares about the good of the game and as a community the least we can do it give devs our feedback and help them in a constructive way. I am waiting for your feedback on this topic!