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  1. Mayhem

    Eating so many oreos has made you become an oreo.... fatty. Ainz Ooreo Gown
  2. Mayhem

  3. Mayhem

    I know you said it is not currently a priority, but it is quite literally unplayable when you have armies of 10+ who cannot damage eachother. This game is numbers reliant, you are basically telling us rogues we cannot have the same exact privilege they have. I don't think that's fair for us who want to enjoy the game, considering 60% of the game is in leaf.
  4. Mayhem

    Poison Scalpel can be easily dodged by running diagonal. If you don't want to get flicker scalpeled, and then comboed, Try to not leave yourself open for attack.
  5. Mayhem

    It's time to make yourself 10,000 ryo richer, my friend.
  6. Mayhem

    The red or blue one's are calling my name. If this makes it into the game, Yakuza is going to have more than just purple teletubbies now.
  7. Well, our time as friends was short, and a bit rocky at first. From that time doing Kuraken where you accidentally got me killed, to the times we spent bugging Naizen at Leaf Square. Your passing reminded me of a dear friend of mine, and I hurt for your friends and family, the same way I did with my friend. You were a kind and compassionate person, and although we did not talk much towards the end, I feel this loss as if it were my own. This life is short, and this is a reminder on exactly why we shouldn't take things for granted. Thank you for the memories we've shared. Your legacy will remain here to be remembered forever. With love, from your Shokan brother. Rest in paradise, Melina. A song I dedicate for you.
  8. Mayhem

    @Ainz Ooal Gown you are a genius, my ninja.
  9. Mayhem

    Take that up with @Woo
  10. Mayhem

    They look great, wedding or no wedding. Looks like Prince @Woo will have something to wear for when he marries Drusilla.
  11. Brush up on your world history my friend, this is the revolution.
  12. Mayhem

    Not only is it good for RP, but it will also give ex-kage a permanent place of remembrance and history. I think giving 6 months of your time in office is worth having a place on the wall.
  13. Mayhem

    Amazing as always Maguma!
  14. Mayhem

    Although I agree to get on board with focusing on teamwork, it is beyond that. Nerf the first tier Bubble/Fans or lock them to the masteries. Its obvious they have a clear advantage over others without it. It's beyond Sand and Mist villages anymore. There are so many rogues that use them that it's getting out of hand.