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  1. xxanax

    so anyways when is gf getting nerfed ?
  2. xxanax

  3. xxanax

    just turn the game into minecraft.
  4. xxanax

    i wuld but i play nin 12 hours a day no time for dat
  5. xxanax

    make samehada drain chakra alrdy ( chakra draining debuff just like 16 palm ) #plsbuffme #imnotOPenough #justiceforsamehada #verybiassuggestion #nerfgfbtw
  6. where's machi ?
  7. xxanax

    that sounds like a nice byakugan-like idea id rather fight that instead of having 5 people randomly revived on the enemy team, less work
  8. xxanax

    lmfao funny all those describe gf/wind perfectly risky is a risky jutsu it may cancel but it doesn't silence like shadow shuri, there's alot of way for people to combo u off ur risky - immediately scalpel combo u - cast nadoes right before u land which will stun u and ull get combo'd from that - can also just drop earth spikes n the risky user might take more dmg than they did - can get hit by a gf combo for triple the dmg u did welp theres alot of ways to punish risky (risky+melee with twins not taken into consideration)
  9. xxanax

    shoulda just sent this to yami.
  10. xxanax

    if u have bad ping u cant be telling people to balance the game around it lmao that's silly
  11. xxanax

    Fan is a mid-range mastery with all its weapons n jutsus varying for 4 to 20 range current fan is good at close range cuz of crystal being broken the entire mastery shouldn't be punished for a single weapon being broken, fans are a form of self peel like in any other games some ranged/mid-range classes have a quick move to get the opponent away from them. IF you add cast time to fans that would make them completely useless against tai/gf users who have plenty cancels and they would be unable to self peel because meleeing is not viable jutsu + melee wouldn't be a thing. It's fine if one or 2 fans have cast time because they're a special breed or sum but having all fans on cast time is ridiculous That is a sub problem then not a pipe problem, anything can melee u if u sub. pipes are already used like trap most of the time it's only problem is elementals being overpowered with it that's why lvl 10 pipe shouldn't have any cc
  12. xxanax

    u realize 1 sec runcast on melee is hella awkward? take a sec to imagine u having a fan and trying to melee someone but its 1sec run cast. with that the aatack speed would have to be buffed aswell because it's technically adding 1s to the attack speed too. i suggest removing cc from lvl 10 fan n pipe. Make then fan just do dmg, make the pipe just explode -> leave the cc for higher lvl fans and pipes
  13. xxanax

    like running out of the hospital repetitively for 40 min straight.