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  1. Ziuk

    3.30lvl jutsu
  2. It should be fixed long ago.At the moment knockback is everything -knockback stun snare ,because u cant do sh when u "in konckback".Make stun -stun snare-snare knockback-knockback.Simple.#HellTheAbusers
  3. Ziuk

    Hi @UedaI think u messed the scaling.I have 5% int charm called Libra. Math says that 5,1 5,2 5,3 5,4=5 5,5 5,6 5,7 5,8 5,9=6 110 int *5%=5,5 ->6 110+6=116int Please fix this!
  4. Rest in peaceT_T

    Ps I wanted to tell you I reset to leaf but couldn't find you.

  5. Im supporting the Republic ,where everyone have fair chance!
  6. Ziuk

  7. Ziuk

    Hi, I did this to make us all play better and improve the balance a bit. Weapons: -Locked fan to wind mastery -Locked pipe to water mastery -Removed knockback from 20str fan -Removed snare from 20str pipe -Changed crystal and blood fan to 1 tile projectile and 8 range -Changed twin blades knockback chance to 20% Fire: -Changed Combusting Vortex selfstun to 0,8s Wind: -Changed Wind Claw to 2 tile range -Changed Task of the Dragon(15str) to 10lvl req -Changed Slicing Wind(25str) to 15lvl req -Changed Slashing Tornado(35str) to 20lvl req Medical: -Removed stun from Poison Scalpel Weapon Mastery: -Changed Shadow Shuriken to 1s run cast Gentle Fist: -Changed Mountain Crusher to 1s run cast and 2 tile range Mastery should have one-max two instant cast skills, just like -blade piercing for str wm - therefore -explosive kunai,shadow shuriken. Why change 20str pipe snare? Because wind water pipe will still abuse it and i dont want forcing ppl to play water in mist just for 20str pipe or wind in sand.