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  1. Rest in peaceT_T

    Ps I wanted to tell you I reset to leaf but couldn't find you.

  2. Im supporting the Republic ,where everyone have fair chance!
  3. Ziuk

  4. Ziuk

    Good ideas.
  5. Ziuk

    Hi, I did this to make us all play better and improve the balance a bit. Weapons: -Locked fan to wind mastery -Locked pipe to water mastery -Removed knockback from 20str fan -Removed snare from 20str pipe -Changed crystal and blood fan to 1 tile projectile and 8 range -Changed twin blades knockback chance to 20% Fire: -Changed Combusting Vortex selfstun to 0,8s Wind: -Changed Wind Claw to 2 tile range -Changed Task of the Dragon(15str) to 10lvl req -Changed Slicing Wind(25str) to 15lvl req -Changed Slashing Tornado(35str) to 20lvl req Medical: -Removed stun from Poison Scalpel Weapon Mastery: -Changed Shadow Shuriken to 1s run cast Gentle Fist: -Changed Mountain Crusher to 1s run cast and 2 tile range Mastery should have one-max two instant cast skills, just like -blade piercing for str wm - therefore -explosive kunai,shadow shuriken. Why change 20str pipe snare? Because wind water pipe will still abuse it and i dont want forcing ppl to play water in mist just for 20str pipe or wind in sand.
  6. Ziuk

    Yeah i just loged on to do Ce of course!Im everyday alone in village fighting rogues kekw.U was dealing with Aabi -prob taka alt ,never online and someone played on her account.Tbh im more online than you,dona and sparkz Also there is no drama i forgive them.But what would you feel if you won ce / tournament / war event and received nothing?
  7. Yo, Im Ziuk.I started my journey in sand 2-3 months ago.I worked hard every day for village.I NEVR WAS ROUGE! I even join SMPF to help.All know we had Ce.I joined it with my team Hyach and Seshomaru.We won whole Ce.Questions-only one team 8/8 all good ,fod won ,3v3 won ,1v1 won.I won vs Hunt and Ruby-they got promotions.Why Freeze senpai doing it to me?Im not taka alt.Im a polish guy.I used to play with Pog,sezu and others in sand.Sad. @Ueda @Erox
  8. Ziuk

    Leaf Village doesn't need a weapon , because you have a gentle fist.This is the FIST technique. Sand and mist has a hidden weapon because the HIDDEN ! masteries require it, and the fact that people abusing HIDDEN WEAPONS is another matter.
  9. Ziuk

    Hi, I will write here what we should change in this game so that everyone has a chance in pvp and winning depends on your skills. If you agree with this, like and comment. My suggestions: 1)Lock Fan and Pipe to wind mastery in sand and water in mist,this keeps for example lighting and earth users from using hidden weapons. 2)Change the starter fan and pipe.Reduce Immobilization / Rejection / Damage.Hidden weapons are made for pure mastery. 3)Change the tornado to 60 str ,because intellect people abusing it. 4)Change Wind Claw Technique.People abusing it with flicker ,because it is guarantee hit. 5)Change new fans.We really don't need 3 air balls, one is enough.Instead, you can increase the dmg and range. These are my suggestions. Hope this changes as I don't want to see earth wind user(abuser hehe) with pipe anymore.Thanks
  10. I love you ,when u reseting to sand?


    1. Kiyumi


      It will never happen Ziuczku. Maybe in another life ;3