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  1. I want to start off by saying I love this game. My accomplishment of making it to lvl 18 in a matter of 2-3 days with a medic build can speak to that I would hope. But there are some... kinks (giggity) to this game if you're gonna be joining the leaf. Now forget what some people may say about the leaf sucking, it has wonderful people there and you really should join us. You can easily and quickly find higher ranks for rp missions as well as help with quests from answering simple questions to escorts to danger dangos and of course many people like me willing to help that grind be just a little less of a hassle. But there is one thing about konoha that truly does suck, one place I wont go as a medic, not to grind or to help grind. It is a death trap, true and true. My friends, I'd like to introduce you to the tiger area for the leaf village. Now its a lovely designed place. Neat scenery and the tree in the middle on the left is a nice touch. There's even a safe area in the water to heal if it gets too hectic. But this beautiful beasty has a nasty side and its right there, on the right. You see, instead of a bridge connecting the two islands it is a teleporting seal, and as you can tell, the tigers have gotten wise to that fact. They wait there, ready to pounce. Clever girls huh? The problem really comes in with the spawn mechanics. You see, you can farm tigers on the left for a while, but eventually so many will build up on the right island, that they stop spawning on the left. This of course, forces you into what I like to call, "Dinner Time." A vicious cycle of teleporting over to the right side and either getting instantly rekt and sent to the hospital, or barely surviving until eventually you either realize your new life purpose is to be the tiger's dinner, or give up and go make yourself some. Now there's a silver lining, a different tiger area you can go to for grinding as a leaf shinobi. But I must warn you my friends, the journey is perilous and the destination although better still isn't exactly paradise. The long trek to salvation starts by heading straight south from the village, to the deep south where you will find a forest that you swear every time you have to run through it gets longer. You will get stuck many times until you have practiced but eventually you'll be flying through this bad boy like a chicken with its head cut off so keep running forest gump. After you get past that you will take a left in a dank spider ridden swamp and end up here. Trust me, where the bears rip and tear, you don't wanna get stuck there. So pack a cloaking jutsu or you just might get sniped by pooh bear on the way to your tigers. But don't worry, we're finally almost there! You will have one last test before you make it to the promise lands my friends and although I got lucky here I must warn you, the gate guardians do not slack on their stair guarding duties very often. So its best to make sure that cloak is ready to go again before stepping through Yogi's territory. Now you may be asking, Temptation, this is quite the track, you didn't even show all the screens you have to get through only the landmarks, is it really worth it? Quite frankly, it depends on who you ask... This is friends is it, the promised land. Plenty of room, and they even have a tool merchant right in the middle for restocking. It doesn't have the safety of the water to heal but hey the much larger open area makes that less of a problem. There is... one problem though. You see, because we've traveled so far to get here... well let's just say you won't be in Kansas anymore. You see this is smack dab in the middle of the Leaf and Takumi where one goes to get the danger dangos. It is, how do they say it? A rouge's wonderland. So you may have a lot easier time with the tigers, but your chances of getting ganked by another player skyrockets. But don't worry my friends, there is one final saving grace. The real reason I made this thread. One last tip of advice for leaf shinobi grinding tigers.... Just don't.... Find a team and grind wolves till the poor little things won't give you anymore exp then skip tigers and go straight to bees. You can forget what Nicolas Cage said, not the bees? No! YES THE BEES! The wolves and the bees are our salvation my friends. Now get to grinding.
  2. Hello my little sinners. A friend of mine has brought this community of yours to my attention. I must say, what has graced my eyes so far has been quite amusing... So I suppose introductions are in order. You may call me Yukio if you must as it will be the name of my character, temptation being his nickname as Nagato had named himself Pein before him. The Kanji is written as 幸雄, meaning "God Will Nourish" and he will be a member of the Ukiyo clan said formerly mentioned friend is looking to reform. I am a light release expert and plan on bringing said techniques to the game. Do not worry, although I do enjoy the typical kamehameha and lightsaber like anyone else, it is far from what all I got in store when it comes to photons and the wonders they can do. As you may be able to tell, I also quite enjoy jujutsu and juinjutsu so expect some... lovely curses to be implemented as well if all goes to plan. I am not at liberty to tell you the full extent of heaven and hell we have planned for the hidden leaf and well, the rest afterwards. But I can say the end goal will be quite... tempting. So follow the light, and perhaps, you'll find what you're looking for.